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Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000

Relive childhood memories with the Buzzraw E1000 ebike

Built to look like a mini-bike motorcycle from the 1970's, the Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 is pure modern electric bike tech wrapped up in a nostalgic wrapper.
Yuba Electric Boda Boda

The Electric Boda Boda ebike from Yuba is built for urban commuters

Yuba's new Electric Boda Boda is purpose-built for urban commuters looking for an ebike to commute to work and run errands around town.
Somewear Global Hotspot

Send text messages from anywhere with the Somewear Global Hotspot

The Somewear Global Hotspot is a device that connects with a smartphone and allows users to send text messages from anywhere on the planet.
MET Grancorso ebike helmet

The Met Grancorso is a helmet designed for the hazards of riding ebikes

The Met Grancorso is a new cycling helmet made to meet new safety standards for riding ebikes at faster speeds in Europe.
Aquabionic fins

Meet Aquabionic: like ski-boot bindings for diving fins

Aquabonic delivers the first ever binding system for diving fins, creating a better fit and more flexibility for Scuba divers.
Oakley Paris-Roubaix Challenge

Oakley challenges amateur cyclists to ride like the pros

Oakley sportswear is challenging amateur cyclists to ride like the pros by covering the same distance as the Paris-Roubaix classic to win awesome prizes.
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes proves quality ebikes don’t have to be pricey

Ebike manufacturer Rad Power Bikes offers a line of electric pedal assist models that are more affordable and accessible than the competition.
Wacaco Nanopresso

Take the Nanopresso with you for a perfect cup of espresso wherever you may go

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a portable espresso machine that you can take with you anywhere, ensuring a hot beverage on the go.
Rogue Ridge Fat Tire eBike

Take on the toughest terrain around with the Rogue Ridge fat tire ebike

Rogue Ridge has built a fat tire ebike designed to take on the toughest of terrain, including dirt, mud, snow, and sand.
Yamaha Pedal Assist ebikes

Yamaha’s Power Assist line of ebikes offers something for every rider

The Yamaha Power Assist ebike line features four new models that are built for commuting, fitness, and off road riding.
bun j skiing france ride

Bun J combines skiing and bungee jumping for one wild ride

The Bun J ride at the Tignes resort in France combines skiing and bungee jumping to give adrenaline junkies an experience like no other.
Rayvolt Cruzer ebike

The Rayvolt Cruzer is the retro-styled café racer of ebikes

The Rayvolt Bikes Cruzer is a retro styled electric bicycle that takes its design cues from a 60's style motorcycle
HOPR ebike

With its portable power pack, the HOPR ebike is built for bike-sharing programs

Cyclehop has introduced the HOPR ebike, which has been built from the ground up to be an electric bike made for bike-sharing programs.
UCI X-Ray machine for bikes

Pro cycling will employ new technology to combat ‘mechanical doping’

Pro cycling's governing body the UCI has announced that it will use miniature scanners and X-ray machines to search for hidden motors on bikes.
Timmermans Fietsen Scrambler 2.0 ebike

The Scrambler 2.0 is an ebike that thinks it’s a motorcycle

Built by Timmermans Fietsen, the Scrambler 2.0 is an ebike that takes its styling cues from the classic Scrambler motorcycle.
Goal Zero Crush Light

Take Crush Light, a collapsible and affordable solar lantern, on any adventure

Goal Zero has launched the Crush Light, a solar-powered lantern that puts out 60 lumens of light and costs just $20.

Oru Kayak’s collapsible, origami-inspired Coast XT gets a crowdfunded upgrade

Oru Kayak has introduced an upgraded version of its Coast XT that brings a number of improvements to its design and handling.
Midland PPG100 Portable Power Station

This portable power station can keep a mini-fridge running for up to 2 days

The Midland PPG100 portable power station packs enough juice to keep a mini-refrigerator running for up to two days
Keego water bottle

Keego is the world’s first squeezable metal water bottle

Made from elastic titanium, Keego is the very first squeezable water bottle to keep you hydrated while working out.
Cervelo P5X

The Cervelo P5X triathlon bike gets a stunning makeover from Lamborghini

The limited edition Lamborghini Cervelo P5X triathlon bike will set athletes back $20,000 but it comes with a stunning paint job.
Lohner Stroler eBike

Vintage carmaker Lohner jumps into the ebike market with a stylish design

Vintage carmaker Lohner brings its retro ascetic to the ebike market by introducing a new electric bike that seats two and has a range of up to 60 miles.
Amazfit Cor fitness tracker

$79 Cor fitness tracker monitors heart rate for 12 days without a charge

The $79 Amazfit Cor fitness tracker offers heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and has a 12-day battery life.
nike golf hud patent 4

Nike patent hints at a head-up display to help golfers read putting greens

A patent recently filed by Nike indicates that the company is working on a new head-up display that would help golfers more accurately read putting greens.
Blackburn Countdown 1600

The Blackburn Countdown 1600 bike light won’t leave you in the dark

The Blackburn Countdown 1600 bike light can accurately tell riders how much battery life is left right down to the minute.
Big Waves at Navaré

A drone captures dramatic footage of surfers caught in big waves in Portugal

A drone has caught dramatic footage of surfer Alex Botelho and a teammate caught in the massive waves of Nazaré, Portugal, where things get dangerous very quickly.
Y-3 Runner 4D

Adidas upgrades its high-end sneaker line with a 3D-printed midsole

High-end sneaker manufacturer Y-3 added a technology element to its design by incorporating a 3-D printed midsole from Adidas to the mix.

Evowheel claims to turn your bike from manual to electric in 30 seconds

EvoWheel is an ebike conversion kit allowing cyclists to convert a traditional bike into an electric model in under a minute
Riese & Müller ebikes

Riese and Müller hides the battery packs in its latest ebike designs

The new Charger and Supercharger ebikes from Riese and Müller uses the latest battery pack designs from Bosch to hide the power sources for their electric drive systems.
Nixon Regulus Watch

Special ops soldiers designed Nixon’s Regulus to last until the end of time

When designing the new Regulus all-weather watch, Nixon tapped special operations soldiers to help deliver the performance it needs to survive outdoors.
suaoki g500 power station 7

Power your entire backcountry expedition with the Suaoki G500

The Suaoki G500 is a portable power station that delivers plenty of power and charging ports, in a small, lightweight package for use anywhere.
Jeff Clark Signature Cruz

Surf legend Jeff Clark helps Vintage Electric design a new ebike

Surfing legend Jeff Clark has joined forces with Vintage Electric to design a new surf-oriented ebike for commuting to and from the beach.
Fitbit Ionic and Clue App

Fitbit teams with Clue for better women’s health tracking

Fitbit has teamed up with Clue to create an app for the Ionic fitness tracker that allows women to track specific health related issues on the wearable device.
Nomad Hammock

This hammock transforms into a backpack that you can take anywhere

The Nomad Hammock can transform into a backpack, making it easier to carry along into the backcountry for a quick nap on the go.
sweetzpot flow wearable a002 c020 0125rf

The SweetzPot Flow is the fitness device that encourages you to just breathe

The SweetzPot Flow is a new wearable that puts an emphasis on breathing as well has heart rate, offering a better sense of all-around fitness.