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Apple One subscription brings all of Apple’s services together starting at $15 per month

Apple officially announced its Apple One Service bundle starting at a base price of $15 per month during Tuesday’s Apple Time Flies Event. Apple One combines popular Apple services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, extra iCloud storage, and more in a monthly subscription bundle.

Apple One bundles

Apple is offering multiple tiers for more flexibility for customers. The entry-level tier, or “Individual,” comes in at $15 per month, and gives you access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and increased iCloud storage. The next level tier is “Family,” for just $20 per month, with the same features for your whole family on their devices — plus a whopping 2TB of iCloud storage to use for your media, mail, and other files. Then, there’s a top-end “Premier” tier for $30 per month including all of the previous subscriptions, plus Apple News+ and the just-announced Apple Fitness+ service to use with Apple Watch.

If you’re a big-time Apple fan (or family of Apple fans), you’re going to save a considerable amount of money by signing up for Apple One. If you already paid for more iCloud storage and Apple Music, for example, you’re already coming out ahead by signing up for a bundle. And if you’re excited for Apple Fitness+, which was $10 per month on its own, that makes the top-end Premier bundle an easy choice.

There have been rumors about Apple working on a subscription service for the last month or so, and Tuesday’s announcement confirms that the company is ready to expand its services revenue. 

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