Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus is a general news reporter at Digital Trends. She covers any and all tech news, including issues around social media and data privacy.
Allison was previously a freelance journalist for the Chicago Tribune Media Group covering local news in Chicago’s South Suburbs. She’s also written for The Idea Forge, where she covered the city's tech industry and startup landscape.
Allison spent nearly two years as a Senior Reporter at Chicago’s oldest neighborhood newspaper, The Hyde Park Herald, where she covered politics, education, real estate, retail, and development. 
Living in Chicago, Allison has her own personal wellness blog and loves to travel to national parks. 

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Hackers stole 26 million credit cards, but vigilantes just rescued them

BriansClub, a black market site that contains stolen credit cards, was hacked to rescue the data of more than 26 million credit and debit cards.

Blizzard cancels Overwatch Nintendo Switch event amid Hong Kong controversy

Blizzard has canceled an Overwatch event slated to take place in New York as it grapples with ongoing controversy over the Hong Kong protests and its treatment of a player.

Annie Leibovitz didn’t expect to love the Google Pixel 4’s camera

Annie Leibovitz was skeptical of the Google Pixel 4, but ended up liking it much more than she expected, the legendary photographer said.

SpaceX could launch NASA astronauts on the Crew Dragon in 2020

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine made a visit to the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, on Thursday to get a firsthand look at the progress on the Crew Dragon rocket and provide updates on the partnership between the space…

This vending machine sells pixels, not Pepsis, to help digital artists

Artist Danner Milliken wants to create a digital art vending machine that marries technology and art into one device that not only serves as a product, but as an art exhibition in and of itself. 

Get your popcorn ready. Zuckerberg is set to testify before Congress again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be back in Washington D.C. to testify before Congress, this time for the platform’s Libra cryptocurrency. Zuckerberg will testify as the sole witness.