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This portable power station and solar generator keeps your gadgets charged

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers looking for ways to keep their mobile devices charged while living off the grid have a new option to help them in those efforts. The Suaoki S270 portable power station launched on Indiegogo a couple of weeks ago, delivering a surprising amount of versatility in a relatively small and lightweight package, including the option to recharge itself using a solar panel.

Weighing in at just 2.8 pounds, the S270 is one of the lightest power stations we have seen. Despite its diminutive size, however, it comes equipped with a 150 watt-hour battery and a 100-watt power output, giving it the ability to operate small appliances and laptops, along with smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones and a variety of other gadgets.

The portable power station is equipped with four USB ports (including one fast-charging USB 3.0 port), four DC charging ports (aka carports), and two standard AC wall outlets as well. That allows the S270 to charge as many as 10 different devices at once.

Introducing Suaoki S270: The Portable Charging Station and Solar Generator

The power station itself can be recharged using an included AC adapter while at home, as well as a DC carport when on the road. But, the designers at Suaoki also equipped it with a DC 3.5X2.1 to MC4 connector, which allows it to connect directly with most portable solar panels, giving it the ability to recharge using only power collected from the sun. This makes it a good option for providing a steady supply of energy, even while living and working at a remote base camp for days at a time.

When the Suaoki team launched its crowdfunding efforts, it hoped to raise $10,000 to help make the S270 a reality. The device has obviously struck a chord with supporters, as it has raised nearly three times that amount with more than a week to go until the Indiegogo campaign closes. That means that the portable generator should go into production later in November as scheduled and begin shipping in December for $199. Early bird supporters can still pre-order one now for as little as $129 however, making it one of the more affordable ways to keep your devices functioning while away from home.

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