GoPro’s new Fetch mount lets you share your pooch’s point of view

Ever since the GoPro Hero series became popular with all kinds of amateur and professional videographers, the company has introduced many different mounting solutions. The tiny action cameras can be attached to helmets, skateboards, bikes, fishing rods, car bonnets … and now even dogs. Yes, you read correctly – GoPro has just unveiled the ‘Fetch,’ its first canine mounting solution.

The ‘Fetch’ is basically a harness no different from your regular dog harnesses, with the main difference being that it comes with two mounting solutions for GoPro cameras – one on the top, so you can put a camera on your furry friend’s back, and one at the front, located at the dog’s chest. Thanks to the durable and waterproof housing that is available for the GoPro Hero cameras, you can have canine friend film any kind of outdoor activity.

In case your dog gets a little wild, the cameras attached to the ‘Fetch’ can be secured by an additional camera tether so they don’t get lost should they come off of the mount. The ‘Fetch’ fits all dogs 15-120lb and comes with fully adjustable straps that can be fitted individually to each dog. The chest mount is removable so the harness can be fitted to smaller breeds as well. For the dog’s comfort, the ‘Fetch’ is padded throughout.

The ‘Fetch’ GoPro mount for dogs is now available from GoPro and at retailers for $60. Of course, if you want to do it the right way, you’ll also get the GoPro Sportsman mount for rod-shaped objects. This way, you can put two cameras on your dog, and an additional one on the stick that you’re using to play fetch. Let the games begin!

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