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sega mecha model https hypebeast comimage201807sega kotobukiya biggest mech 01

To promote ‘Border Break,’ Sega is building the world’s largest mecha

Guinness is about to get a new world record, and it's not one that you'll see every day. Video game company Sega teamed up with the plastic model creators Kotobukiya in order to construct what will be the world's largest plastic mecha model in history in advance of the Border Break release.
chill systems ice less cooler img 4972

Think ice is the only way to keep cool? Chill.Systems wants you to think again

Unlike the traditional monstrosities that you've resigned yourself to lugging around at the beach, the barbecue, or anything else of interest during the hot and sunny months to come, the Chill.System offers sleek, portable coolers that can not only keep your drinks cold all day, but look great while doing it.
whatsapp group admin feature telegram

WhatsApp just rolled out a giant Internet megaphone

This week, Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp debuted a new one-way messaging feature for groups. WhatsApp users can now broadcast out to users, useful for parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations.
waze arrives on android auto 1

Love Waze’s incident reporting feature? Lucky you, it’s coming to Google Maps

What you love best about Waze is now coming to Google Maps, and it's about time. Five years after the tech giant acquired the Israeli navigation app, it's finally adopting some of its most popular features, most notably incident reporting. Users began spotting the new option on their Android apps a few days ago.
meet the armpit sniffer es 100

The Tanita ES-100 will sniff your pits so that you don’t have to

Recognition of a problem is the first step to solving it, and now, there's a new handheld device that will sniff your armpits and other odor-producing regions to let you know exactly how stinky you really are. This new device comes from a company called Tanita, and is called the ES-100. It's only in Japan.
sage, glass, home

Throw some shade at your office space with voice-controlled, self-tinting glass

Sage Electrochromics unveiled a prototype of its dynamic glass called SageGlass back in 2015, and in the three years since, has further developed its revolutionary product to allow users to control the dynamic tinting of the glass. Its latest innovation comes in the form of Amazon Echo compatibility.
google lens smart text selection style match io 2018

Google Lens is now available as a stand-alone app or inside Google Camera

If you're looking for an easier way to access Google Lens, look no further than the new shortcut app now available in the Google Play Store or the latest integration with Google Camera. The stand-alone app allows folks to take advantage of the relatively new feature.
august announces homekit compatibility doorbell camera smart keypad

August smart locks open new doors for Airbnb hosts and guests

Leaving a key for your Airbnb guest will soon be a practice of the past, as long as you have an August smart lock installed. The smart home company has announced a new partnership with Airbnb that promises to simplify rental access for hosts and guests alike. August will auto-generate passcodes.
porch overstock

Your Overstock purchases can now be installed by professionals from Porch

Thanks to the Porch Retail Service technology integration, Overstock buyers can now access experts for tasks ranging from furniture assembly to product installs. Porch will offer Overstock's customers access to a national network of more than 300,000 vetted home service professionals.

Don’t wait for a money transfer in Venmo — just use its Mastercard debit card

Venmo is testing a physical debit card that would make it easier for people who store money in their Venmo accounts to make purchases. On Monday, June 25, Venmo officially launched its own debit card as part of a partnership with Mastercard. Beta customers will receive a sign-up invitation.
uber rider driver ratings

Uber focuses on safety improvements as it battles to regain its London license

Uber's U.K operation has unveiled a number of measures designed to improve rider and driver safety as it seeks to regain its London operating license. On June 25, the ridesharing giant goes to court in order to appeal last September's decision, and hopefully, get its groove back in London.
Amazon-owned Whole Foods

Whole Foods perks are rolling out to all Amazon Prime members

Amazon Prime members are now eligible for discounts and special deals at Whole Foods Market stores across the U.S.. All Whole Foods Market 365 stores nationwide now have Prime savings. All Prime members will be privy to 10 percent off sale items, as well as "deep discounts on select popular products,” Amazon noted. 
volkswagen ev pikes peak record 2018 romain dumas f i d  r large 8490

Volkswagen crushes Pikes Peak Hill Climb record with its newest EV

Electric vehicles are proving that anything gas guzzlers can do, EVs can do better. At least, that was certainly the case at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where Volkswagen's electric racing car not only broke the record for the fastest EV climb of the steep hill, but also smashed the overall record.
Man wearing AirPods.

New AirPods, HomePod, and high-end headphones for 2019?

Is Apple making moves to bring upgraded high-end audio devices to life? Rumors suggest AirPods 2, a new HomePod, and new headphones could be released as early as 2019.

Tesla to roll out a paid Premium Connectivity package for in-car internet access

While the ability to connect to the internet has always come standard for Tesla owners, that could soon be changing. The car company is rolling out a paid "premium connectivity" package in order to boost the internet features of its ever-burgeoning fleet. Premium Connectivity will likely cost $100 a year.
samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x 1

Researcher claims to bypass iPhone security limits, but may have spoken too soon

For a brief moment, it seemed as though a security researcher had found a way to get past the security limits on iPhones and iPads by entering an infinite number of passcodes in order to hack into a device. But after Apple disputed the findings, it seems the results may have been erroneous after all.
purple powerbase

The Purple PowerBase adjustable bed frame lets you rest and work in comfort

While the idea of having a robot in the bedroom may seem odd, when that robot comes in the form of a powerful PowerBase for your bed, all that machination and automation really comes in handy. Meet the Purple PowerBase, a new fully adjustable bed frame that promises to give you uniquely customized comfort.
gofundme team fundraising

GoFundMe debuts Team Fundraising to let groups raise money for the same cause

GoFundMe is capitalizing on the social aspect of its cause-based fundraising platform by launching GoFundMe Team Fundraising, a new initiative that lets multiple people raise money for a single entity. This, the service hopes, will make it easier for groups to create fundraising campaigns.
nookdesk standing desk 2

The NookDesk offers three levels of workspace and one-touch adjustments

Standing at your desk has never felt so roomy. That is, if that standing desk is of the NookDesk variety. The recently launched flagship product is a power-adjustable height desk with a triple-level workspace to ensure that even the busiest of desks never feel cluttered. It starts at $499.
road rave subscription direct sales threaten traditional car dealers tesla

Tesla’s software update brings Summon, Wi-Fi, and more to Model 3 vehicles

Tesla is updating its software once again, and Model 3 owners should be particularly pleased with these latest developments. With update 2018.24, Model 3 cars are now capable of accessing the Autopilot Summon feature, as well as cabin overheat protection and Wi-Fi. These features were already on other Tesla cars.
Apple Watch

Apple quietly dumps Modern Buckle Watch band

If you're looking to accessorize your Apple Watch, your roster of options just shrank a bit. The iEmpire has quietly removed the Modern Buckle Apple Watch band from its lineup, marking the first time that the company has completely eliminated an entire material. It's still available in other countries.
tubi tv app

Now you can watch free movies and TV shows with the Tubi TV app

In the same way that you've grown to revere words like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video, you'll soon feel the same way about Tubi. Really, it's better than all your streaming standards, and for one simple reason -- it's totally free. There's no catch, except that you have to watch ads.
how to delete your uber account

Now you have less of an excuse to not tip your Uber driver with in-app tipping

For the first time in its history, Uber finally allowed riders to tip their drivers after a ride, straight from the Uber app last June. In the year since then, drivers have made $600 million in tips. Last month, Uber also debuted mid-trip ratings and tips, and has purportedly seen a 30 percent rise in tipping.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Velociraptors and Alexa take over family game night with Jurassic World Revealed

Family game night is about to get a lot louder, and a lot more prehistoric. While you may have grown up playing cards and charades, the 21st century is bringing a bit more excitement to your friendly competition now that Universal Brand Development and Earplay have released Jurassic World Revealed.
amazon fresh suspends service pickup

Amazon Fresh or rotten? Customers complain of declining delivery quality

Amazon Fresh is being seen as anything but by some unhappy customers. Amazon Fresh is now being plagued by complaints of low-quality or rotten produce, incorrect orders, cancelled or delayed deliveries, and frequently missing items. In essence, it seems that Amazon Fresh is being seen as more trouble than it's worth. 
Tesla crash Laguna Beach

6 self-driving car crashes that tapped the brakes on the autonomous revolution

Self-driving vehicles have the possibility to bring multiple benefits -- from safer driving experiences to less congestion in cities. With that being said, they're not perfect. Accidents happen for reasons of both human and technical error. These are the most significant crashes so far.
Hinge app

Tinder’s parent company Match Group swipes right on Hinge

Already under the Match Group are Tinder, OkCupid, and of course, Match, and now that the company has acquired a 51 percent stake in Hinge, it's added to its portfolio once again. Under the terms of the deal, Match Group retains the right to acquire the rest of Hinge's shares within a 12-month window.
stanford research google street view cars predict zip code stats maps

Google Street View cars will help to map out the air quality in London

Google Street View will be taking stock of more than streets, neighborhoods, and houses in the next month or so. Beginning in July, two Google Street View cars will be tasked with the important responsibility of monitoring the air quality in London. The results could lead to improved air quality.
tinder snapchat wheel video news go

Money can’t buy you love, but it may buy you more compatible picks on Tinder

Tinder wants to graduate from its purely physical profiling reputation, and perhaps add a bit more substance to online dating. It's trialing a new feature called "Tinder Picks," which is meant to help users find matches who are not only attractive but also more compatible when it comes to education, job, and interests.
MoviePass card and iPhone app

MoviePass rolls out surge pricing for ‘high-demand’ titles and showtimes

The summer blockbuster season is fast approaching, and so too are changes to your MoviePass subscription. Unfortunately, they're not all quite as exciting as the titles we're expecting to see in theaters, as MoviePass will soon be introducing its own version of surge pricing for 'high-demand' films.
A cell phone tower.

Get a warrant before tracking cell phone users, Supreme Court rules in privacy win

In the 5-4 decision, the highest court in the United States determined that police departments across the nation must first attain a search warrant before tracking mobile device users. This decision could have enormous implications, given that around 95 percent of Americans have a cell phone. 
Lincoln Aviator Phone as a Key

Using your phone to unlock your car is now one step closer to reality

A keyless future is coming closer to fruition now that the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has published the Digital Key Release 1.0 Specification. The document offers a peek at how tech companies could standardize the use of smartphones to lock and unlock any car, start its engine, and share access.

Processed pies: Silicon Valley’s Zume Pizza ready to offer you dinner made by a robot

Even the food in Silicon Valley is getting high tech. No, we're not talking about meal-replacement shakes or coffee with butter in it - we're talking good, old-fashioned pizza. The pies from Zume Pizza are made by robots. And to help it reach new heights, the company is adding arms into the mix. 
facebook congress privacy laws zuckerberg feature

Facebook outlines plans for combating false news

Over the past year, Facebook has been forced to confront a number of issues on its platform including the rise of fake news. Using a combination of machine learning and human fact checkers, Facebook hopes that it will be able to reduce the spread of false news stories on its platform.