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For $2,500, you can have a hydroponic weed garden in your living room

[short] Cloudponics, the joy of growing your medicinal “tomatoes” at home

You can’t grow money on trees (or so they keep telling us), but if you could, it would probably be with the help of something like the Cloudponics GroBox, a $2,500 fully contained grow system that allows its users control a variety of growing conditions for the perfect plant yield. Sure, it’s probably best for crops like marijuana, but if you want to create a very expensive home for your tomatoes, basil, and other fruits and vegetables, the GroBox would likely help them reach their full potential in the great indoors, too.

The San Francisco-based Cloudponics leverages automation and plant science in order to ensure the delicate conditions needed to maximize a plant’s yield, and in fact, promises to even adjust its parameters down to the individual plant and strain. By controlling soil nutrients, oxygen, humidity, light, and temperature, this indoor garden is able to customize growing conditions in order to maximize your cannabis yields.

Rather than leaving your cannabis plants outside, the GroBox allows you to keep a watchful eye over your plants, maintaining the correct conditions 24 hours a day. And thanks to its companion mobile app, available on both Android and iPhone, you can monitor your plants’ progress from the palm of your hand.

Part of the price of the product is attributed to the rather impressive size of the GroBox. Certainly larger than other hydroponic gardens we’ve seen, the GroBox stands at just under 6 feet tall, but still can fit into your living room (if you’re really bold) or garage. To be fair, it’s not a particularly ostentatious garden — really, it looks like a wooden wardrobe more than anything else, though you’ll be in for a surprise once you open its refrigerator-esque door. But the size of the GroBox allows customers who require substantial amounts of cannabis to treat pain and other medical afflictions to better manage their conditions. In fact, Cloudponics claims, most customers recoup the cost of the garden after a single solid grow.

Thanks to the advanced carbon filter of the GroBox, you should be shielded from any skunky odors coming from within. The box can also be opened and locked from your smartphone, so you can protect your plants no matter where you are. The GroBox is available on both Amazon and the Cloudponics website, and if you’ve $2,500 lying around, it could be yours.

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