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Anthony Thurston

Anthony Thurston


Anthony is an internationally published photographer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Specializing primarily in boudoir photography, he also appreciates a variety of other photography genres. Keeping up on the latest gear, rumors, and industry news is his daily obsession.

instagram offline f8 2017

How to post a GIF on Instagram

Instagram doesn't have a direct means for sharing GIFs on your profile. With Giphy and Stories, it's finally possible to post GIFs to Instagram. Here's how
jeff rojas black white conversion youtube screen

Black-and-white photography: 3 tips to master mono conversions

Quality black and white conversion is more than pressing a button. Get better monochrome photos by considering these three things before converting.
Best Lightroom presets, how to use lightroom

How to use Lightroom: A beginner’s guide to Adobe’s photo editing software

Adobe Lightroom is very popular among pros. But if you are wondering how to use Lightroom as a non-pro, here is a quick guide.

NBC jumping on the Snapchat train with original content

NBC will be capitalizing on Snapchat's popularity by producing original content for some of its hit programs exclusively for SnapChat users.
tesla solar roofing solarcity announcement 111716 blog

The results are in, and Tesla’s solar roof is cheaper than a normal roof

Tesla has unveiled a gorgeous new solar smart roof that could not only save customers on the initial investment but pay them back over time.

Never drop your phone taking pictures again with BlackRapid’s WandeR tether

The WandeR Tether is BlackRapid’s new tether designed specifically to help prevent phone drops that plague the mobile photography community
Sigma Lens Adapter

Sigma lens adapter gets performance boost via firmware update

The Sigma lens adapter is getting a much-needed performance boost to its autofocus and stabilization with a new firmware update.
later instagram visual planner mobile banner

Instagram warriors rejoice, Later’s visual planner now works on your mobile device

Later is bringing their powerful drag and drop visual planner to its mobile apps - which will make planning on the go that much easier.
ColorKuler App

ColorKuler will generate a color palette based on your Instagram profile

Many photographers struggle with trying to define and nail down what their style really is. ColorKuler is looking to make that easier
fotodiox pro dlx stretch adapters

DLX Stretch merges extension tubes and ND filters into single lens adapter

Packing three popular but never before merged features into one lens adapter, Fotodiox Pro's new DLX Stretch is turning heads.
Mendr App

Mendr makes getting your photos edited as easy as using an app

Mendr is a new app aimed at helping you get your images edited by a photo editor with hardly more effort than it takes to call an Uber.
Snapchat Snap Map

Snapchat’s new Snap Map will show you where your friends are

Snapchat has just announced its new location-based Snap Map feature which will allow users to discover what is going on around them.
macphun luminar neptune ai macphunluminar

Macphun brings AI tech to photo editing with Luminar Neptune

Macphun's latest update to its popular photo editing software Luminar included the addition of a powerful new filter that is powered by AI.
totto t track backpack bag

Totto’s T-Track Backpack features smart-tracking and anti-theft technology

The new T-Track Backpack from Totto offers a unique combination of smart-tracking and anti-theft technologies.
later best instagram time

Later can now tell you the best time to post to your Instagram account

When is the best time for you to post to your Instagram account? Until now that has not been easy to answer, but Later wants to change that.
pro light bumblebee bags hr mb pl b 130 03

Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee bags have unique breathable harness system

Manfrotto, a company long in the photography accessory industry, has announced its latest addition – The Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag line.
tenba roadie uncrushable 2

Tenba claims updated Roadie bags are uncrushable

bag maker Tenba announced the latest update to its Roadie bag line and they make some pretty big claims about the new bags.
kodachrome magazine launched kodachromemag

Kodak’s Kodachrome Magazine is dedicated to film and analog culture

In a move to further promote the so-called analog renaissance, Kodak has announced the launch of its new print magazine, Kodachrome Magazine.
Sony A9

Sony firmware updates address several flaws with current camera lineup

Sony took steps today to address several lingering issues with its current lineup of mirrorless cameras in a series of firmware updates.
sandmarc kickstarter camera filters sandmarc2

Take professional-quality photos on your iPhone with Sandmarc's new lens filters

Sandmarc has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to bring quality polarizing and neutral-density filters to the iPhone camera.
venus optics gfx adapter fujifilm hero

This adapter makes your DSLR lenses medium format ready

Venus Optic's new Laowa Magic Format Converter lens adapter promises to make it possible to use DSLR lenses with Fuij's GFX.
pete souza underwood houseofcards house of cards

Former Obama Photographer Souza captures President Underwood for ‘House of Cards’

Former White House Photographer for President Obama joined House of Cards President Frank Underwood around Washington D.C.
canon 24 105 f4 af defect

Here’s what Canon says could be wrong with your new 24-105mm F/4L IS II lens

Canon USA has officially confirmed the existence of some autofocus defects with its newly released 24-105mm F/4L IS II lens.
colorize gray background photoshop add color

Easily colorize your neutral background in Photoshop

Plain white or grey backgrounds are so boring! Use this quick tip to easily add a splash of color to your boring photo background.
zeiss exolens case

Zeiss & ExoLens’ new case protects your phone while using accessory lenses

Zeiss and ExoLens are expanding their partnership today with a new iPhone 7 case that is compatible with their latest PRO optics.
fast cut video tips brandon li

Better Fast Cut Video Editing With These 5 Tips

Fast-cut video editing can be a pain in the rear if you have never done it before, and here are 5 tips to make it easier for you.
fujifilm instax mini9 mini 9

The Instax Mini 9 Is Fujifilm’s latest instant-photograph party favor

The Fujifilm's Instax line has long been a favorite of consumers, and today it announced it's latest addition -- the new Instax Mini 9.
creative box photo lighting biscuit light

Your leftover biscuit box makes a great tool for creative photography

If you are into photography and are looking for an inexpensive way to get more creative with your lighting, then you will like this tip.
bokeh wall photo effect

Create this bokeh wall effect on the cheap using aluminum foil, color gels

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but there are still great ways to be creative on the cheap. This video is a perfect example of it.
fujifilm x t2 review lens corner

Fujifilm is bringing some major X-T2 and X-Pro2 firmware updates

Fujifilm has announced a series of firmware updates for its flagship X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras that will bring upward of 33 new features.
mango street lab tips better interior photography modern living room  3d rendering

YouTube tutorial shows how to shoot interior photos worthy of design mags

Shooting great interior images of your home doesn't have to be hard at all, and with these 5 easy tips, you can be well on your way.
lens condensation tips

Ziplock bag hack will help you avoid lens condensation

Getting condensation on your lens is more than annoying, it can be bad for the long-term health of the lens. Here are some tips to avoid it.
cinematic headshot tips headhsots

How to shoot cinematic headshots on a budget

In this quick video Portland-based photographer Levy Moroshan talks about shooting cinematic headshots on a budget.
panoramic images beginners

Expand your horizons: Learn how to shoot panoramic images from start to finish

Shooting panoramic images with your DSLR or other dedicated camera is not as complicated as you may think it is. Check out this great guide.