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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone will have a 100x digital zoom camera, report says

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra may offer a number of new camera features, including an astrophotography mode.

Free yourself! How to unlock a phone from the icy hands of your wireless carrier

Now that your contract is up, here's how to unlock your smartphone and allow it to move onto another carrier.
how to unlock a phone
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Huawei taps TomTom to help it navigate to a Google Maps alternative

Huawei's future phones will have mapping apps and services powered by TomTom since Google Maps isn't an option.
huawei harmonyos interview peter gauden building full

Amazon has these Micheal Kors Access smartwatches on sale up to $200 off

Add some flair to your bare wrist while Amazon has Michael Kors' Access Sofie and Runway smartwatches on sale.
michael kors access runway review

The best Android apps (January 2020)

Choosing which apps to download is tricky, especially given how enormous the Google Play Store has become. We rounded up 100 of the best Android apps.

The best smartphones for 2020

Smartphones are perhaps the most important and personal piece of tech on the planet. That’s why it’s important to pick the best phone for your individual needs.

The coolest car gadgets for 2020

Road tripping can be a slog, but, thankfully, there are hundreds of gadgets designed to help us stay safe and enhance marathon drives. From a reliable backup camera to a self-powered jump starter, here are some of our favorite car accessories.

The best tablets of 2020

There’s so much choice when shopping for a new tablet that it can be hard to pick the right one. From iPads to Android, these are our picks for the best tablets you can buy right now whatever your budget.

The best camera phones for 2020

They say that the best camera is always the one you have with you, and that makes your smartphone camera very important indeed. Join us for a closer look at the best camera phones available right now.

The best Wear OS apps

Looking for some ways to spruce up that new Android smartwatch of yours? Here are the best Wear OS apps to download and use with any Android smartwatch, including a few specially enhanced for Wear OS 2.0.
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Android vs. iOS: Which smartphone platform is the best?

If you’re trying to choose a new phone and you’re not sure about the merits and pitfalls of the leading smartphone operating systems, then come on in for a detailed breakdown as we pit Android vs. iOS in various categories.
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The best Android tablets for 2020

There are lots of Android tablets, but picking the right one comes down to more than just price. Here are the best Android tablets available, whether you want a gorgeous display or processing power.

How to switch from iPhone to Android: The ultimate guide

If you've decided to bridge the great tech divide and leave Apple's walled garden for the unknown shores of Android, here are all the tips you need to start the switch.

How to run Android apps in Windows

Wish you knew how to run Android apps in Windows? It's easier than you might think and there are a number of different ways to do it. In this guide, we break down the steps so you can follow along with ease.

How to root Android phones and tablets (and unroot them)

Wondering whether to root your Android smartphone or stick with stock Android? Perhaps you’ve decided to do it and you just need to know how? Here, you'll find an explanation and a quick guide on how to root Android devices.

The best Android Auto apps for 2020

Whether you want to listen to a podcast or just a random radio station, there's an Android Auto-enabled app out there that will keep you entertained on long drives. Here are the best Android Auto apps for you.
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