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Boosted graces us with 4 skateboards, including its cheapest model yet

Boosted Boards - The 3rd Generation

If you’ve been waiting to get an electric skateboard, wait no longer. Boosted, the company known for its brightly wheeled eboards recently expanded its product offerings in a serious way. There are four new boards in two different forms, including one that may make electric skateboards more accessible to folks who don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on something that you used to buy for just a few bucks as a kid. The Boosted Mini S will cost you $749 and begins shipping in May, and is officially Boosted’s cheapest board to date.

The Boosted Mini S is a standard range model, which means that it can last up to seven miles and tops out at speeds of 18 mph. On the other hand, there is the extended range version (X) that is capable of going for 14 miles at top speeds of 20 mph. The Boosted Mini X comes in at $250 more than its standard counterpart and will begin shipping in June.

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Both boards, however, will feature a kicktail, custom 80mm wheels, three different speeds, and of course, a remote. The Mini will be only 29.5 inches long, but will still weigh about 15 pounds. The X, on the other hand, weighs just 1.8 pounds more as a result of its larger battery.

If you’re looking for a little more power, however, you might check out the new electric longboards from Boosted. First up is The Boosted Plus, which comes with an extended range battery that should take you 14 miles at a time, as well as a shorter, straighter, and wider custom deck constructed with new materials. The wheels are 85mm, and are still the trademark bright orange, and can take you up to 20 mph. This model will set you back $1,399.

The Boosted Stealth is largely similar, but it boasts five-speed modes — one more than the Plus. It can reach a top speed of 24 mph, and rather than orange, it has gray wheels, as well as a black and gray deck. There are also metal pulleys that help you go faster while keeping things quiet. This guy will cost $1,599, and like the Plus it should ship in “late May/early June.”

Boosted customers may miss the bamboo deck that has been the trademark of the company’s for quite some time now, but the eboard maker says that the new deck will still offer the same flexibility. In fact, the latest board draws inspiration from snowboarding and is made with a poplar wood spine and encased in high-density foam. This should help Boosted boards deal with vibrations at higher speeds, and also makes it just a little bit lighter (though having a bigger battery and larger wheels eliminates any weight saving). All in all, both the Plus and Stealth boards weigh in at 17 pounds.

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The RazorX Cruiser shows that not all eboards have to cost you an arm and a leg
razorx cruiser electric skateboard

Don't be fooled by the listed target demographic of the RazorX Cruiser -- really, the fact that kids as young as nine can have fun on this new electric skateboard means that it's all the harder for grownups like us to fall off of (or so we're telling ourselves). The RazorX Cruiser promises an "electrifying kick," thanks to a 125-watt geared motor that you can control with a remote control, and you can ride all the livelong day -- or at least, for up to 40 minutes.

A much more affordable board than many of its competitors, the Cruiser will set you back $180. And considering that many similar boards begin in the $400 range, this may just be the right ride for a beginner or a youngster. But the diminutive price doesn't mean a sub-par performance. Rather, the lithium-ion-powered electric board will allow for adventurers young and old alike to reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour for up to 40 minutes at a time (lights on the bottom of the board will let you know how much battery you've left). Sure, that's not the fastest board on the market, but again, we're looking towards younger audiences here.

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Go ‘hill bombing’ with San Francisco skateboarders in thrilling 360-degree video
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A wild new video from The New York Times' Daily 360 takes us to the streets of San Francisco and shares a perspective most of us have probably never seen before. The 360-degree clip was shot by a team of skateboarders while participate in an activity known as "hill bombing," which sends them weaving in and out of traffic and a breakneck pace.

For those not steeped in skateboard culture, hill bombing is the act of racing to the bottom of a hill as fast as possible. The skater typically ignores traffic lights and stop signs, while weaving around obstacles and in and out of traffic. Thanks to its multitude of steep hills, San Francisco has become the epicenter of the hill bombing phenomenon, attracting skateboarders from all over who come to test their nerves and skill. Usually they come out relatively unscathed, but on occasion things can go terribly wrong.

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The StarkBoard is a hands-free, remote-free eboard for your outdoor adventures

As convenient and exciting as electric skateboards may seem in theory, there's something less than intuitive about controlling the board beneath your feet with your hands. Using a remote control to determine your speed isn't always the best when it comes to quick braking or safe acceleration, especially if you're a novice skateboarder just learning to keep your balance. Luckily, not all eboards require a hand-held remote. Meet the StarkBoard from Stark Mobility, a remote-free, hands-free, electric skateboard that is said to require just three minutes to master. All you need to do is step on it, tilt your body, and ride.
In some ways, it sounds a bit like a feet-only Segway. The board, powered by two HUB motors and an AI-powered smart braking system, will move with your body -- if you lean forward, the board goes forward. The StarkBoard features a custom gyroscope sensor and intelligent weight and motion sensors to detect changes in your body's positioning, and adjust its own motion accordingly.
As you continue to lean forward (and accelerate), the StarkBoard is said to track your body movements and provide continual assistance, so you're never riding unprotected. And as for your acceleration, you'll be able to hit pretty impressive speeds with this eboard -- up to 20 miles per hour. That said, if ever you step off the board, the StarkBoard will automatically activate the brakes, ensuring that your vehicle doesn't take off without you. Thanks to a smart braking system, you can come to a complete stop even if you're on an incline.
The StarkBoard's battery is said to power the board for up to 13 miles, and when you receive your board, you'll already find your battery charged and ready for its maiden voyage. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the eboard also features LED lights, which allow for safe riding in darker conditions. Plus, the IP62 rating means that the StarkBoard is both dust- and splash-proof.
You can pre-order the StarkBoard now from Indiegogo for the early bird price of $449, about 55 percent off its retail price of $999. Shipment for the board is anticipated for January 2018, so you can start your new year off with some excitement.

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