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Better Fast Cut Video Editing With These 5 Tips

5 Fast Tips for Fast-Cut Editing
As more and more people start to discover video as a medium to tell their stories and document their lives, more of us are looking to learn about video editing and the process of making videos. One area that many can struggle with is transitioning between clips and cutting a video together in an interesting way.

YouTuber and videographer Brandon Li has received a lot of questions about editing and cutting video, and so he put together this great video featuring 5 tips for quick cut video editing. Those of you looking to make your vlogs and videos more interesting will no doubt love this one.

The first tip that Brandon mentions in his video actually doesn’t have to do with editing at all, but instead starts with how you shoot your video clips. Li says to shoot your video with your edit in mind, and if a quick-cut video is on your mind, make sure to keep your shots simple.

One of the ways to do this, according to Li, is to keep your subject centered. Our eyes tend to jump to the center of a frame first, and assuming a quick cut is what you are going for, the clip won’t be up on screen long enough for the viewer’s eyes to go elsewhere. So keeping your subject centered helps make sure that viewers see what they are supposed to see before the cut. He also notes that having a tight crop, or zoom, on your subject helps, too, because it limits background distractions.

This is just one of the five great tips that Li describes in his video. So make sure and watch for the rest of these tips that will take your fast-edit game to the next level.

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