Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus

Allison Matyus is a general news reporter at Digital Trends. She covers any and all tech news, including issues around social media and data privacy.
Allison was previously a freelance journalist for the Chicago Tribune Media Group covering local news in Chicago’s South Suburbs. She’s also written for The Idea Forge, where she covered the city's tech industry and startup landscape.
Allison spent nearly two years as a Senior Reporter at Chicago’s oldest neighborhood newspaper, The Hyde Park Herald, where she covered politics, education, real estate, retail, and development. 
Living in Chicago, Allison has her own personal wellness blog and loves to travel to national parks. 

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SpaceX delays launch of 60 Starlink satellites once again due to strong winds

The launch was delayed again and is now scheduled for Tuesday morning.

A DirecTV satellite could explode in space because of a battery issue

A DirectTV satellite might explode in space, and if it does, it could take other satellites down with it. 

New Apple self-driving car patent could turn Siri into your personal chauffeur

Apple wants to patent new technology that would let you use voice commands to control your self-driving car.
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Comcast cable subscribers’ bills will go up in 2020

Comcast customers excited to try out Peacock for free should expect their cable rates to go up as a result.

Tinder’s new panic button is a safety net during your sketchy date

Swiping right is about to get safer: Tinder just introduced new safety features to ensure its users are safe.

The Twitter app is crashing for Android users: Here’s how to fix it

A recent update makes the Twitter app crash before opening for Android users, but there’s a way to fix it.