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Kodak’s Kodachrome Magazine is dedicated to film and analog culture

kodachrome magazine launched kodachromemag
It should be no secret to any of you who have been following the photography industry over the last few years that Kodak has been looking to take advantage of a renewed public interest in analog technologies like film photography — the analog renaissance, as their CEO Jeff Clarke calls it. Well, in another move to capitalize on and promote this renaissance, Kodak has announced the launch of their new print magazine, Kodachrome Magazine.

The magazine, despite the clear brand association in the title, is not a “me, me, me, look at me” attempt the company says, noting that it is “about so much more than Kodak — be it writing, sculpture, music, graphics, or all manner of delights in between.” In its press release, the company notes that each issue of the new Kodachrome Magazine will feature stories and conversation from around the world, focusing on creation, craft, and inspiration.

The first issue, which Kodak is saying will be a limited run, went on sale at $20 a copy, and is currently back-ordered, and it is unclear if the stock will be replenished. This first issue features 76 pages of content that encompasses photographers and illustrators, as well as stories on topics like the booming independent magazine culture and how music-gig posters bring out graphic designers’ creative instincts.

It is unclear how often the company plans on releasing new issues of the magazine, and what its future plans for it are. But given the response so far, and the success of the initial print run, it would seem that Kodak has struck a chord with its target demographic. If you would like to learn more about Kodachrome Magazine, whether to check on the stock status of the first issue or future issues, you can get all of the available info over on the Kodak store.

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