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Your leftover biscuit box makes a great tool for creative photography

creative photography ideas the biscuit box lighting effects
If your home is anything like ours, chances are you have old food boxes here and there. If you are into photography and are looking for an inexpensive way to get more creative with your lighting, you will want to give this video a look before you recycle those boxes.

Academy of Photography recently released this demo video showing some fun ways you could use a leftover biscuit box as a light modifier for your next creative photography session. This is just another incredible example of utilizing inexpensive items that you may have around your home already to be more creative with your images.

In the video, you see the guys make use of a camera, flash, tripod, wireless triggers, and a long, thin biscuit box. The idea is simple, you cut some strips of box scrap to cover one end of the open box using tape. Then you place the box over the front of your flash and aim it at your subject. The effect simulates light coming through blinds or a similar window covering and it can look pretty cool.

Another example they used this for was shooting through a glass shower for some interesting water and light combinations that looked really great in color and would probably look great converted into black and white as well.

You don’t have to use this exactly like they did in the video either, you could easily use a different box or tape your scrap strips in a different pattern to change up the look. The possibilities here really are only limited by your imagination and the boxes you have lying around your home.

So take a look around your house, get creative and see what you can use to make some interesting images. You may just surprise yourself with that you come up with.

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