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The Vibrollie combines vibration therapy with your classic foam roller

Vibrollie: Vibrating Fitness Roller

If you thought your old foam roller did wonders for your aches and pains, imagine what the addition of vibration might do. Meet the Vibrollie, heralded as the best vibrating fitness roller, and just maybe, the answer to all your post-workout blues. Meant for muscle recovery, injury prevention, postural alignment, and pain management, the Vibrollie combines vibration therapy with the classic foam roller for what seems like the best of all worlds.

“We couldn’t find a vibrating roller out there that was both affordable and made with quality materials,” the team behind the vibrating roller noted on its Kickstarter page. “Everything we ran across was made with either cheap hard plastic or it was just super expensive. We believe you can have both. Something made out of the highest quality materials for a reasonable price.”

By combining vibration with pressure, the Vibrollie seeks to increase blood flow, reduce pain after a workout, and most importantly, increase the longevity of your muscles, which translates to fewer injuries and greater flexibility. While traditional foam rollers are helpful in keeping your body loose, the added vibration from the Vibrollie promises to up the ante even further.

Thanks to vibration, this foam roller promises a “deeper, targeted, and more penetrating treatment” than its static counterpart. This ought to help you keep your soft tissues — including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia — loose, which allows your body to stay flexible and attain a greater range of motion.

Indeed, vibration is nothing new when it comes to post-workout recovery. Take, for example, the Theragun G2Pro, a portable muscle therapy treatment device for endurance athletes that also uses vibration to provide targeted deep-muscle treatment. While the Vibrollie likely is not quite as intense, it similarly leverages rapid oscillations in order to help athletes recover pre- and post-workout.

The roller offers four different vibration frequencies for various body parts — lower vibration frequencies are generally meant for areas with thinner muscle groups, while higher vibration settings can be used on larger muscles like the glutes and hamstrings. The highest setting offers 4,000 vibrations per minute, while the easiest setting will give you 2,900 vibrations per minute. The Vibrollie comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises more than five hours per charge.

Of course, you should always exercise caution when backing a Kickstarter project, but if you’re interested in this particular vibrating roller, the team is offering early bird pricing of $75, with an estimated delivery date of September.

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