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Portable power station The River can hold its 500-watt charge for a year

EcoFlow Tech : Introducing RIVER Mobile Power Station
If you’re looking to go off the grid for a while without being completely without power, there’s finally a long-term solution for you. It’s called the River, and it promises smart, clean, mobile power for up to a year. You can charge it with a car jack, wall socket, or solar power, and in turn, it’ll charge all your various devices for you. So if you want to leave civilization but somehow stay plugged in, you may want to check out this out.

Thanks to the River Portable Power Station‘s 500-watt battery, you’ll be able to recharge a smartphone more than 30 times, or send enough electricity to a small refrigerator to keep it operational for up to 10 hours. And because the portable device is water resistant, weighs just 11 pounds, and will work in temperatures ranging from minus 4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, there really isn’t any place you can’t take the River.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the River is the number of charging ports it contains. That means that no matter how many gadgets need juicing, this generator can probably find a way to accommodate them. With a total of 11 outlets (four USB ports, two USB-C ports, two AC, two DC, and one 12V car charger), you can simultaneously charge your family’s smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and sure, even a drone.

Not only will the River maintain its charge for a long time, it also takes very little time to power up itself. It’ll take just six hours if you plug it into a wall socket, nine hours with a car jack, or 10 to 15 hours with its solar panel (depending on the amount of sunlight).

With a month left in its campaign, the River has already raised well over $180,000, blowing past its original funding goal of $30,000. Over 300 backers have already pledged their support, and if you’d like to join their ranks, you can pre-order a River for $459, with an expected delivery date of July 2017.

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