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These adjustable weights are usually $500 — today they’re $200

The FitRx SmartRack and SmartBells Kit.

We’re always on the lookout for fitness deals, and we found a terrific Walmart offer we just had to shine some light on: Right now, you’ll be able to take home your very own FitRx SmartRack and SmartBells set for just $200. While that may not sound like a slam-dunk promotion, consider the fact that this fantastic weight set usually costs $500. This is a fantastic investment for those looking to upgrade old workout equipment, as well as anyone looking to pick up bells for the first time. And when you pair this offer with one of the many smartwatch deals we found this week, you’ll be able to take your exercise routine to an all-new level!

Why you should buy the FitRx SmartRack and SmartBells

If you don’t have an at-home workout space, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to store exercise equipment. Most of these products aren’t exactly designed with “space-saving” in mind either, so we usually end up wedging weights and other gear in the corner of a room. One of the main ideas behind the FitRx bundle is providing you with top-shelf hardware that checks off the “space-saving” criteria too. 

The iron construction looks pro-grade and gives the impression that whatever drops or dings this kit encounters are nothing to worry about. We also appreciate FitRx’s focus on anti-slip and anti-topple tech, especially for those of us who accidentally drop weights when attempting to use them. 

The SmartBells support up to 220 pounds and has built-in dials for adjusting weight. You’ll be able to adjust from 5 up to 52.5 pounds, so everyone from first-time lifters to seasoned bicep masters can flex to their heart’s content. 

The Walmart Deals event is going strong this week, and this is a promotion we had to bring to everyone’s attention. For a limited time, you’ll be able to save $300 on the purchase of this FitRx SmartRack and SmartBells kit, but act before it’s too late!

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