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Lulu Chang

Lulu Chang

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Fascinated by the effects of technology on human interaction, Lulu believes that if her parents can use your new app, service, or gadget, it's worth her attention. To help bring her mother and father into the 21st century, reach out via Twitter or email with your best products and services.

A Yahoo mail inbox.

How to change your Yahoo password on desktop and mobile

Updating your Yahoo account password is very easy. Here’s instructions on how to do it on a desktop PC or mobile device.
Food Network In the Kitchen

‘In the Kitchen’ app helps you cook using voice commands

Looking for an easy-to-follow app while cooking? Food Network's In the Kitchen now helps you make meals through voice commands.
Deebot N79S

Voice assistant-enabled Deebot N79S robot vacuum cleans up competition

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S, the follow-up to the wildly successful Deebot N79, is more powerful and quieter than its predecessor and adds Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. Ready to make cleaning easier than ever, this voice-enabled bot will vacuum your home on spoken command or via its smartphone remote app. Texas image brings free, on-demand self-driving car rides to second Texas city

Not only is everything bigger in Texas, but things could soon be easier, too. California-based autonomous car start-up has launched a second pilot program in Arlington. It's similar to the one it already operates in Frisco. Participants can ride in self-driving, geo-fenced shuttles for free.

Facebook takes aim at Tinder and Bumble with its own dating service

When Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Facebook's F8 developer conference to discuss the future of Facebook and its properties -- like Instagram -- one of the first new features he announced was a surprise. Facebook is going to get into the dating game. Now, we've learned more about the service.
ferrari book 30000

This collectible book about Ferraris likely costs more than your actual car

$30,000 won't buy you a Ferrari, but it will get you a perfectly nice alternative car. Or, a perfectly nice coffee table book -- about Ferrari. That's right, friends. If you're just swimming in hundred dollar bills and are looking for ways to spend that hard-earned cash, we have found you an option.
kitchen gadget deals

Whirlpool may dip its toe in the sous vide space, new patent suggests

Whirlpool could soon be selling you a sous vide machine. Earlier this month, the home appliance maker was granted a patent for the cooking device. The proposed sous vide cooker will be comprised of an induction cooktop, a cooking vessel, a wireless temperature probe, and a magnetic stirring plate.
iphone speed test

Best iOS app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps are free for a limited time

Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest iOS app deals offered in the iOS App Store. If the app is no longer free, it is because the deal has expired.
infinite cooler indiegogo cooler0813 3

This high-tech cooler keeps food for over a week — and it makes margaritas, too

Meet the Infinite Cooler, a new portable refrigeration solution that comes complete with Bluetooth speakers, a blender, phone charger, touch screen, LED lighting, and more. Just a day into its campaign, the cooler has already raised over $100,000, and the team behind the smart appliance hopes this is just the beginning

The JBL Link View could be another one of Google’s answers to the Echo Show

Meet the new JBL Link View, an eight-inch touchscreen that has Google Assistant built-in to answer all your pressing questions. As of this week, the JBL Link View has been made available for pre-order -- now, you'll have the opportunity to shell out $250 in order to receive a new Google Assistant-powered screen.
neato botvac google 3

Neato D7 Connected robot vacuum just got better memory — and a whole lot smarter

Here to begin making amends for these less than clever machines is Neato Robotics, who has recently announced a free update to its D7 Connected robot vacuum. As of this week, owners of this smart vacuum will have access to two new features – Multiple Floor Plan Mapping and Quick Boost charging.
yadoggie fresh instant pot heidi with dog and 1

YaDoggie Fresh is human-grade dog food you cook in your Instant Pot

You've always known that your four-legged fur monster was more than just a pet, and now, you can prove it. After all, what says love quite like making your dog its food in the same appliance that you use to feed your family? Here to put a new spin on the concept of your pet being a family member is YaDoggie Fresh.
honeywell smart home security pre orders lifestyle 2

Honeywell’s versatile, Alexa-savvy security system now available for purchase

Honeywell's Smart Home Security system is now available. Starting with the Smart Home Security Camera Base Station, the Alexa-friendly system can operate as a stand-alone security module or connect with a variety of sensor and smart home devices. Alexa-awareness enables full smart home component control.

WhatsApp expands its capabilities with a slew of new features

On Tuesday, May 1, Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp would be bringing group video calling to the app, making it possible for folks to have face-to-face conversations with multiple people at once. Starting on July 31, support for four-person video calls is rolling out for iOS and Android.
facebook twitter enough revenge porn congress

Amazon’s facial ID incorrectly identifies members of Congress as criminals

A facial recognition tool Amazon currently offers developers made quite the mistake in a test conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Rather than identifying 28 members of Congress as members of the country's legislative branch, the tool instead classified these individuals as police suspects.
qelvi q smart wine chiller high res  c

Chill your wine to the right temperature quickly with this smart wine cooler

Even if you're aware of the effects that a too warm or too cold environment can have, it may be difficult to adjust the temperature as needed. Enter the QelviQ, a smart wine cooler that claims to know the ideal serving temperature for a bottle of wine, and subsequently adjust temperatures as needed.
A 23andMe kit

23andMe announces $300M deal for your DNA with giant drug company GSK

23andMe will soon be doing a lot more with your DNA than providing a family tree. The home genetics company has teamed up with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline with hopes of designing new drugs that could treat diseases. Given that 23andMe has 5 million customers, it could provide plenty of data.
apple work on self driving cars store feat

You can now search the Apple Store app using your voice

Need to find something on the Apple Store app? Apple is making that a bit easier for you. The app has been updated to version 5.1, and finally, is beginning to look more like the App Store and iTunes Store. The brand new search interface displays trending searches, and also allows for voice search.
2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan Waymo Self-driving Test Fleet

Waymo expands its partnerships in Phoenix, teams up with Walmart and Avis

Waymo, the former Google self-driving car project, is stepping up its efforts to get autonomous-driving tech ready for prime time. Waymo is offering Arizona residents rides in its fully self-driving cars. Now, the company is doubling down on its program with even more partnerships, with brands such as Walmart.
dt cars top stories of 2015 2016 toyota mirai press 12 1500x1000

Toyota goes big on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with cheaper, mass-market options

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the future for Toyota. The Japanese automaker is reiterating its commitment to its FCVs by designing cheaper, mass-market passenger cars and SUVs, with goals of bringing the technology into buses and trucks as well. The next generation of its Mirai hydrogen FCV could be coming soon

LinkedIn lets you send voice messages that probably no one will listen to

If sending out an unprompted LinkedIn message to a connection you barely know isn't awkward enough, don't worry -- there's more where that came from. The job-focused social network has now made it possible for users to send voice messages to connections, effectively the 21st-century answer to the cold call.
google home uk

Google Assistant now lets you set custom Routines to help optimize your life

Google Assistant is getting better at assisting you with each passing week. The latest feature to be added to its arsenal is Custom Routines, which allow users to trigger several actions at once at a predetermined time. Routines help users string together a number of actions with just one command.
music earplugs review for concert header

Google’s updated events search feature will keep your boredom at bay

Here to ensure you're never bored this summer is Google, who has rolled out a new and improved way to search for events in your neck of the woods. After introducing a card interface for event-related searches last year, the internet giant is ramping up its techniques yet again, simplifying your hunt for things to do.
Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot echo close

Is a new Amazon Echo Dot resembling the Google Home Mini on its way?

We could be looking at a new Echo Dot. According to reports from French publications Numerama and FrAndroid, Amazon is planning to release a third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, the most diminutive (and popular) of its Alexa-enabled devices. It's been two years since we've seen any variation in that design.
zmodo snap pro snappro mountingbracket reposition

Get rid of smart security camera blind spots with the Snap Pro from Zmodo

Your smart home security system doesn't have to look intimidating -- it just needs to look at everything going on at home. Here to save us from conspicuous smart cameras and bulky security systems is Zmodo, which has just launched the Snap Pro, a modular and wireless camera that promises to address blind spots
amazon echo gramophone 3d printing alexa speaker vintage

Alexa takes a cue from Google with its new Alexa Cast streaming feature

As Google and Amazon continue to compete for smart home dominance, their products and features are beginning to look ... well, the same. Amazon debuted a new feature called Alexa Cast, which allows users to decide what's playing on their Alexa-enabled speakers from their phones. It sounds a lot like Google Cast.
tommy hilfiger xplore smart clothes

Tommy Hilfiger’s Xplore line of smart clothing is … not so smart after all

Tommy Hilfiger is the latest to offer so-called smart connected clothing, but rather than designing apparel that will track your heart rate, control your music, or offer navigational assistance like other products, Tommy Hilfiger's clothes will reward you for ... buying Tommy Hilfiger clothes.
lenovo smart display review version 1538777491 952

Google Assistant-enabled smart displays to start shipping this week

Google has partnered with Lenovo, JBL, and LG to bring Google Assistant technology to smart displays. The speakers will compete against Amazon's Echo devices with a screen -- the Show and the Spot. The first of those devices - the Lenovo Smart Display - is available this week.
Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s Google Assistant-equipped Smart Display hits stores this weekend

Google Assistant has found a new home in the Lenovo Smart Display. This full HD touchscreen display could be an Echo Show competitor. Google announced that its new Lenovo Smart Displays will be made available in stores in two sizes -- the 8-inch HD costs $200 while the 10-inch Full-HD version costs $250.
Spotify Rap Caviar playlist displayed on an iPhone.

Spotify hits 83 million paid users as the race with Apple Music rocks on

As Apple Music continues to gain ground in the music streaming industry, Spotify is charging ahead in hopes of staving off the iEmpire's relentless onslaught. On July 26, it seemed as though the Swedish service just may have succeeded. The company says it has reached 83 million paid subscribers.
amazon echo on booksehfl

Alexa-enabled devices will play better together thanks to ‘ESP’

Your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices are about to become better friends. A couple years ago, Amazon rolled out a feature called ESP -- that's Echo Spatial Perception, not extrasensory perception. The tech version of ESP ensures that only the Alexa device closest to you responds to your commands.
A person wearing a virtual reality headset.

YouTube VR gets bolder with the Gear headset and communal experiences

Exploring the world through YouTube VR just got a little bit easier, or at least, a little more inclusive. On Wednesday, July 25, the video platform announced that its VR experience is coming to Samsung Gear VR, building upon its existing availability on Daydream View, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.
grobox cloudponics 81zhdvit7wl  sl1500

For $2,500, you can have a hydroponic weed garden in your living room

You can't grow money on trees (or so they keep telling us), but if you could, it would probably be with the help of something like the Cloudponics GroBox, a $2,500 fully contained grow system that allows its users to control a variety of growing conditions for the perfect plant yield.
brewcube cold brew kitchen counter

The BrewCube aims to make cold brewing at home easier than ever

The future of at-home cold brewing has arrived -- or at least, that's what the makers behind the BrewCube would have us believe. Meet the Cold Brew Automation Company, a startup looking to perfect at-home cold brew coffee technology, and the folks behind the BrewCube. It's currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.