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Boosted graces us with 4 skateboards, including its cheapest model yet

If you’ve been waiting to get an electric skateboard, wait no longer. Boosted, the company known for its brightly wheeled eboards recently expanded its product offerings in a serious way. There are four new boards in two different forms, including one that may make electric skateboards more accessible to folks who don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on something that you used to buy for just a few bucks as a kid. The Boosted Mini S will cost you $749 and begins shipping in May, and is officially Boosted’s cheapest board to date.

The Boosted Mini S is a standard range model, which means that it can last up to seven miles and tops out at speeds of 18 mph. On the other hand, there is the extended range version (X) that is capable of going for 14 miles at top speeds of 20 mph. The Boosted Mini X comes in at $250 more than its standard counterpart and will begin shipping in June.

Both boards, however, will feature a kicktail, custom 80mm wheels, three different speeds, and of course, a remote. The Mini will be only 29.5 inches long, but will still weigh about 15 pounds. The X, on the other hand, weighs just 1.8 pounds more as a result of its larger battery.

If you’re looking for a little more power, however, you might check out the new electric longboards from Boosted. First up is The Boosted Plus, which comes with an extended range battery that should take you 14 miles at a time, as well as a shorter, straighter, and wider custom deck constructed with new materials. The wheels are 85mm, and are still the trademark bright orange, and can take you up to 20 mph. This model will set you back $1,399.

The Boosted Stealth is largely similar, but it boasts five-speed modes — one more than the Plus. It can reach a top speed of 24 mph, and rather than orange, it has gray wheels, as well as a black and gray deck. There are also metal pulleys that help you go faster while keeping things quiet. This guy will cost $1,599, and like the Plus it should ship in “late May/early June.”

Boosted customers may miss the bamboo deck that has been the trademark of the company’s for quite some time now, but the eboard maker says that the new deck will still offer the same flexibility. In fact, the latest board draws inspiration from snowboarding and is made with a poplar wood spine and encased in high-density foam. This should help Boosted boards deal with vibrations at higher speeds, and also makes it just a little bit lighter (though having a bigger battery and larger wheels eliminates any weight saving). All in all, both the Plus and Stealth boards weigh in at 17 pounds.

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