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Sony firmware updates address several flaws with current camera lineup

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Adam Balkin/Digital Trends
Sony took steps today to address several lingering issues or flaws with its current lineup of mirrorless cameras in a series of firmware updates that affect virtually all of its latest interchangeable lens cameras. The Japanese firm had been receiving a mounting number of complaints from various segments of the photography community over several issues with various camera models, and the firmware updates released today aim to address many of those hot-button issues.

Among the issues that were addressed by the firmware update is the recently reported “overheating warning” with the firm’s flagship A9 mirrorless camera. The issue, although relatively limited, had become a bit of a problem in regard to public perception of the camera. It is clear that Sony hopes this firmware update will help quell that growing problem.

Another hot topic issue that has been widely reported is the”Star Eater” issue, which more or less involved the Sony cameras’ noise reduction algorithms incorrectly identifying stars in the night sky as noise, thereby removing or diminishing them in images — much to the ire of the astrophotography community. In a pair of firmware updates to the A7r II and A7s II Sony has made an effort to resolve this issue.

Beyond those two points, and the related firmware updates, Sony also announced new updates for its A7II, A6500, and A6300 cameras. These updates address no less than 10 issues with the above-mentioned cameras, though none of the issues are what we would classify as major problems like those resolved in the A9, A7rII and A7s II.

Sony photographers who own one of the camera models mentioned in this post can visit Sony’s support website online to learn more about the specific issues that were addressed and that relate to their camera, as well as to download the update.

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