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You can ride an eagle over Paris in this Action Cam video

It’s amazing what you can do with these tiny action cams. You can strap them to all kinds of objects – a skiing helmet, a skateboard, a fishing rod, a car’s bonnet … you name it. You can also record video clips of all kinds of activities that were downright impossible to film back in the day of bulky camcorders. But guess what, that’s not all you can do with an action cam. (H/t PopPhoto)

Thanks to the ongoing technological advancements, with ever smaller devices that sport ever more powerful cameras, here’s another awesome thing to do with an action cam: strap it to an animal (observing animal welfare guidelines, of course) and see the world from its perspective. And we’re not talking about your four-legged best friend here – we’re talking about eagles.

Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if you could see the world from an eagle’s perspective? Thanks to Jacques-Olivier Travers of Freedom – “the man who teaches eagles to fly” – now you can. And it’s not just some eagle whose back you’re virtually riding on, it’s a European white-tailed eagle that takes you on a trip over the city of Paris, France.

In the video, Victor (the eagle’s name) is wearing a Sony Action Cam Mini, one of the smallest action cams you can currently get. Victor is one of the white-tailed eagles that Travers’ organization helped raise, in an effort to bring the birds back to the skies of France after their disappearance in the 1950s. To that end, they are also working on a feature-length film, which you can support here.

As a nice side-effect, we get to see awesome videos like this one. If you yearn for more after watching this eagle flight over Paris, check out Freedom’s YouTube channel. By the way, that last scene in the video, where Victor plunges down towards the earth in front of the Eiffel towere – he reaches a speed of 112mph there.

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