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newton sent folder

Newton axes the sent folder — and it makes for a better email experience

Newton decided to change up the way you interact with your inbox once again by ridding users of the sent folder once and for all. It's a sensible move and it helps streamline the email experience. Now, rather than having to navigate between several folders, Newton is putting everything in one place.
gamevice ios cotroller switch gamevice01

U.S. agency investigating Nintendo after Switch-related patent-infringement claim

The Switch's road to success thus far hasn't been without its pitfalls -- first, there was the report of the unpatchable exploit, and now, there's more bad news. Nintendo is officially under investigation by the U.S. International Trade Commission, which means that the beloved Switch may be in hot water.
amazon best buy smart tv tech deals fire with 4k ultra hd and alexa voice remote

Alexa’s bigger ‘brain’ is getting new skills, natural conversation, and memory

Get ready for some important changes to Amazon's Alexa. The digital assistant found on Amazon's Echo and other smart speakers is about to gain a memory, a contextual conversational ability, and the ability to automatically launch skills based on specific conversational cues. Remember This is now live. Office 365

Microsoft rolls out security features, additional updates for Outlook users

Microsoft is now rolling out two new features to The web-based client now supports end-to-end encryption, requiring recipients outside the Outlook fold to grab a one-time passcode to read your encrypted message. Microsoft has also unveiled a slew of new features geared toward business users.
facebook tests downvote button 55060497 ml

Facebook’s downvote test has made its way to New Zealand and Australia

Facebook previously confirmed that it had begun testing a downvote button for comments on Pages posts for a small percentage of Android users in the U.S. Now Facebook is introducing the downvote button to some of its users in Australia and New Zealand, though there's no word yet on further expansion of the feature.
sirona m carseat

The Sirona M car seat keeps babies safe from forgetfulness and accidents

Far be it from us to ever encourage the use of a phone in a car, but there's a new smartphone-connected safety device for new parents that really does benefit from its mobile compatibility. Meet the Sirona M from Cybex, heralded as the world's first smartphone-synched convertible car seat.
ninety7 sky amazon echo 2 hero

The Sky from Ninety7 gives your Amazon Echo 2 a greater range of mobility

As smart as your home assistants are, they're not always particularly mobile. Alexa and Assistant, after all, are generally tethered to your smart speaker, which means that you have to bring yourself to them when you want to issue a command. But this is no longer the case with the Sky from Ninety7.

Nintendo Switch hack lets you run GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin

If you have a Nintendo Switch gaming console, you're going to want to listen up. As initially reported by Ars Technica, it would appear that a new "exploit chain" for Nvidia Tegra X1-based systems outlines an unpatachable process to run random code on all -- that's right, all -- Nintendo Switches.
Nintendo Switch review

Nintendo sells a whopping 15 million Switch units, gets a new leader

In the first three months of 2018, Nintendo managed to sell a total of 15 million Switch gaming consoles, which is 50 percent greater than its initially expected sales volume of 10 million units. The handheld console contributed enormously to the company's $9.7 billion revenue figure, up 116 percent.
twitter q1 2018 report on mobile phone new

Twitter turns a profit in the first quarter, makes progress fighting spam

There was a time when it seemed Twitter was knocking at death's door, but that time is no more. On Wednesday, April 25, the social media giant shared its Q1 earnings report, and not only have user numbers seen an increase, but the company is profitable, and its fight against bots appears to be working. 
FCC's historic decision on Net neutrality

FCC’s net neutrality rules officially end, but 18 ISPs promise to stay honest

The Federal Register showed that the Federal Communication Commission's net neutrality rules officially came to an end on Monday, April 23. That means internet service providers no longer fall under the government-regulated "utility" umbrella. We'll have to see what happens next.
walmart uber lyft grocery delivery

DoorDash is helping Walmart to take on Amazon and Whole Foods

Walmart is getting some help in its ongoing battle against Amazon for grocery delivery dominance. On Tuesday, April 24, the retailer announced a new partnership with the delivery service DoorDash, who will serve as a "key delivery provider" for Walmart's Online Grocery program in Atlanta, Georgia.
canary view product 3

Canary View camera offers home security, peace of mind for less than $100

Canary recently unveiled a $99 indoor HD security camera called the Canary View to help protect you and your loved ones. Now, it has improved upon some of its software (namely Person Detection) to help better detect human beings, and reduce false positive notifications about pets and the like.
in-car delivery

Amazon will now deliver packages straight into your car’s trunk

Amazon has launched yet another service that makes it easier for you to receive your ecommerce orders. It doesn't depend upon smart locks or cameras (as Amazon Key does), but rather connected technology that is inherent in several 21st-century vehicles. It's called in-car delivery, and it begins today.
Uber app on a smartphone.

Uber will no longer store exact pickup and drop-off locations in drivers’ apps

In a soon-to-be-launched pilot program, the San Francisco-based Uber will begin hiding passengers' exact pickup and drop-off locations in the trip history available to drivers. Rather than pinpointing where you are and where you're going, the Uber app will instead show drivers a more general location.
robot cooking machine chinese cooker feat

Man turns wife’s criticism of his culinary skills into a robotic cooking machine

Never say that nagging never got anything done -- apparently, one enterprising wife managed to nag her husband into creating a smart robotic chef. At the sixth annual China International Technology Fair, the CEO of a Shanghai-based catering company unveiled his latest creation.
rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller

Take charge of your water bill with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio, the company behind a smart sprinkler controller that allows you to control your watering system (and by extension, your water bill) from your smartphone, has now introduced the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Wireless Flow Meter. Now, the system is $30 of as a result of high demand.
apple watch edition on sale taiwan wear next 031615

The world’s last Apple Watch pop-up will be closing in a few weeks

The world's last Apple Watch store will soon be no more. On May 13, the only remaining Apple store completely dedicated to the sale of Apple's wearable will be closing its doors, as per signage recently spotted at the Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The closing doesn't come as a surprise.
iPhone and iPad rest on a table, each with the App Store open.

Apps featured by the Apple App Store saw a bump of up to 800% in downloads

As per a new report from Sensor Tower, apps that are featured in the App Store -- particularly as the "App of the Day" or "Game of the Day," can see their download numbers increase by as much as 800 percent. That makes good on Apple's claim that the App Store redesign boosted discoverability for developers.
what facebook users should know about cambridge analytica and privacy mobile v1

Facebook fuels fake-news fight with fleet of fact checkers

As Facebook continues to face scrutiny at home in the United States over its handling of user data, it's looking to step up its efforts to combat fake news abroad. Facebook announced the launch of a dedicated fact-checking program in the India, and its pilot program will begin operations in Karnataka. 

Lyft pledges to offset its carbon emissions, commits to carbon-neutral rides

While Lyft has figured out how to effectively transport its passengers in an efficient and rather cost-effective manner, it remains the case that this convenience comes at quite an ecological cost. But now, the ridesharing giant is putting its money on the line to do what it can to offset those costs.
apple homepod grovemade stand walnut 720x446 dcb14ae2 8e70 4097 981c be1aeaa0ea1e

An ‘NBA on TNT’ ad is triggering people’s HomePods and they are not pleased

You may not be the only one controlling your smart assistant -- savvy advertisers are in on the game, too. Per a new report from Apple Insider, there's an NBA on TNT ad that features the phrase, "Don't wanna miss out? Hey Siri show me the NBA schedule," which triggers the HomePod, much to many a user's chagrin. 

As unlimited data plans grow more popular, Wi-Fi loses its dominance

As major cellphone service providers continue to re-introduce unlimited data to their customers, it looks like folks are spending more time surfing the web on their phones in Wi-Fi free zones, rather than looking for free Wi-Fi to connect to. OpenSignal's latest report sheds light on the trend.
spacex bfr earth city travel elon musk

SpaceX is planning to build its new ‘BFR’ space vehicles in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is already home to the stars, but soon, the city could be helping us reach new ones -- or really, new planets. In his annual State of the City address on Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that Elon Musk's SpaceX would be building its Big Falcon Rocket ships in the Port of LA.
instantcool vest

The InstantCool vest uses NASA technology to cool you in the summer

Staying cool this summer may require putting on an extra layer – provided that it's the InstantCool vest. The latest product to come out of Shenzhen-based company Volcanoes-Electronics, the InstantCool leverages technology developed by NASA that involves a network of microtubes containing chilled water.
San Juan Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria is using to track its infrastructure recovery

Puerto Rico is plunged into an island-wide blackout yet again

The devastation caused by Hurricane Maria has yet to be fully addressed in Puerto Rico, but now, the island is contending with yet another power-related problem. On Wednesday, an islandwide blackout plunged Puerto Rico into darkness, and was apparently caused by an excavator. Most of the island remains powerless.
alexa kitchen skills amazon echo

Logistics firm XPO integrates with virtual assistants to help you track deliveries

Wondering where your delivery is? XPO Logistics, the largest provider of last-mile deliveries for large items in the U.S., introduced voice-enabled delivery tracking through both Amazon and Google's smart assistants. You can now reschedule deliveries with your voice.
new glenn blue origin rocket launch

Blue Origin is working on the BE-4, a rocket engine that can launch 100 missions

Look out, SpaceX. You may not be the belle of the ball in the industry forever. This week, Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Jeff Bezos, announced that its new rocket engine would have the capacity to launch "100 full missions," as per CEO Bob Smith. The BE-4 could begin launching quite soon.
notion homeadvisor plumber matching watersensor lifestyle1

Notion partners with HomeAdvisor to connect you to a plumber, and fast

Best known for its smart home sensor system, Notion has introduced a new integration with HomeAdvisor that allows homeowners to immediately get in touch with an available local plumber anytime a water leak is detected. The new feature, called Plumber Matching, is Notion's first partnership with a service provider.
nike flyprint shoes

Nike’s 3D-printed uppers take weight off your feet

Nike is no stranger to innovation when it comes to crafting the perfect shoe. Now, it has taken its quest to a new level. This week, the athletic company introduced Flyprint, a 3D-printed textile upper for your sneaker. It's the first of its kind and may just bring about a new standard in performance shoes.
wikipedia page previews 1 l3x2oiesild9kmqdgzmh a

Wikipedia is making it easier to explore the internet with page previews

Far be it from us to tell you to read less Wikipedia, but now, the online encyclopedia is making it a bit easier to stay on track and not get too distracted by the plethora of knowledge available on the internet -- page previews. It's the biggest change Wikipedia has made to its platform since 2010.
seated app rewards dining out header sushi

Dine out and get paid in the process with the Seated restaurant app

Seated is more than a reservation app -- it's a restaurant discovery app that actively rewards you for choosing to dine at some of the finest establishments at your city. Currently active in 14 cities across the United States, Seated encourages local foodies to explore their neighborhood culinary gems with $10 to $50.
boosted new e boards lineup

Boosted graces us with 4 skateboards, including its cheapest model yet

If you've been waiting to get an electric skateboard, wait no longer. Boosted, the company known for its brightly wheeled eboards recently expanded its product offerings in a serious way. There are four new boards in two different forms, including one that may make electric skateboards more accessible
ios control center

The iPhone Do Not Disturb While Driving feature cut down on distracted driving

Despite the threat of fines, the emergence of ad campaigns, and even the introduction of new features, we are having quite a bit of trouble when it comes to cutting back on phone-related distracted driving. 37 percent of car trips include "at least some significant phone usage," as per a new study.