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blinkers light blk 01  wide

Blinkers are customized lights to help keep cyclists safe and visible

Your commitment to biking instead of driving is saving the planet, but who's there to save you from the motorists on the road? Here to answer that question is Velohub, the Zurich-based company that has just launched what it calls the "complete smart lighting system for cyclists." It's called Blinkers.
SpaceX Falcon 9 with PAZ ready for launch

SpaceX makes rocket launches look easy, nails 25th Falcon 9 landing

The fifth and final version of the Falcon 9 rocket has successfully launched and landed. The highly anticipated event suffered a last-minute delay on May 10, but just about 24 hours later, the rocket successfully took the skies, carrying Bangladesh's very first satellite, the Bangabandhu-1.
xiaomi google assistant us

Xiaomi finally heads to the U.S. with a little help from Google Assistant

Xiaomi has yet to establish a foothold in the United States, but at Google I/O 2018, the company revealed it would be adding Google Assistant support to three new smart home products, all bound for American shores. Google and Xiaomi previously joined forces for an Android One smartphone in 2017.
cortana lock screen android fullsize

Microsoft may be working on a Cortana smart speaker to rival Echo, Google Home

As assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri continue to gain ground in functionality and user numbers, Cortana has faded to the background a bit. But this may change now that Microsoft is rumored to be working on its own smart speaker. There's still no confirmation from Microsoft, though.
how to download movies an ipad google play

Google Home finally plays nicely with its own Google Play Movies

Nearly two years after Google Home first made its debut, it's now finally compatible with Google Play Movies. That means that you can now control Google's native video streaming service using your Google Assistant and your voice. It's strange that this feature didn't exist before, but better late than never.
hellofresh wine delivery banner gradient glasses  people cooking cheering cheers fun couple red white rose

A cure for hangovers? A UCLA professor may have cracked the code

According to Yunfeng Lu, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering in the Los Angeles university, there is now a solution to that all-consuming hangover, and it has been tested (successfully) in mice. The antidote resulted in lower blood alcohol content and faster wake-up times in mice.
lyft amp

Lyft’s All-Access subscription plan picks up steam, now boasts a wait-list

Lyft is testing out a subscription service through which riders would pay a monthly fee instead of paying on a per-ride basis. The ridesharing company told Digital Trends it's sending invitations to select passengers to join a new wait-list for the next wave of openings in the All-Access Plan.
schlage smart lock alexa

Just say the magic word to unlock your Schlage smart lock

Unlocking your door no longer requires your key or even your hands. Thanks to smart lock maker Schlage and its new integration with Amazon Alexa, "Open Sesame!" is no longer a command relegated to legends. Rather, it can help you unlock real life doors, too. You'll just need to set a PIN.
alexa amazon echo header

Amazon invites you over to see just how awesome Alexa is

Alexa has introduced what it's calling Amazon Experience Centers, which offer customers the ability to "experience first-hand the convenience of the Alexa smart home experience and more in a real home environment." You'll be able to check out Alexa, Dash Buttons, Amazon Home Services, and more.
amazon echo dot kids edition 5adf933419ee861f008b4843 1136 568

Amazon gets kid-friendly and encourages tykes to say “please”

Amazon is helping this youngest generation experience the wonders of innovation in a kid-friendly manner. Today, the smart home giant debuted a Kids Edition of the Amazon Echo Dot, as well as Amazon FreeTime on Alexa, heralded as an all-new Alexa experience built specifically with children in mind. 
apple app store web redesign png

Apple is removing apps that overshare your location data with third parties

Apple has begun removing apps from the App Store that are in violation of location data policies. That means that if an app shares your location with third parties without your permission, it's being kicked off the platform. It's unclear as of yet exactly how many apps are affected by this crackdown.

A message bomb is making iPhone Messages and WhatsApp freeze

It takes just two texts to WhatsApp to crash your favorite messaging service. It appears that the Facebook-owned messaging app is falling victim to a malicious message bomb that could cause not only the app to crash, but perhaps your entire Android device as well. Now, Messages is suffering from a similar bomb.
modsy clever 3d design x 2

Modsy’s latest partnership will put a virtual designer in your home

You don't need to be a professional to get professional-quality design help for your home. A partnership between Architectural Digest channel Clever and home design company Modsy combines 3D renderings of your space and a team of style experts for a one-of-a-kind decorating experience.
autonomous driving fatalities get the attention of auto insurance companies uber arizona1

Did Uber’s self-driving prototype decide not to avoid the pedestrian it struck?

Uber has been conducting an investigation into its fatal March self-driving car crash, and now, a new report suggests that the self-driving car may have in fact seen the pedestrian crossing the street, but then decided against taking evasive measures. Uber has not commented further on these reports.
hiuni smart telescope

The Hiuni smart telescope lets you stargaze from your Apple or Android device

It may be awhile yet before ordinary people like us can journey to the stars, but until then, we can bring the stars a lot closer. Here to help is a smart interactive telescope that promises to satisfy the needs of both amateur stargazers and professional astronomers. Meet the Hiuni, an app-connected smart telescope.

TaskRabbit app goes down as it investigates ‘cybersecurity incident’

TaskRabbit, the service that matches freelance labor with local demand, was taken offline recently while the company investigates "a cybersecurity incident." Few details are currently available, though it advised people to change their password. Now, we have a bit more information from the CEO.
nest apple watch ios update learning thermostat blue vase

Google’s Android Things is a new OS for the Internet of Things

Android Things' primary target is the Internet of Things market, including smart thermostats, TVs, ovens, and more. Now, after a developer preview that saw over 100,000 SDK downloads, Google is releasing Android Things 1.0 with "long-term support for production devices."
volvo google sensus assistant play store coming to cars feat

Volvo is bringing Google Assistant to your car, even if you don’t use Android

Thanks to an ongoing partnership between the carmaker and the tech giant, Volvo will be introducing Google services into its next-generation Sensus infotainment system, which is built upon Google's Android operating system. This follows last year's announcement of a connected infotainment center.
samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x 1

Face ID on your iPhone X giving you grief? The fix may surprise you

Apple has already issued instructions to its stores and authorized service providers on how to repair iPhone X devices with faulty Face ID. But what's most curious about the repair process is that it involves a part of the phone that has nothing to do with Face ID at all -- the rear camera.
kegtron keg monitor 1 inxn0pxxeqzb8pjgbr9o0g

Beer kegs latest to join the smart device party with the Kegtron

It's the 21st century, which means there is now officially nothing in your life that you can't make smart. And that includes things that often lead you to make choices that are not so smart, like your keg of beer. Meet the Kegtron, a new device promising to bring "intelligence to your kegerator."
cowboy e bike cowboy01

The Cowboy ebike may usher in the next generation of electric bicycles

The Cowboy bike purports to be the new standard in ebikes, and unlike its compatriots and competitors, doesn't actually look like an electronic piece of machinery. Rather, it just looks like a bike. Plus, it's smart, and comes with a companion Bluetooth app that you can use for navigation, speed monitoring, and more.
Nike Patent

Nike wants to put treadmills in shoes to help you get them on

Nike is proving itself to be the master innovator when it comes to footwear once again. As per a new patent filed in early May, Nike is looking to place a "rotatable conveyor element" in the sole of your shoe. No, it's not to help you work out. Rather, it's to help you put the shoe on a bit more easily. 
vine third year birthday micro video app smart phone ios android

Don’t hold your breath for Vine 2 — it’s on hold indefinitely, co-founder says

If you're waiting for the second iteration of Vine, the short-form video app, don't hold your breath. As per an announcement from the app's co-founder Dom Hofmann, Vine 2 has been placed on hold for "an indefinite amount of time." Community forums will be kept up, but we could be kept waiting awhile.
amazon prime increase price box label 123rf 51840405 ml

Amazon is starting to scan customers’ bodies in the name of online shopping

Amazon is reportedly inviting customers into a New York office in order to keep tabs on their body shape and size over a 20 week time period. Twice a month, volunteers (chosen from a survey) will visit the office in order to allow Amazon to better understand "how bodies change shape over time."
Crisis Response Hub

British watchdog group orders Cambridge Analytica to hand over data

As the fallout of data firm Cambridge Analytica continues, a U.K. data privacy watchdog group has ordered that the company cede all of the personal information it collected from an American professor back to him, noting that even non-British citizens can seek and obtain data held by a British firm.
star wars the last jedi review

The Force is strong with Google Assistant on this Star Wars Day

For dedicated Star Wars fans, May the Fourth is practically the most important day of the year. And here to help us celebrate is Google Assistant, who certainly understands the gravity of this most hallowed day. Google's virtual helper has a few useful Jedi tricks up its sleeve.
skyfire consulting drones fire police save lives drone01 edit02

FBI hostage rescue team bamboozled after criminals unleash drone swarm

Drones are apparently being used by criminals to conduct nefarious activity. Recently, an FBI stakeout was raided by a swarm of drones, and in other cases, these quadcopters have been used by criminals to surveil potential targets. Unfortunately, it appears that a fix may take quite a while to implement.
kia nero ev niro

Kia Nero EV crossover produces zero emissions, but plenty of miles per charge

It's been a few months since Kia first showed off its concept of the all new Kia Nero EV at CES 2018, and now the Korean carmaker has debuted the zero-emissions vehicle in earnest for the first time at the International Electric Vehicle Expo in Jeju, South Korea. It can go 236 miles on a single charge.
2018 toyota yaris gazoo news specs performance teaser logo

Toyota research arm to construct new test track for automated vehicles

Tests deemed too dangerous for self-driving vehicles to perform on public roadways will now be relegated to a new facility, courtesy of TRI. The carmaker's research arm has announced the construction of a new closed-course test facility that will help Toyota continue to develop its autonomous car technology.
Lyft Aptiv ride experience CES

Self-driving cars hit the Las Vegas Strip thanks to Lyft and Aptiv

If you're in Vegas, you may want to pass taking a spin on the roulette wheel, but instead try out some self-driving wheels. As part of its partnership with ride-hailing giant Lyft, Aptiv has launched a fleet of 30 autonomous vehicles in Sin City, and they're now available for your commuting convenience.
Apple Watch Series 3 buying guide heart rate

More than an accessory – Apple Watch credited with saving another life

Before you write off the Apple Watch as just another luxury accessory from the iEmpire that you don't need, you may want to keep in mind  that this is one accessory that has life-saving capabilities. A teenager from Florida saw this firsthand after undergoing a frightening medical emergency, as did another man.
Nest Hello lifestyle

Nest expands offerings further with new $39 temperature sensors

Nest is showing off just how robust its portfolio of products really is with the launch of a full-blown home security solution and new temperature sensors. The Nest Temperature Sensor is now available for purchase from the Nest website, as well as the Google Store. One will cost you $39, whereas a 3-pack is $99.
picture eco friendly wetsuit picture1

Picture Organic Clothing may have just made the eco-friendliest wetsuit

Picture Organic Clothing has a brand new wetsuit that is being heralded as the most eco-friendly wetsuit ever, and is made of a "sustainable and responsible alternative" to neoprene, which is the material most commonly used in wetsuits (and one that is not exactly recyclable or biodegradable).

Facebook’s smart speakers will launch overseas before they hit the U.S.

As expected, Facebook did not debut its highly anticipated smart speakers at its F8 Developer Conference. But unexpectedly, it may be the case that we in the United States are still a ways away from seeing the devices here. According to reports, Facebook is looking to launch its speakers overseas first