Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus is a general news reporter at Digital Trends. She covers any and all tech news, including issues around social media and data privacy.
Allison was previously a freelance journalist for the Chicago Tribune Media Group covering local news in Chicago’s South Suburbs. She’s also written for The Idea Forge, where she covered the city's tech industry and startup landscape.
Allison spent nearly two years as a Senior Reporter at Chicago’s oldest neighborhood newspaper, The Hyde Park Herald, where she covered politics, education, real estate, retail, and development. 
Living in Chicago, Allison has her own personal wellness blog and loves to travel to national parks. 

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Tesla fans want a Cybertruck made of Legos, and it might actually happen

One Lego fan is hoping to make a Lego Cybertruck set a reality. A Lego Ideas user posted a rendering of a Tesla Cybertruck Legoset that looks like the original version, complete with front trunk and tailgate opening and closing function.

Amazon and the NFL plan virtual games to understand real injuries

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the NFL have teamed up to simulate entire football games with the goal of predicting and preventing player injuries using a new platform called Digital Athlete.

WhatsApp gets tasks and reminders integrated in app through

WhatsApp users can now get task reminders easily integrated into their conversations through a new feature with the productivity platform,

Apple could release 5 iPhones in 2020 and one without a lightning port in 2021

New predictions by prolific analyst Ming-Chi Kuo include five new iPhone models — four with 5G — in 2020 and an iPhone without a lightning port in 2021.

Big tech is tracking your kids, and consumer groups want the FTC to step in

Multiple consumer groups wrote a letter to the FTC, calling for the organization to review how companies are marketing towards children and tracking them online. The groups want more transparency in how companies collect and store kids'…

Watch live: SpaceX launches Falcon 9 resupply mission to the ISS today

SpaceX has delayed its planned Falcon 9 CRS-19 Commercial Resupply Service mission launch due to unfavorable winds. The private space tweeted that it would try again on Thursday.