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Dad films daughter exercising her facial muscles, in attempt to capture perfect selfie

These days, the “selfie” is not only a ubiquitous cultural phenomenon around the world, it’s also become somewhat of a social necessity among certain groups. Especially with teenagers, there seems to be an incessant competition about who is taking the “best” selfie. And boy, can taking a selfie be difficult!

Take, for example, this prime specimen of a teenage girl, who has succumbed to the lures of the extremely addictive and highly contagious selfie craze. In an apparent competition with her BFFs – the goal of which, we can only assume, is to promote the creator of the best selfie to group leader – she took the opportunity of a seemingly unnoticed moment to exercise her facial muscles.

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However, what the youngster was totally unaware of was that in reality, her exercise didn’t go unnoticed at all. And so we are today the witnesses of a rarely observed behavioral pattern of adolescent homo sapiens hatchlings. Using a smartphone equipped with a front-faced camera, the young attemp to capture the perfect selfie – part of a ritual that helps ensure their social status – by making various funny faces.

Speaking of smartphones, we couldn’t help but notice that the girl’s dad, who recorded the event, has apparently fallen victim to another highly contagious trend, the capturing of videos in portrait orientation. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy cure for this sickness: an app called “Horizon that makes sure your videos are always properly oriented. Which means horizontally, not vertically.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the result of the girl’s selfie exercise, nor do we know whether she succeeded in “outselfying” her friends and actually made it to her group’s alpha female.

(Via Yahoo! Tech)

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