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How to delete a Discord server

If you’ve used Discord for a while, you’re generally going to be involved in quite a few servers. At one point, you’ve probably even created your own server. However, if you ever want to delete that server for whatever reason, it can be a quick and painless process. Here's how to delete a Discord server, n just a few quick steps.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • A PC, laptop, Mac, or mobile device with access to Discord

Using the server settings

Step 1: You’ll need to open the Discord server you created by selecting it within the app itself.

Step 2: Once it’s been opened, select the name of the server situated at the top of Discord, adjacent to the Home button.

Step 3: Select the Server settings field.

The Server settings option on Discord for deleting a Discord server.

Step 4: Select Delete server adjacent to the bin icon.

The Delete server option on Discord.

Step 5: Discord will require you to enter the name of your server.

Step 6: Select the Delete server button.

Although you can recover a deleted account on Discord, the platform does not provide the same option for deleting a server. Once you proceed with deleting your server, it will be permanently removed from Discord’s systems. As such, make sure you save anything that may be valuable within your server before you delete it.

Entering the name of a Discord server in order to confirm its deletion.

How do I delete a server on Discord on the iPhone?

Step 1: Open the Discord app on the iPhone, click the server you want to delete from the side, and then on the top right, select the Three dots adjacent to the server name.

Selecting the option to delete a Discord server on iPhone.

Step 2: Click Settings > Overview.

The Settings option on Discord for iPhone.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and click Delete server. A message will ask you to confirm the deletion. Click Yes. You won’t have to type the server name.

The delete button for deleting a Discord server on iPhone.

How do I delete a Discord server without admin access?

If you don’t have admin control of a server (which you would if you created it or ownership was transferred to you), then you won’t be able to delete it.

However, if you feel the server itself is illegal, dangerous, contains spam, etc., you could report it to Discord, which will launch its own investigation and may decide to delete it.

You can do so via Discord’s official submit a request page, where you’ll be able to provide evidence via screenshots. You can also include a link to specific messages that are relevant in your report.

If you decide to delete your Discord account completely, check out our guide on how to do so.

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