Mendr makes getting your photos edited as easy as using an app

Mendr App

Chances are that at some point in your life wished you could fix something about an image that you didn’t like — hair in your face, wrinkly clothes, a random photobomber, etc. Mendr is a new app aimed at helping you get those changes made by a photo editor with hardly more effort than it takes to call an Uber.

Mendr works by connecting a pool of talented photo editors with people who need imaging edits. All you need to do is download the app, select the image you want to be edited, say what needs fixing, and as Mendr puts it, “editors will take care of the rest.” Users can also just send images to Mendr and let the editor decide what needs to be done, a nice feature for those who know they want an image to look better but don’t know specifically what should be fixed.

Mendr isn’t just an opportunity for people wanting their images edited either, it is also a potential income stream for photo editors looking to pick up more work. In essence, the service is being pitched to photo editors similarly to how Uber pitches to potential drivers. Editors can set their own hours by logging in when they are ready to work and unlike other sites, there is no bidding process. The editor just looks through the available jobs, selects any that they want to do, and they are then able to start working. Getting paid from Mendr will be easy as well through simple Paypal payouts.


Editors will also be able to build a profile and other Mendr users will be able to request them specifically for an extra fee that the editor sets. Mendr also gives the editor 100 percent of that additional fee, which they say will allow editors to build up a following and loyal clients and make more money.

Whatever your needs in regards to photography, be it having your images edited or making some extra money editing, it seems the app is an interesting opportunity to service both needs. Mendr is available for both iOS and Android, and those interested in becoming editors can learn more about it on the editor recruitment website.

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