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Sony’s CRE-E10 hearing aids: Hear what matters most

Sony CREC-C10 hearing aids.
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Hearing aids, as important as they are, work best when they’re concealed. It doesn’t get any more discreet than Sony’s CRE-E10 hearing aids, which are discreet and truly look like traditional earbuds when worn. They fit comfortably inside the ear while offering prescription-grade sound. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. What’s more important is what they offer through feature and technology enhancements, thanks to innovative solutions — like the ability to automatically adjust and optimize sound based on your surroundings. While they are rechargeable, the battery should easily give you a full day’s wear, which, paired with the comfortability, means once you wear them, you don’t have to worry about them throughout your day.

They’re easy to set up, too, and you can customize them effortlessly with the Sony Hearing Control app. Adjust bass and treble, or change the volume, all with the tap of an app. All-day comfort means you don’t have to worry about them bothering your ears, and the extended battery life means they should last you for quite a while. Of course, we’re just parroting features and specs here. Instead, let’s shift directions and talk a little bit about why you might want Sony’s CRE-E10 hearing aids over others.

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Explore the world like you were meant to

Sony CREC-E10 In Hands with case

If you have trouble hearing, the world can be unforgiving. Above all, you won’t experience it like others do. You might miss cues, chances at communication, or even run into dangerous situations — maybe you don’t hear an oncoming vehicle or hazard. Optimized hearing is your ticket to a more open and wondrous world.

With Sony’s CRE-E10 hearing aids, you’ll unlock not just comfortable, customized sound and audio, but also of a prescription-grade quality that adapts to your surroundings.  Too loud? They’ll identify that and adjust. Too low? They’ll account for that, as well. They analyze, adjust, and optimize audio to improve your listening experience, whether you’re out on the trail, exploring the wilderness, or in a bustling restaurant trying to grab a bite to eat with some family or friends.

The Ear-to-Ear Wireless Link — connecting the CRE-E10 hearing aids — means they’ll work together to produce impactful yet high-quality noise reduction with true directionality to cut through the noise and allow you to hear what’s happening in all directions. In other words, no more guessing where a particular sound or voice is coming from, you’ll know almost immediately.

You deserve that experience like anyone else.

What else do I need to know?

Sony CREC-E10 hearing aids worn with Family

The prescription-grade audio for these Sony OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids isn’t just a claim. They’re an FDA-cleared medical device developed in partnership with WS Audiology. They’re also comparable to traditional hearing aids and come with four sleeve sizes to help you maximize comfort and wearability.

Style-wise, they’re thoughtfully designed to fit securely inside the ear without obstructing other types of clothing like glasses or hats. All in a compact design that stays under the radar. No one will know you’re wearing them because they look like standard earbuds.

They are Bluetooth-compatible, but only with iOS. That added connectivity allows you to stream your favorite music and audio through the hearing aids when you’re ready to jam out.

You’re getting exactly the kind of experience you’d expect from traditional hearing aids in a more conscientious design.

Here’s the best part: From February 23 until March 31, you can save $200 off Sony’s CRE-E10 OTC hearing aids. Why not grab a pair and go explore the world like you were always meant to?

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