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James Feinberg

James Feinberg


James Feinberg is a writer and journalist who has written for the Broadway Journal and NBC's The Blacklist.

A man and a woman talk in Tokyo Vice.

This great HBO crime drama is still overlooked. Here’s why you should watch it now

Now in its second season, this excellent HBO crime drama remains underappreciated and overshadowed. Find out what it is and why you should watch it.
Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

10 best 1980s movies ever, ranked

From one of the best comedies ever to a bona fide Christmas classic, these 10 1980s movies are the best the decade had to offer.
Two people walk in Central Park in When Harry Met Sally.

10 best movies set in NYC, ranked

From, Taxi Driver to Network, here's a highly subjective assessment of the 10 best New York movies.
An alien jumps out in Aleins.

How the upcoming Alien TV series can take the sci-fi franchise back to its horror movie roots

Noah Hawley's upcoming TV prequel to Alien should return to the horror and mystery that made the original Ridley Scott film a classic.
Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver.

7 best Robert De Niro movies, ranked

From the underrated comedy Wag the Dog to one of the best films ever made, we rank the seven best Robert De Niro movies.
Ridley Scott on the set of Alien: Covenant.

Why does Ridley Scott hate James Cameron’s Aliens so much?

Ridley Scott has always resented additions to his original Alien lore. That might have begun with the film's first sequel.
Ripley tends to Newt in Aliens.

Aliens is overrated. Here’s why the James Cameron sequel fails to live up to Alien

Aliens has come to be regarded as equal to or better than Alien. But the sequel is a betrayal of what made its predecessor great.
A teenager girl and a boy talk in Big Love.

This underrated HBO show from the 2000s has been forgotten. Here’s why you should watch it now

This HBO show from the 2000s isn't as celebrated as The Sopranos or Mad Men. But it should be as it's just as great in 2024 as it was nearly 20 years ago.