Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee bags have unique breathable harness system

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Manfrotto, a company with long experience in the photography accessory industry, has announced the latest addition to its product portfolio — the Pro Light Bumblebee camera bag line. This new bag line, as Manfrotto explains it, is designed to service the needs of photographers and videographers who need to carry their gear outdoors in less than ideal conditions, including extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

Headlining the features that set the Bumblebee family of bags apart from the competition is the introduction of Manfrotto’s unique breathable harness system, which the company says will reduce fatigue associated with carrying heavy photography gear over long distances. As well, the bags have been designed to take stress and heat off the wearer’s shoulders, neck, and back, adding to the comfort of the wearer over time.

Additionally, thanks to its unique design, access to the main camera compartment is controlled by four zippers, which can be split with stoppers which allow the owner to divide the compartment into an upper and a lower chamber which can be easily accessed without having to open the entire bag.

pro light bumblebee bags hr mb pl b 130 02The messenger bag variants of the Bumblebee lineup come with a Velcro silencer, which is designed to make accessing the bags quieter when shooting in situations where noise is an issue — such as when photographing a wedding, documenting a theater performance, or observing wildlife.

In all, there are four bags in the Pro Light Bumblebee family released by Manfrotto, two backpack variants, and two messenger bag variants. The bags will range from $130 and $150 for the messenger bags, while the backpacks will ring up at $230 and $280. The bags are now available at retailers across the country as well as online.

Those interested in learning more about Manfrotto’s Pro Light Bumblebee family of bags can head on over to the Manfrotto website to get all the detailed specifications and information.