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YouTube tutorial shows how to shoot interior photos worthy of design mags

mango street lab tips better interior photography modern living room  3d rendering
Monika Mlynek/123RF
Have you ever cleaned your house and wanted to snap a few images for proof that it was at one time perfectly clean? Maybe you are moving and need some images to help sell your home? If you have ever attempted to take interior images of your living space, then you likely know that it’s often difficult to get great results.

Luckily, we found a killer tips video for you from the team over on the Mango Street Lab YouTube Channel. In this video, the squad goes over five quick and easy-to-implement tips for taking and making the best interior images of your space possible. So, all you realtors, homeowners, and Airbnb operators will want to take note.

5 Tips For Shooting Interior Photography

The first tip is one that is very easy to not think about while you are in a space, and that is to simply to shoot from the hip — or waist height rather. According to the video, this helps to even out the perspective of the frame and more accurately portray the environment of the room.

Another tip is to fully consider the subject of the image. Most interior images are not going to be focused on people, but rather on furniture or other items of interest in the room. So decided on the one you want to focus on and compose your image around that.

For situations where you will be wanting to shoot primarily with natural light, the Mango Street Lab squad suggests aiming to shoot between noon and 3 p.m. for the best lighting indoors. Even with the natural light, though, it is recommended to use an LED panel or reflector to help fill in some of the shadows and even up the lighting inside when the light is particularly harsh.