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John R. Quain

John R. Quain

John R. Quain writes for The New York Times, Men's Journal, and several other publications. He is also the personal technology columnist for and is an on-air reporter for CBS News Up to the Minute. His articles have appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone, PC Magazine, PC World, and Entertainment Weekly. Quain is a member of the International Consumer Electronics Show advisory board.

Mint Personal Finance

The best budget and personal finance apps for Android and iOS

Personal finance apps are a dime a dozen. We’ve tested a few of the most powerful free options available, to help you figure out which one is best for you.
Power E*TRADE app

New to investing? These apps and services make it a breeze

Investing isn't as complex as it used to be. Thanks to a new generation of software tools, buying and trading stocks more frictionless than it's ever been. If you're interested in investing but aren't sure how to get started, this article will help you find the the perfect tool for your needs.
mavens brent taylor talks new york city car sharing general motors maven is collaborating with cities and municipalities to e

In the age of ridesharing, do you really need to buy a car anymore?

E-scooters, ride-sharing, and subscription services are upending the way transportation works. With so many different ways to get around, do you really need to buy a car anymore? In this article, we break down all the pros and cons to help you make the right decision
charlotte nc escooters passport lime bird skip smart cities feat

Most cities can’t deal with escooters. Charlotte, N.C., wants to show them how

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina believes that e-scooters can have a positive impact on the world, so it's partnered with a shipping logistics company to figure out the best way for cities all over the globe to welcome micromobility startups onto their streets and sidewalks.
best mobile banking tips citi bank

10 things you probably didn’t realize you can do with your banking app

Banking apps have come a long way in the past few years. Now, in addition to simple things like checking your account balance, many banking apps allow you to deposit checks, send money to friends, and even apply for mortgages. Here's a quick taste of what you can do with today's mobile banking software.
bitcoin cryptocurrency app | crypto

Everything you wanted to know about cryptocurrencies but were too afraid to ask

For better or worse, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay -- so you should probably know the basics about them. Here's everything you need to know about crypto -- from how to buy and sell virtual currency, to whether or not it's a smart investment for you.
FedEx Same Day Delivery Robots

Delivery robots are poised to invade our cities, but are we ready for them?

Across the United States, small startups and big businesses alike are clamoring to swarm city streets with fleets of autonomous delivery robots. The only problem? Our urban areas aren't necessarily well-equipped to accommodate them
smart city planners are rethinking the concept of parking smartcitiesepic 1

Smart city planners are rethinking parking by getting rid of it

What will parking look like in smart cities of the future? Will we even need parking spaces? With the rise of autonomous cars, it’s anticipated that fewer people will own cars in the future, forcing planners to reimagine concepts for parking — or getting rid of parking lots and structures altogether.
smart cities singapore cityline feat

Singapore uses its smart city tech to help citizens cut through the red tape

Like many governments, Singapore’s puts citizens through plenty of red tape. But as part of its smart-city initiatives, the government is using tech to help guide residents through “moments of life,” such as enrolling kids in schools, obtaining a driver’s license, or even dealing with bereavement.
5g c 2vx guide traffic save lives smart cities feat

In smart cities, 5G won’t just lessen congestion, it could save lives too

We all know 5G wireless networks are part of a smart city plan, but how will they benefit? When it comes to cars, it could help with congestion. For citizens, it could keep them safe and alive. We spoke with Qualcomm and Verizon during the 2019 CES on how they’re leading the effort.
daimler ecascadia semi truck test drive daylight feat

Driving Daimler’s 40-ton eCascadia big rig isn’t just fun, it’s electrifying

Daimler Trucks brought its all-electric eCascadia semi-truck to the 2019 CES, and invited us to take the wheel. What does it feel like to drive one? Simply electrifying, of course. Here’s what truckers can look forward to in the future.
smart city security breaches could be lethal ottawa getty

Today, hacks are annoying. In future smart cities, they could kill

Corporate security breaches are becoming so common that people now accept them as part of a digital future. But for smart cities, system hacks could prove far dangerous for citizens, potentially causing havoc to municipality services. Here’s what companies and cities are doing to secure their systems.
bluetooth beacons and rfid bands the mall of america is a really smart city moa north entrance 2

Cities looking to get smart take a lesson from an iconic shopping mall

From Disney World to the Mall of America, public venues are turning out to be microcosms for smart city projects. Cities and towns looking to up their infrastructure game can extrapolate from the experience of major sports stadiums, for example, as demonstrations of what happens when you offer free Wi-Fi to 70,000 people. And metropolitan areas can learn from shopping hubs that have installed Bluetooth to pinpoint consumers.
columbus mayor talks progress in smart city goals circuit  5

Has Columbus, Ohio raised its IQ yet? A progress report from the mayor

The city of Columbus, Ohio, won $40 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation to pursue smart city initiatives, beating 77 other U.S. cities. We spoke with its mayor, Andrew Ginther, to discuss progress and what’s ahead, and why Columbus is the best place to test new technologies.

Where Toronto sees smart sidewalks, residents see ‘1984.’ So what now?

Citing personal data and privacy concerns, consumer advocates in Toronto are raising alarm about Alphabet’s plans to transform a derelict neighborhood into a smart city. Here’s what you need to know about the Sidewalk Toronto project.
smart cities contend with benefits and headaches of e bikes scooters escooter feature fullwide

Electric bikes and scooters are here to save the world! But here’s the thing …

E-bike and e-scooter usage has increased in popularity with commuters and tourists, but they have also become troublesome for city planners, not to mention dangerous. Providing these two-wheeled alternative transports while keeping users safe, is what smart cities are grappling with.
mapping a smart city what3words feat

Smarter cities need smarter addresses. And you just need 3 words

In a smart city of drones and self-driving cars, the address systems of yore aren’t good enough. What3Words is a company that devised a smarter version that uses just three words, yet is far more precise. And it’s already in use now.
Detroit smart city

Michigan’s former transportation chief has some advice for wannabe smart cities

Kirk Steudle, the former director of the Michigan Department of Transportation, knows a thing or two about building smart cities. Speaking with Digital Trends before his retirement, Steudle shares with us what cities need to do if they want to get smarter.
tech summit brings ideas and challenges of building smart cities tel aviv israel the mobility

Driverless cars can only take you so far. This is how smarter cities are being built

At the annual Smart Mobility Summit, companies and municipalities came together to share new technologies for building smarter cities. They also share insight on the successes and challenges. Here are the highlights from the 2018 meeting.
Audi MMI Touch Infotainment

With benefits — and risks — software updates are coming to the car

Automatic over-the-air updates have been happening for years on laptops, phones, even TVs. They remain rare in the automotive industry, partly because companies are afraid of opening the door to hackers. And yet, over-the-air compatibility can make driving safer and more convenient for a number of reasons.
the challenges of driverless shuttles in smart cities navya autonomous shuttle

Boxy shuttles, not cars, will be people’s first taste of autonomous vehicles

In smart cities and on college campuses, several self-driving shuttle projects are in works. But these public transports of the future, and the companies that make them, are facing challenges, such as vandalism and regulatory approval. See how they and the communities that support them are working through the hurdles.
honda smart intersection marysville feat

With cameras that know dogs from Dodges, Honda is making intersections safer

Honda and the city of Marysville, Ohio are working on creating a smart intersection. The goal would not only help better direct the flow of traffic, it could also help save the lives of pedestrians and cyclists.
The Ray Solar Road

Georgia is paving the way for a high-tech, sustainable highway

In Georgia, a section of Interstate 85 has become a real-world laboratory for new technologies that could be incorporated in future road constructions. See why The Ray is the future of highways.
Amsterdam City

How tech turned a 700-year-old city into one of Europe’s most futuristic

Skyscrapers along 'Broadway' in downtown San Diego

How 3,000 streetlights turned San Diego into America’s smartest city

You’ll find plenty of surf, sunshine, and fish tacos in San Diego, but the city is increasingly being recognized as the smartest city in America. It all started with lights.
Columbus, Ohio skyline and Scioto River at night.

For Columbus, a city is only smart if the public is behind it

Columbus, the capital of Ohio, is adopting smart city initiatives ranging from efficient electric vehicles to safer roads. But the biggest challenge could be educating the public of the benefits.
how ai can collect clues to prevent future school shootings shooting getty feat

School shooters leave clues. Could A.I. spot the next one before it’s too late?

Educators and security experts are using artificial intelligence to sift through big data, to look for warning signs in kids who may be at risk of committed future violent acts.
could ai based surveillance predict crime before it happens us technology artificial intelligence

Crime-predicting A.I. isn’t science fiction. It’s about to roll out in India

Cortica, a company with deep roots in security and AI research, is developing a security surveillance system that detects “behavioral anomalies” and help prevent acts of violence before they happen.
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Garmin RV 660LMT review

Escort Passport Max2 hero

Escort Passport Max2 review

Lowes Iris Smart Home kit

Lowe’s Iris Smart Home Service review

Logitech Harmony Home Hub

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home review

Logitech's Harmony Ultimate Home remote needs to work with more smarthome devices to truly earn its name.
Wink Hub

Wink Hub review

intel things chip giant plans iot busniess of apis confernce

The Intel of things: How the chip giant plans to own IoT