Take your dog’s videography to the next level with the K9 Carts Film Stabilization Dolly

take dogs videography next level k9 carts film stabilization dolly canine

“Are you tired of bouncy film from your dog’s camera harness?” This is the question that K9 Carts, the “Pet Mobility Experts Since 1961,” are asking in the promo video (watch below) to their latest product, the Canine Film Stabilization Dolly (right, cause who doesn’t have that problem?). Whether or not your four-legged friend is mobility impaired or not, this dolly will help to make his or her video footage much smoother.

We don’t know if the launch of the Dolly and GoPro’s Fetch harness for dogs coincided by chance or not, but they do seem to complement each other rather well. While the GoPro harness provides the means to outfit your dog with an action cam, the Dolly provides the stabilization needed for (more or less) shake-free footage – so much so that K9 Carts boldly claims that footage taken with one of its dollies is “on average 38-percent easier to watch.”

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Need more convincing? K9 Carts says its product comes with shock absorption that makes it possible for your dog to run during video capture, without it resulting in shaky footage, and that its dolly helps eliminate background noise and handle all kinds of terrain. And here’s the best part: the harness straps are hand-sewn in the U.S.A.!

The K9 Carts Film Stabilization Dolly for dogs can now be pre-ordered directly from K9 Carts, with prices ranging from $225 to $525. Availability of the product has not been announced yet.