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google stadia review rs 6

Apple says cloud gaming apps like Google Stadia violate iOS app store rules

Apple has confirmed that it doesn't allow cloud gaming services such as Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud since they violate iOS guidelines.

YouTube bans over 2,000 Chinese accounts for ‘coordinated influence operations’

Google's threat analysis team has banned over 2,000 Chinese YouTube channels for engaging in 'coordinated influence operation campaigns.'
Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL Hands on

Leaked internal document hints at Google launch of a foldable phone next year

A report has revealed that Google is working on four new Pixel phones including a successor to its budget offering, Pixel 5a, and a mysterious foldable phone.
tiktok logos on microsoft logo

Australia says it found no evidence to suggest a TikTok ban is necessary

Australia's security agency has concluded its probe into TikTok and said that it has found no evidence of data misuse to suggest a ban is necessary.
fitbit inspire hr and versa2 amazon deals fi

Samsung is reportedly building a chip for Google that tracks body movements

As per a new report, Google has recruited Samsung to design as well as produce a chip that will power a sensor built for tracking body movements.
Styled Graphic featuring Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai

Trump’s TikTok meddling means we’ll never be able to escape Big Tech

President Donald Trump has neutralized two of the biggest rivals to Big Tech. With practically no competition, can we ever escape tech giants?
Triller App

Triller soars to the top of the app store charts following TikTok controversy

Video app Triller has emerged as a winner amid the TikTok controversy. The app has soared to the top of the app stores with a surge of new users.
apple tencent wechat tip deal

The U.S. also plans action against Chinese apps like WeChat, Pompeo says

In addition to TikTok, the United States is planning to soon take action on other Chinese apps such as WeChat too, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said .
Google Logo

Google’s new Chrome add-on gives you a rundown of all the ads on a webpage

Google has launched a new add-on for its Chrome browser that offers you an insight into all the ads and third-party trackers present inside a webpage.
apple ios 14 beta hands on review siri icon

Facebook says iOS 14’s new privacy tools could harm its ad business

On Facebook's second-quarter earnings call, the company's CFO has hinted that iOS 14's new privacy features could potentially hurt ad business and revenue.
digital trends live episode 418 tiktok phone in hand

TikTok says it will pay creators a total of $2 billion in the next 3 years

TikTok has announced an updated $2 billion fund to pay its creators across the world over the next three years.
huawei andrew garrihy ecosystem interview p40 pro and plus

Huawei sold more phones than Samsung or Apple for the first time

A new report claims that Huawei sold more phones than Samsung or Apple for the first time in nine years.
google pixelbook i7 price cut amazon

Google may add Apple-like Continuity tools to Chrome OS and Android

Google is reportedly working on more features that will let you pair your Android phone and Chromebook such as notification mirroring and task handoff.
twitter wants you to help it shape the future design of app

Twitter will now censor links that promote hateful speech

Twitter is updating its policies on links to cover two more content categories. It will now censor tweets that link to hate speech and violence.
China's coronavirus outbreak

U.S. studies new facial recognition tech built with masked faces in mind

A new government study has concluded masked faces lead to higher error rates in existing facial recognition systems.
digital trends live episode 418 tiktok phone in hand

Biden campaign orders staff members to delete TikTok from phones

The Joe Biden campaign has reportedly asked its staff members to remove short-form video-sharing app, TikTok from both their work and personal phones.
how to unlock your iphone use with another carrier t mobile hq sign feat 720x720

T-Mobile will soon kick some outdated phones off its network

To make room for 5G bandwidths, T-Mobile has said that it will soon begin phasing out support for phones that are not compatible with the VoLTE technology.
twitter and laptop hacked

More than 1,000 Twitter employees reportedly have complete access to accounts

A new report claims more than a 1,000 employees and contractors at Twitter have complete access to everyone's accounts including the ability to tweet.
facebook hacked

Facebook is training an army of malicious bots to research anti-spam methods

In a new experiment, Facebook is training an army of automated bots to simulate bad behaviors for testing and researching anti-spam methods.
iPhone 11 Pro feature image

Google lead says he’s ‘disappointed’ with Apple’s new iPhone security program

The lead at Google's Project Zero division says his team won't be able to participate in Apple's iPhone security research program due to some restrictions.
Apple AirPods Pro.

The next AirPods Pro could arrive by the second half of 2021

A new report says Apple could launch the next generation of its noise-canceling AirPods Pro by the second half of 2021.
Snapchat World Lenses

Unlike Facebook and TikTok, Snapchat is doing all right in the pandemic

In its Q2 2020 earnings report, Snapchat said, despite the ongoing economic downturn, it managed to add 9 million daily active users over the last quarter.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could be the first phone optimized for Xbox games

A new leak claims Samsung's upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, will feature special optimizations to stream Xbox games over Project Cloud.
Man holding phone running VPN to browse anonymously.

Seven VPN apps accused of exposing more than a terabyte of private data

A group of free VPN apps including UFO VPN and Super VPN reportedly left a treasure trove of private, sensitive data of millions of users out in the open.
Android 10 Assistant Navigation

Google needs to get back to basics with Android. Why? Take a look at iOS 14

Google has increasingly focused more on innovative features rather than fixing the fundamental flaws of Android. Here's why it needs to get back to the basics.
digital trends live episode 418 tiktok phone in hand

White House says it could take action on TikTok in ‘weeks, not months’

A senior White House official has said that the United States could take action on Chinese apps such as TikTok and WeChat in 'weeks, not months.'
Google Logo

Google partners with India’s largest telecom operator on a budget smartphone

Google has announced a $4.5 billion investment in India's largest telecom operator, Reliance Jio. The two are jointly developing an affordable Android phone.
Amazon Dash Cart

Amazon’s new smart shopping cart lets you skip the checkout lines

Amazon has launched a smart shopping cart called the Dash Cart that uses sensors to tell what you're buying and lets you skip the traditional checkout lines.
Google Logo

Google pledges not to use Fitbit data for ads to ward off EU antitrust probe

Google has reportedly pledged to not misuse the health data it acquired from Fitbit for ad targeting in an attempt to ward off an antitrust probe in Europe.
Chrome Smartphone stock image

Chrome updates will have a ‘dramatic impact’ on MacOS performance

Google plans to roll out "three big improvements" over the next couple of months that will reduce Chrome's impact on battery life and performance for MacOS.
apple macbook air pro deals amazon summer sale 2020 09 2 720x720

A new MacBook Air with Apple’s own chips may be coming later this year

A new report claims Apple is developing an upgraded MacBook Air that will run on the company's ARM-based chips and it could arrive by the end of this year.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s next wireless earbuds previewed in new leak

Samsung's next wireless earbuds, Galaxy Buds Live, have leaked in a new set of clear images that confirm noise cancellation feature and three colors.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung may not bundle chargers with its future phones to cut costs

A report claims Samsung will no longer bundle power adapters with its smartphones starting as soon as 2021. The decision will allow the company to cut costs.
Eat, Sleep, Game Spotify gaming podcast playlist

Eat, Sleep, Game is Spotify’s first gaming podcast playlist

Spotify has announced its latest human-curated podcast playlist, Eat, Sleep, Game. The playlist hosts a selection of episodes from a range of gaming podcasts.