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Kraig Becker

Kraig Becker


Kraig Becker is a freelance outdoor writer who loves to hike, camp, mountain bike, trail run, paddle, or just about any other activity that gets him outside. An avid adventure traveler and self-confessed gadget-nerd, he believes that technology can play a crucial role in your enjoyment of the outdoors.

The best walkie-talkies

Spending some time outdoors this summer? We've rounded up the best walkie-talkies, whether you're looking for long-range options or kid-friendly solutions.
Keen footwear

Keen wants to save the planet one pair of shoes at a time

Footwear manufacturer Keen uses AR, VR, A.I., and robots to make great shoes and boots that are eco-friendly too.
best heated jackets ravean jacket down x

Conquer the cold with the best heated clothing and outdoor apparel for 2020

Heated apparel is a must during winter. Whether you're looking for battery-powered gloves or heated socks, this is the best heated clothing.
spincitis amsterdam e bike offers speed and range at an affordable price spinciti 1

Spinciti’s Amsterdam e-bike offers speed and range at an affordable price

Spinciti makes a splashy entry into the competitive e-bike market by introducing the Amsterdam, a model that offers three electric motor options, a high level of comfort, and a solid 50-mile range -- all at an affordable price that starts at $999. The Amsterdam is expected to ship in March 2020.
hydro bot jacket electro osmosis fabric kjus hydrobot 1

The Hydrobot jacket wicks away moisture at the touch of a button

The new Hydro_Bot jacket from European company KJUS is the first of its kind, using an electro-osmotic process to open the pores in the fabric, allowing heat and moisture to escape at the touch of a button. According to the designers, this makes the jacket ten times more breathable than other ski jackets.
Propella 3.0 electric bike

Propella 3.0 ebike review: Cheap thrills

The Propella 3.0 ebike is an evolutionary upgrade to an affordable ebike designed for urban commuters. The bike retains its signature styling and exceptoinal price, while upgrading its front fork for a smoother ride. Other changes include a new battery pack, LCD screen, and an optional suspension seat.
Propella 3.0 electric bike

Propella 3.0 ebike review: Cheap thrills

The Propella 3.0 ebike is an evolutionary upgrade to an affordable ebike designed for urban commuters. The bike retains its signature styling and exceptoinal price, while upgrading its front fork for a smoother ride. Other changes include a new battery pack, LCD screen, and an optional suspension seat.
the karmic oslo looks like an eibike apple would design and build 3

The Karmic Oslo looks like an eibike Apple would design and build

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Karmic Oslo is an ebike/scooter hybrid that features very distinctive design elements that make it look like something Apple would build. The bike features a 250-watt motor, a 480 watt-hour battery, a range of 20 miles, integrated headlights and taillights, and other tech components.
this portable power station has 6 ac outlets and can charge a tesla ecoflow delta 1

This portable power station has 6 AC outlets and can charge a Tesla

The EcoFlow Delta is a portable power station that features six AC outlets, six USB ports, and a 12-volt port to go along with its 1800-watt output. The Delta can recharge up to 13 devices at once. The massive battery pack can even charge an electric vehicle such as a Tesla.
the north faces groundbreaking new futurelight gear arrives october 1 tnf 0

The North Face’s groundbreaking new Futurelight gear arrives October 1

The North Face's line of new products featuring the company's groundbreaking new fabric Futurelight will begin hitting stores on October 1. The material is said to offer unprecedented performance in terms of breathability and protection from the elements, and will be used in Summit, Steep and Flight products.
specialized used 3d printing and liquid polymer to make a better bike seat mirror technology 1

Specialized used 3D-printing and liquid polymer to make a better bike seat

Specialized has developed a method for designing and creating bike seats using 3D printing and liquid polymers that it calls Mirror Technology. This approach allows infinite tuning of the saddle to improve comfort, stability, and safety on a level that traditional padding can't come close to replicating in any way.
Oru Kayak Inlet

This origami-inspired kayak is so small that you could fit 3 in your trunk

The new Inlet kayak from Oru evolves the company's approach to creating folding kayaks. The new model weigh just 20 pounds, requires just 3 minutes to set up, and costs just $849, making it the most accessible, easy to use, and affordable boat that Oru has ever made.
specialized turbo ebikes creo 6

Specialized’s new road ebike will cure your range anxiety for good

Specialized Bikes has released a new line of ebikes that are lightweight, fast, and have an extended range of as much as 120 miles, eliminating range anxiety for riders who fear running out of battery on a long ride. Best of all, those batteries can recharge in as little as 2.5 hours, getting you on the road sooner.
Nike Joyride

Materials in new Nike Joyride running shoes put environmentalists on alert

Nike has introduced a new running shoe technology called Joyride that uses thousands of tiny plastic beats to provide a bean-bag like cushioning for the foot. But those very same beads have already become a cause for concern with environmentalists who question the use of microplastics and their impact on the planet.
best outdoor retailer summer 2019 denver

Check out the best new gear from the Summer Outdoor Retailer 2019 convention

At the 2019 summer Outdoor Retailer convention held annually in Denver, Colorado the top brands from the outdoor industry unveiled hundreds of new products to help keep us safe and comfortable in the outdoors. From boots and backpacks to sleeping bags and tents, this is the very best new outdoor gear unveiled at the show.

The best smart helmets for 2019

Helmets might be a haircut's worst nightmare, but they're constantly evolving, and are in the process of undergoing a 21st-century makeover. No matter your sport, we've rounded up the best smart helmets available, whether you're into Bluetooth controls or Tron-esque aesthetics.
fathers day 2019 outdoorsy dads garmin gpsmap 66i lifestyle

The best Father’s Day gifts for outdoorsy, adventure-loving dads

A rundown of the very best gifts for adventurous dads and outdoorsy fathers who like to camp, hike, travel, or generally spend their time in the outdoors. The list includes both gadgets and tech items, to outdoor gear designed to keep your dad safe, comfortable, and happy while he explores the backcountry on his weekend getaways.
best backpacking sleeping bags cosmic kelty 20 bag

The best backpacking sleeping bags for 2019

Sleeping bags vary in size, shape, design, and features -- and when you're hauling gear out into the backcountry, weight always matters. Whether you want warmth and comfort or you're counting ounces, here are our picks for the best backpacking sleeping bags you can buy.
Fluid Inside's Fox Racing Helmet

Forget foam. This fluid-filled helmet mimics your brain to protect your head

The Fluid Inside head protection system is designed to not just protect an athletes skull, but the brain as well, by mimicking the fluids that protect us from repeated impacts and sudden, jarring hits. The system is more than the sum of its parts however, strategically placing the fluid pods to prevent the most common sport injuries.
cannondales treadwell makes owning a bike easier than ever cannondale 3

Cannondale’s Treadwell app features bring a new joy to casual biking

Cannondale's Treadwell bike is an app-connected option that takes the pain out of owning a bike by not only providing metrics from your ride, but also providing reminders of when and where to get maintenance. With its affordable price and integrated technology it is a bike built for beginners and veteran riders alike.
Propella 2.2 ebike review

Propella 2.2 eBike Review

Propella’s ebike is an affordable entry-level model that is lightweight be electric bike standards. It offers pedal assist up to 18 miles per hour, has a range of 20-40 miles depending on the mode you select, and a unique design that helps it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps most importantly however is that it rides much more like a traditional bike than most electric models, even with the rear-hub drive turned off.
Trek Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

Inside the high-tech lab that makes the world’s safest bike helmet

Trek and Bontrager have developed a new cycling helmet technology that looks to dramatically improve performance and safety. Dubbed WaveCel, the new tech uses three processes – flex, crumple, and glide – to disperse the energy absorbed on contact in an accident, providing up to 48 times more protection against head injury.
Closca Helmet Loop

Latest version of Closca’s collapsible bike helmet is made for urban explorers

The Closca Loop Helmet is a redesign of the company's earlier model that is lighter and more compact than the original, while also being better for the environment. The helmet has the ability to collapse down to reduce its volume by 45%, while offering a comfortable fit and excellent ventilation.
Trek Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

Competitors question Trek’s claims about its new bike helmet tech

After announcing a new type of helmet technology that is allegedly 48 times safer than regular bike helmets, treks competitors are calling those numbers into question. MIPS and Koroyd both claim that the new WaveCel helmets are not appreciably better than the technology that they use in their own helmets, which have been available for awhile.
Gore Innovation Center

Gore’s Innovation Center is a powerful ally for Silicon Valley start ups

The Gore Innovation Center, located in Santa Clara, California, was created in 2017 to give the company an opportunity to work more closely with Silicon Valley start ups, bringing Gore's vast catalog of materials and technologies to wearables not just in the outdoor space, but in health, medicine, smart fabrics, and more.
Yamaha Wabash gravel ebike

Yamaha’s Wabash ebike takes on gravel, single track, and more

With its new Wabash ebike, Yamaha has catered to the two fastest growing segments of the cycling industry: Electric and gravel bikes. The do-anything, go-anywhere Wabash is built to take on pavement, gravel, mud, single track, sand, and more. It's 500-watt battery and motor has plenty of range for all-day adventures.
gazelle arroyo ebike award elite 2

This ebike is so good it won a prestigious design award

The new Arroyo C8 Elite ebike from Gazelle picked up accolades from the prestigious IF Design Awards, taking home a trophy for its balance and comfort. The bike features extended range, classic good looks, and an affordable price, making it a great option for urban commuters looking to ditch their cars.
sole ubb eco chukka shoes 1

The world’s most eco-friendly shoes are made of algae, cork, and bison fur

The Jasper Wool Eco Chukka claims to be the world's most eco-friendly shoe. Designed as a collaboration between Sole and United By Blue, the shoes use recycled wine corks, foam made from algae, bison fur insulation, and other recycled materials, which has earned them more than $100,000 on Kickstarter.
tentsile universe all terrain tent 1

This tent is versatile enough for ground, air, and water

The Tentsile Universe is finally available, giving campers a true "all-terrain" tent that allows them to camp on the ground in traditional fashion, in the air suspended from trees like a hammock, or floating out on the water. The Universe runs $1800 but is large enough for a small family to use comfortably and safely.
Norrland Parka

This feature-packed parka includes a Wi-Fi hot spot to keep you plugged in

The Norrland Parka is a winter jacket that comes with a ton of features, including a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, a USB port, a battery pack, and dedicated pockets for smartphones and tablets. It also includes water- and wind-resistant fabrics, YKK zippers, hand-warming pockets, a pocket for sunglasses, and much more.

High-tech but low-key, these are the amazing materials inside your outdoor gear

From Gore-Tex to Primaloft, we take a comprehensive look at some of the best and most popular materials that are used in the construction of outdoor gear. These fabrics, insulators, and other items are integrated into our favorite outdoor gear, keeping us warmer, dryer, and more comfortable in the harshest conditions imaginable.
naseka electric snowmobile esnowmobile 1

The Naseka electric snowmobile is built for kids, but you’ll likely want one too

The Naseka electric snowmobile claims to be the first to its kind. Designed for kids, the vehicle includes a snow blade in the front and a single track in the back, allowing riders to travel at speeds up to 9 miles per hour thanks to its 800-watt motor and rechargeable lithium battery.
soul blade earbuds crowdfunding wireless 1

These wireless earbuds use an A.I. to get you moving faster

The new Blade wireless earbuds from Soul deliver good sound and battery life while also offering the ability to track your heart rate during a workout without the need for a heart rate sensor. The earbuds also offer A.I. coaching to improve running form and fitness in general.
kammock mantis camping hammock 1

Keep the rain away and the bugs at bay with this hybrid camping hammock

The new Kammock Mantis hammock is a lightweight all-in-one solution that includes a rainfly, built-in insect netting, onboard storage, and tree-friendly straps, to create a complete and comfortable camping system that is lightweight, easy to set up and very approachable for beginner and experienced backpackers alike.