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Don’t have a green thumb? That’s not a problem thanks to the SmartTerra

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You may love the green Earth and all its plants, but when it comes to caring for said plants, let’s face it — you just don’t have the time. It’s not that you don’t have a green thumb; it’s just that you don’t have enough hours in the day to properly tend to your oxygen-producing friends. But with the SmartTerra, even the most high maintenance of plants will be able to survive in your home.

By stimulating sunrises, sunsets, rainstorms, and even lightning shows, the SmartTerra may convince your plants that they are amid Mother Nature, rather than in your apartment. Thanks to the companion smartphone app, you can easily control your miniature ecosystem, as well as receive real-time data on the SmartTerra’s status. Owners can learn about plants and their ideal environments, set a daily sunrise or sunset schedule, set the mood of the terrarium to a nighttime mode with soft accent lights. You can also schedule the sounds of nature to play at regular intervals. Soon, your plants may not be the only living organisms believing that you’re living in a rainforest.

“The SmartTerra experience is unique. We aren’t just selling a terrarium,” said SmartTerra creator Suri Mujjalinktrakool. “The moisture, temperature, and humidity sensors, along with the smart LED light system, make sure that environment is perfectly set to help plants thrive. You can enjoy watching rain fall with sound effects as SmartTerra waters your plants. Wake up with a SmartTerra sunrise and go to bed with a SmartTerra sunset. This terrarium truly does it all.”

The smart terrarium even comes with speakers that will let you listen to the natural sounds of your chosen plants’ natural environments (though you can also play the sounds of your natural environment using a Bluetooth connection). You won’t have to worry about adjusting the humidity, temperature, or light levels, as SmartTerra monitors all key aspects of an environment accordingly. All you’re responsible for is refilling the water tray when the SmartTerra app notifies you that it’s running low or empty.

In order to raise funds for its project, SmartTerra turned to Kickstarter, where it’s hoping to hit a $50,000 goal. Of course, you should always be wary when donating to these crowdfunding projects, but should you elect to back the SmartTerra, early bird discounts are being offered at $199.

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