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Don’t worry, iPhone 12 owners: MagSafe PopSockets are coming soon

PopSockets’ line of MagSafe-compatible accessories is here, which means iPhone 12 owners can just magnetically slip a PopGrip on the back of their phones instead of sticking adhesive on it. PopSockets is upgrading a handful of its products with a MagSafe option: A range of the classic PopGrips, a wallet with an integrated grip, and two mounts.

Popsockets PopGrip for Magsafe iPhone 12

The biggest difference between the new PopGrip and its predecessors is that the former comes with an additional base underneath that magnetically attaches to a MagSafe-supported iPhone and does away with the adhesive-based mount. The actual handle on top of it, which makes it easier for you to hold your phone, can be replaced if you’d like to switch up styles.

PopSockets is also refreshing its wallet accessory, which features an integrated grip and can hold up to three cards, to work with MagSafe and competes directly with Apple’s own $50 MagSafe wallet. The company didn’t announce the price of these new products but it’s likely going to be more affordable despite the extra perks such as the grip.

Several more PopSockets accessories will soon have a MagSafe option for iPhone 12 models as well including the PopMount for car vents and the PopGrip Slide Stretch that comes equipped with a grip you can slide to use it as a portrait stand. There’s also a new variant of the PopGrip that has an antimicrobial coating to protect you against germs and viruses.

MagSafe-compatible PopGrip Slide Stretch

“Developing a family of MagSafe solutions was a natural step in evolving our product family to support wireless charging,” said David Barnett, CEO and Founder of PopSockets. “In 2019 we integrated swappable tops into our PopGrip line to enable users to easily twist off their tops when wirelessly charging with third-party chargers. In 2020, we launched our award-winning PopPower, a wireless charger that enables users to charge their devices wirelessly without removing their PopGrip tops. And now we have a family of optimal solutions for users of MagSafe wireless charging.”

Most of these new PopSockets updates will arrive sometime in spring this year. But the company is releasing the MagSafe PopGrip Slide Stretch and PopGrip Slide first on March 21st and May 1st respectively. There’s no word yet on the pricing.

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