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Special ops soldiers designed Nixon’s Regulus to last until the end of time

If you’re going to build a watch for use in extreme environments, who better to help with the design than current and former special operations soldiers? That is exactly who Nixon went to when creating its new Regulus watch, a durable timepiece that promises to shrug off the worst of weather conditions and keep functioning under events most demanding circumstances.

When Nixon decided to create a durable new watch for use in tactical situations and the outdoors, it enlisted the aid of Navy SEALs and other U.S. special operations personnel. The watchmaker asked them what they most needed in a timepiece and took their advice when creating the Regulus. The result is a chronograph that is not only tough as nails but includes some thoughtful features that most of us might not have considered.

The Regulus is equipped with a large LCD screen that makes it easy to read at a glance. That same display includes a brightness setting, making it easy to dim the screen when conditions demand stealth. The watches’ silent mode turns off all alarms and chimes as well, making it even harder to detect. Other features include dual-time functionality in both 12 and 24 hour modes, day and date tracking, an auto-calendar that functions out to 2099, a countdown timer, and three independent alarms.

NIXON | The Regulus Technical Features

The 46-millimeter watch case is made from stainless steel and a custom injected molding that keeps it waterproof down to 100 meters. It also offers a protective shell that is said to provide excellent shock protection and durability, making it a good choice not only for covert operations but also backpacking and adventure travel, too. The watch is held firmly in place on the wrist with a soft band that tapers from 29mm to 24mm and includes a stainless-steel buckle and patented locking looper.

In an age when charging a smartwatch remains a daily concern, perhaps the Regulus’ best feature is its battery life. Nixon says that it ships with a battery that will last up to five years, making this a timepiece that will remain dependable and functioning even when you wander off the grid.

Available in three colors (black, gunmetal, and sand) the Regulus is available for $150.

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