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Power your entire backcountry expedition with the Suaoki G500

The need for better and more powerful charging options for mobile professionals and backcountry adventurers continues to rise as we search for new ways to keep our devices functioning while living off the grid. Sure, USB battery packs can be useful for keeping smartphones — and even tablets — charged while on the go, but what about those of us who take bigger, more power-hungry devices with us when we hit the road? The new Suaoki G500 portable power station is squarely aimed at those individuals, promising to deliver a charging solution that can meet all of our needs.

Recently launched on Indiegogo, the G500 is equipped with a number of nice features that should help make it a favorite for those who need lots of portable power. Not only does it include a 500-watt-hour battery pack, it also offers plenty of outlets for plugging in devices, too. The power station includes two standard AC outlets, two quick-charging USB-A ports, a USB-C port, two 12-volt DC ports, and a 12-volt car port. And unlike most other similar power stations on the market, it even has an Anderson PowerPole connector.

All of these charging ports, coupled with the G500’s large battery, allow the power station to be used with a wide variety of devices. For instance, not only can it charge smartphones and tablets, it will also power laptops, recharge cameras and drones, and even a small refrigerator. Since the G500 uses a pure sine wave inverter system, it can also safely be used with more delicate items such as a CPAP machine or sensitive audio devices.

Introducing SUAOKI G500 - The Ultimate Portable Power Station

Other features include a rugged built-in carrying handle and an LCD screen for monitoring battery life, as well as energy input and output. Suaoki, which also brought us the excellent S270 portable charger, has also given the G500 a smart battery management system that automatically prevents overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits.

The G500 itself can be recharged by plugging it into a standard wall outlet at home or the 12-volt car port (aka cigarette lighter) in a vehicle. The power station also features built-in standard solar charging ports for connecting with large solar panels, which, in theory, can provide unlimited free energy in remote environments.

Suaoki is seeking $20,000 to take the G500 from a prototype product to a full-blown consumer model. As of this writing, the company is a little more than halfway to that goal. If successful, the device is expected to start shipping in April for $599. Early bird supporters can purchase one at a $100 discount now, but as always be sure you understand the risks involved with investing in any crowdfunding campaign.

For more information, visit the Suaoki G500 Indiegogo page.

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