Anthony Thurston

Anthony Thurston

Anthony is an internationally published photographer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Specializing primarily in boudoir photography, he also appreciates a variety of other photography genres. Keeping up on the latest gear, rumors, and industry news is his daily obsession.

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What is the rule of thirds and how do you use it?

The rule of thirds is a term often used in reference to photography or videography, but you may be asking yourself, what is it? Dive into one of the easiest compositional guidelines to understand.

Black-and-white photography: 3 tips to master mono conversions

Quality black-and-white conversion is more than pressing a button or dropping the saturation. Review this video, and achieve better results by considering the three tips it offers before you convert.

What is a histogram, and how do you use it?

The professionals use it all the time, but even novice photographers can utilize a camera's histogram to quickly determine if their photos are properly exposed or not.

How to use Lightroom: A beginner’s guide to Adobe’s photo editing software

Adobe Lightroom is popular among pros for its photo management and editing capabilities, as well as its deep integration with Photoshop. But if you are wondering how to use Lightroom as a non-pro, here is a quick guide.
Social Media

NBC jumping on the Snapchat train with original content

NBC will be capitalizing on Snapchat's popularity by producing original content for some of its hit programs like The Voice, SNL and The Tonight Show, exclusively for SnapChat users. It also debuted brand-new content.
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The results are in, and Tesla’s solar roof is cheaper than a normal roof

Tesla and SolarCity joined forces to unveil a new solar roof that not only saves customers on the initial investment, but pays them back over time in savings on their electric bill.