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DLX Stretch merges extension tubes and ND filters into single lens adapter

One of the greatest attractions of the mirrorless camera segment since its inception has been the wide adaptability of both old and new lenses to these cameras. Anyone with a stash of old film-era lenses can go out and purchase an affordable adapter for under $20 and get their old lenses working on their new modern camera for much cheaper than it would be to buy an entire kit of modern lenses. This has led to an explosion of available lens adapters, many differentiating themselves from the pack with unique features, a strategy Fotodiox is employing with the release of its new DLX Stretch line of lens adapters.

The DLX Stretch is a unique 3-in-1 lens adapter that not only connects various lenses to various cameras, but also becomes an extension tube of sorts with the twist of its barrel. But that isn’t even the coolest trick that the DSL Stretch has up its sleeve. This adapter is also compatible with Fotodiox’s new line of magnetic drop-in ND filters, which you just place inside the adapter, between the lens and the camera.

DLX Stretch Lens Adapter

In the past, this same functionality would have required a standard lens adapter, a set of extension tubes or bellows, and an ND filter. So this one adapter is replacing three other products that you would otherwise need to carry around in your bag. That is impressive, however, as you might expect, an adapter of this convenience and uniqueness (at least for now) comes with a price tag to match.

The DLX Stretch can adapt Canon EOS, Canon FD, Contax, Leica R, Minolta MD, Nikon, Olympus OM, and Pentax K-mount lenses to your Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, or Olympus mirrorless cameras. The adapters may vary somewhat in pricing depending on the mount and camera system you want to use it on, but Fotodiox has an MSRP on the DLX Stretch adapters of $130.

The only caveat to these adapters is that they remain ‘dummy’ adapters; that is, they don’t have any electrical contacts to communicate with your camera. As such, this means that any lens you use with this adapter on your camera will be manual focus and manual aperture only. Not a huge deal for those who are used to using adapters, but worth noting for those unfamiliar.

For complete details on the DLX Stretch adapters and to see if they have a model you are interested in, make sure to check out the Fotodiox website.

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