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The Razer Kishi Ultra sitting on a table.

Is this Razer’s Steam Deck killer?

Razer has a new solution for handheld gaming, and it's excellent. But it might not stand up to the growing market of handheld gaming PCs.
A teddy beat sits on an embroidery hoop in Stitch.

The Nintendo Switch just got 2 surprise games — and they’re both worth grabbing

Two great cozy games surprise launched on Nintendo Switch this week -- and both are worth picking up.
Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro with Chopper and BD-1 droids around it.

Why you should buy the iPhone 15 Pro instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Just because the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the biggest and best from Apple doesn't mean it's a fit for everyone. Here's why I prefer the iPhone 15 Pro.
Hyte's Thicc Q60 all-in-one liquid cooler.

It’s time to stop believing these PC building myths

Some PC hardware myths are so common that many see them as a fact. It's time to debunk them once and for all.
The back of the Tecno Camon 30 Premier.

The camera on this Android phone is confusing, but I love it

The Tecno Camon 30 Premier's camera suffers from an overload of tech speak, so take a look at what happened after we let the camera speak for itself.
The Last Ronin wields the weapons of his fallen brothers.

Why The Last Ronin could be the best TMNT movie ever made

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin is being adapted as an R-rated film, and we'll tell you why it may be the ultimate TMNT movie.
The MacBook Air on a white table.

These 6 tweaks take MacBooks from great to nearly perfect

Apple makes great MacBooks, but you can make them even better by adjusting a few settings. Here, we’ll take you through six of the best ones to change.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8, showing the screen.

Why you need to be excited about the Google Pixel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a is one of the new Pixel phones we expect to see in 2024. However, it could very well be the best one Google releases this year.
A character stands in front of a cracked mirror in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes could be one of 2024’s best and boldest games

Based on what we've played so far, you do not want to miss the mysterious Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.
Lock screen on Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C

How futuristic display tech is trying to save your eyes

We can't escape screens, but a few brands are trying to make the ordeal less harmful for eyes. Science, however, has other thoughts about our screen habits.
A person holding the Anker MagGo Power Bank.

3 reasons why I’ll actually use Anker’s new iPhone power bank

I don't want to carry a power bank around with me, but if I must, then it needs to be useful and versatile. Does Anker's MagGo Power Bank fit the bill?
Various apps on a PC monitor.

These are the PC apps you’re still using — but probably shouldn’t be

These apps are installed on millions, and sometimes even billions, of PCs, even if they shouldn't be.
Key art for Life Eater.

Life Eater is an unnerving horror game about ritualistic sacrifice

Life Eater is the latest game from El Paso, Elsewhere developer Strange Scaffold, and its another unnerving experience worth checking out.
A PS5 sits on a table.

Every rumored video game console: Nintendo Switch 2, PS5 Pro and more

From the Nintendo Switch 2 to the PlayStation 5 Pro, you can expect a surprising amount of video game consoles to launch in the next year.
Key art for Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2’s beta offers a gripping slice of stressful city-building

After spending some time with Frostpunk 2's beta, we're already gripped by the stressful city-builder.
Apple Mac Studio top down view showing PC and keyboard.

Apple already has its next big chip, but you may never see it

The M3 Ultra could be the best chip Apple has ever released -- but there are rumors the company might not even launch it. Here’s why that’s a possibility.
An iPhone 15 Pro Max laying on its back, showing its home screen.

Here’s how Apple could change your iPhone forever

Ferret UI is an AI system that understands on-screen content and offers actionable insights via natural conversations. It could change the iPhone forever.
A box in Boxes: Lost Fragments has an octopus on it.

This satisfying $7 mobile puzzle game is money well spent

If you need a new puzzle game to keep your hands occupied, Boxes: Lost Fragments is a satisfying delight.
Google I/O 2019

The 6 biggest announcements we expect from Google I/O 2024

Google I/O 2024 is just a month away. From Android 15 to the Pixel 8a and more, here are the biggest announcements we're expecting.
Honor V Purse with its chain case.

The Honor V Purse is the most unusual foldable I’ve ever used

There are plenty of great foldable phones available in 2024. The Honor V Purse stands out as one of the most unusual and unique I've ever used.
You Asked Ep 32 Feature

You Asked: QLED and mini-LED burn-in, missing HDR, and Apple TV and HDMI 2.1

Can QLED and mini-LED TVs get burn-in? How to get HDR from the YouTube app on Apple TV 4K. And is a computer monitor better than a smart TV for privacy?
The Apple iPhone 15 Plus's gallery app.

There’s a big problem with the iPhone’s Photos app

Google is making its best photo-editing tools available on all smartphones. But in doing so, it also shines a light on just how stale Apple Photos has become.
Apple MacBook Pro 16 downward view showing keyboard and speaker.

A new wave of powerful laptops rises to challenge the MacBook Pro

The M3 Max MacBook Pro remains hard to beat, but there are some new Windows laptops rising to the challenge.
Two characters in power armor in Fallout 4.

If you love Amazon’s Fallout, play the series’ best games on Game Pass and PS Plus next

If you're digging Amazon's Fallout TV series, you should play the series' best games on Game Pass and PS Plus next.
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson strike a hero pose in a still from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The best Marvel movie just turned 10 this year. Here’s why it’s still a blast to watch

There are funnier and more inventive entries in the MCU, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still the platonic ideal of a Marvel movie.
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Gaming OC on an orange background.

These 5 PC upgrades are the biggest money wasters

If you're upgrading your PC, you're honestly better off skipping these five upgrades -- even if they seem tempting on paper.
OuttaFocus Ghost Photo Promotional Image

I think I took a photo of a ghost with my smartphone

I managed to take three photos with the Xiaomi 14 Ultra of something so unearthly, so weird that it sent shivers down my spine. But what actually was it?
The RTX 3060 installed in a gaming PC.

Don’t buy the RTX 3060 in 2024

The RTX 3060 is the most popular GPU on Steam, but given the demands of games in 2024, it probably shouldn't be.
A PlayStation Portal plays Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

I was a PlayStation Portal hater. Now it’s one of my go-to gaming devices

After a few months with the PlayStation Portal, we're starting to see how the streaming handheld fits into our gaming lives.
The keyboard of the MacBook Air.

5 laptops you should buy instead of the M2 MacBook Air

The M2 MacBook Air is still a solid buy, especially at its lower price. But these laptops are an even better value.
Concept image of the larger electric G-Wagon

Mercedes-Benz EQG: range, price, release date, and more

Mercedes-Benz is electrifying the G-Class. The company has shown off a concept EQG, and it's expected to roll out soon. Here's what we know.
A person holding the OnePlus 12.

The OnePlus 12 is the OnePlus phone I’ve been waiting for

Logistics and timing meant I had to wait before I could use the OnePlus 12, but it turns out this great Android phone was worth it.
A player holds a check for a million dollars at a Street Fighter 6 tournament.

How an underdog Street Fighter 6 player beat the odds to win $1 million

Wang Yuan-hao made history by winning Street Fighter 6's Capcom Cup. We spoke to the man known as UMA about the underdog story that landed him $1 million.
Jonah Ray peers out a doorway in Destroy All Neighbors.

Forget Netflix and chill: This is the best streaming service for binge watching on weekends

Looking for a Netflix alternative for your weekend entertainment that doesn't break the bank? Here's why this underrated streamer may be your best option.