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New GoPro Sportsman Mount attaches camera to fishing rods, bows, gun barrels

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GoPro’s action cams, such as the Hero 3+ Black Edition, have never been ordinary video cameras. That’s obvious from their size – even when inside the protective housing, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hold a GoPro in your hand or mount it on a tripod. Instead, GoPros have always been meant to mount on things and in places where you can’t put a regular camcorder.

That’s why GoPro action cams come with a number of different mounting solution that let you put them 0n many different surfaces, like a skateboard, a helmet, or even a BMW. For those who perform sports and other kinds of recreational activities that involve long, round, rod-shaped objects, however, there has never been an easy way to mount their GoPro to their equipment of choice (unless they resorted to third-party solutions, of course.)

GoPro must have realized that gap in its mounting solutions portfolio, and has decided to introduce a new clamp mount that lets users literally make a “GoPro on a stick” by attaching it to things such as poles, fishing rods, hunting bows, or even some gun barrels. The new GoPro Sportsman Mount, its official name, can be attached to stick-like objects measuring from 0.4-0.9 inches (10-23mm) in diameter.

Because the Sportsman Mount attaches to the rear of the GoPro housing instead of the regular mount attachment, it can take two cameras facing in oppposite directions. As an added benefit, GoPro claims that the mount provides extra stability when there is recoil – for example, when it is mounted to a gun barrel.

The GoPro Sportsman Mount is available now at a retail price of $70.

In addition, GoPro also released a companion accessory, the Blackout Housing. With its black matte finish, the waterproof casing helps you stay stealthy while outdoors, or just make you look cool.


More info on both products can be found on the GoPro website.

(Via News Shooter; images via GoPro)

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