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Expand your horizons: Learn how to shoot panoramic images from start to finish

Panorama Photography for Beginners
Shooting panoramic images with your DSLR or other dedicated camera is not as complicated as you may think . Nor is it as simple as doing it on your phone, so we don’t blame you if you have been putting off learning the ins and outs.

Your excuses for not learning this incredibly powerful and simple photographic processing technique end now because we have a great beginners video that takes you through the entire process. Youtuber Josh Katz developed this video to be the perfect resource for anyone looking to try out panoramic imagery for the first time.

As Katz notes in his video, this is a really easy thing to accomplish once you know how to do it. It essentiallyy comes down to your previsualization and preplanning. You will want to scope out your location to find the ideal vantage point for the best panoramic view of the area. All you’ll need after that is a tripod and level surface to help you achieve the best results while you are shooting your images.

Once you get back home, the process gets a little more involved, but again, it’s easy as pie once you have seen it done once. Katz does a great job of demonstrating how to achieve a good panoramic image with proper stitching and few abnormalities, as well as how to export the image for the best results.

Finally, Katz goes over how to upload your panoramic image into Instagram to make use of that awesome carousel feature that allows your viewers to pan through the image.

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