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The best electric skateboards for 2021

Simply put, humanity is living in the golden age of rideable technology, and we love it. In fact, there are almost too many rideables to keep track of, and the gear seems to get crazier and more advanced with each passing month. So, to help you navigate the increasingly crowded marketplace, we’ve put together this list of the best electric skateboards you can buy right now.

We got our hands on some of the mightiest e-boards in the industry, looking at criteria like durability, battery life, ease of use, and price. The Boosted Stealth is our top pick because it boasts comfort, control and it has different modes to choose from.

At a glance

The best electric skateboard: Boosted Stealth

Screenshot of the Boosted Stealth w/rider

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: The Boosted Stealth combines comfort, performance, and durability, making for the ultimate ride.

Who it’s for: Avid skaters looking to incorporate a welcome electric assist into their daily grind.

How much will it cost? $1,599

Why we chose the Boosted Stealth:

For the best of many worlds, there’s simply no better bet than the Boosted Stealth, a 17-pound longboard designed for effortless riding, comfort, and control. It all starts with the Super Flex composite deck, an adaptive, concave platform designed for comfortable long-haul riding across multiple terrain types. Going from a steep 25% grade onto a flat city street filled with passersby feels sturdy and natural. This is also thanks in part to Boosted’s latest drivetrain improvements, which feature rigorous CNC trucks for bigger push and pull when you need it.

The Stealth has five different modes to choose from, including Boost’s new Hyper mode for those looking to push the board to its 24mph max. Shifting between each speed class is quick and easy with the Bluetooth remote, and there’s not much of a “shifting” feeling to speak of. Overall torque is tight and consistent, especially in the higher speed ranges, and overall acceleration/deceleration is top-notch. The 85mm Stratus wheels are extremely grippy, a good safety consideration but a slight hindrance for performance riders who want to pull off moves and weave through crowds.

The Boosted Stealth may not be the best board for first-time e-skaters, but those who have been at it for a while will know they’re in good hands the moment their feet hit the deck.

The best electric skateboard for commuters: Boosted Mini X

Screenshot of the Boosted Mini X w/riders

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: It’s maneuverable, portable, and ideal for urban environments.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to use their board as a reliable and comfortable means of transportation.

How much will it cost? $999

Why we chose the Boosted Mini X:

Boosted makes some of the best electric longboards in the biz, and the Mini is no exception. Despite the fact that it doesn’t boast quite as much battery life as its larger siblings, it makes up for that shortcoming with a myriad of awesome features. Our favorite? The deck. It’s got this lovely radial concave shape that provides a comfortable yet responsive platform for you to stand on, and this time, Boosted even gave it a kicktail. This makes it much easier to whip the board around and perform tight turns when necessary. The Mini’s deck is also considerably shorter than that of previous Boosted boards, so it’s super easy to pick up and take on a bus, train, or whatever mode of transportation you prefer.

This board also comes with Boosted’s top-notch control system and therefore provides extremely smooth acceleration/deceleration while you ride. On cheaper boards, acceleration and braking are either too fast and jarring or too mellow and sluggish, but Boosted boards strike a perfect balance. The Boosted Mini X feels powerful yet controlled under your feet, allowing you to ride confidently no matter what your skill level. This board is absolutely ideal for commuters.

The best electric skateboard for power: Meepo AWD Pro

Product still of the Meepo AWD Pro

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more powerful electric skateboard.

Who it’s for: Speed junkies, thrill-seekers, and people who live in hilly neighborhoods.

How much will it cost? $799

Why we chose the Meepo AWD Pro:

Electric skateboards now come in just about every shape, size, and configuration, but the folks at Meepo are determined to make theirs one of the strongest, thanks to four 540-watt hub motors. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s one for each wheel — which is absolutely bonkers. With that many motors, this board boasts some of the most torque, power, and speed of any electric board we’ve ever ridden. It tops out at 34mph, can accelerate in 2.5 seconds from zero to 18.6mph, and can climb hills with up to a 35% grade.

The only downside? The board is a bit heavy, weighing in at 23 pounds. This extra weight also means it isn’t quite as playful and easy to maneuver as a smaller board might be, but the Meepo AWD Pro is a longboard, and a big one at that (boasting a 40-inch wingspan). Riders expecting the compact ease of something like the Boosted Mini X are simply not going to get that experience with Meepo’s offering.

The best-designed electric skateboard: Skatebolt Tornado II

Screenshot of the Skatepro w/two riders

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: The Tornado II has some of the best safety and performance features around.

Who it’s for: First-time e-boarders and seasoned pros who like cruising around after hours.

How much will it cost? $519

Why we chose the Skatebolt Tornado II:

One of our favorite things about the Skatebolt Tornado II is the bevy of great safety features the board comes loaded with — and at a fairly low cost. For starters, the deck is made of eight layers of Northeast maple, supporting rider weights up to 280 pounds. The wider deck and bigger wheel axels distribute weight smoothly and evenly, making for a sturdy cruise at nearly any speed.

The remote features a backlit LCD screen for checking speed, battery life, and brake mode, along with buttons for switching board direction and engaging cruise control. We also love the two red LED taillights, which is a great safety feature for cruising around closer to dark or in more crowded spots where directional and hazard lights are key for drivers and pedestrians.

The Skatebolt Tornado II doesn’t skimp on performance, either. The board can net top speeds of 26mph and can climb a 25% grade. The only drawback we can think of is battery life. While the board can crank out about 15 miles on a single charge, a handful of Tornado II owners have complained about the battery taking a while to fully charge.

The best budget electric skateboard: Acton Blink S-R

Screenshot of the Blink S-R w/rider at night

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: The Blink S-R is the best budget electric skateboard out there.

Who it’s for: Those looking to test the electric skateboard waters without going all-in on a high-end model.

How much will it cost? $399

Why we chose the Blink S-R:

While frequent skaters may prefer to invest in a premium electric skateboard, folks who use their board less often or primarily on the weekends may want to start with a budget option. The Blink S-R is a lot less expensive than many of the other models on our list, which is perfect for someone looking for a more casual way to get around town. Weighing just 11 pounds, this board also feels lighter than many of the other entries on our list. The S-R can hit top speeds of 15mph and take on hills with 15% grades, which is great for whipping around most conventional walking paths and streets. Just don’t expect to rip this little guy up any super-steep hills. It just doesn’t have the oomph to make it happen!

Battery life is pretty strong here, too. The board can go for about 7 miles on a full charge and only takes a little over an hour to re-juice. For those looking to try their hand at e-boarding and those who don’t want to drop the dough on a more expensive option, the Acton Blink S-R is one of the best models to start riding with. Skating vets and performance boarders will probably be happier with something a bit more powerful, however.

The best all-terrain electric skateboard: Ownboard Carbon AT

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: Your skate sessions can find you anywhere, from uneven pavement to off-roading through your local park.

Who’s it for: Skaters that take their chances with less skater-friendly surfaces.

How much will it cost? $1,069

Why we chose the Ownboard Carbon AT: 

This monster of an e-board is made for skating through anything you can throw at it — in terms of terrain, that is. Out of the box, you’re looking at 6-inch, all-rubber Honeycomb tires, tough wheels that’ll push through any short grass, dirt, or gravel in their path. For those with a penchant for dipping into even hillier terrain, you can custom order the board with 7-inch Cloudwheels for better grip and performance.

The 40-inch, carbon fiber deck is built to take just as much of a beating as the tires while providing a stable and comfortable ride top. The Carbon AT can handle 220-pound loads and is capable of hitting top speeds of 24mph, along with grade climbs up to 30%. There are also three different speed modes to choose from, with a max skating range of about 20 miles.

Power-wise, the Ownboard Carbon AT packs some heavy gear, including a 1500-watt dual-belt driven motor and a rechargeable 14AH Sanyo battery pack. The components don’t really weigh the board down, but we do wish the battery — which charges in four to five hours — would charge a bit quicker. If you plan on making a day of all-terrain riding, we recommend you charge the battery overnight.

The best electric skateboard for kids and teens: Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Screenshot of the Swagtron NS3 w/rider

Why you should buy this electric skateboard: You want a safe and reliable board for your excitable preteen to beat up on.

Who’s it for: Kids, teens, and boarders still learning the ropes.

How much will it cost? $99

Why we chose the Swagtron Swagskate NG3:

The makers of Swagtron built the Swagskate NG3 with the best interests of parents and children in mind while going above and beyond to ensure the top safety standards and entertainment specifications are met. The NG3 only weighs eight pounds and is just under twenty inches in length, making it compact enough to take virtually anywhere. The deck holds up through tough use and balances well.

One of our favorite features is the kick-to-cruise. When the board reaches its speed, the cruise control will activate to hold the speed at 9.3 miles per hour. Onboard sensors can detect your weight and shifting of balance to bring the board to a safe and complete stop. It also has a very long battery life. A full battery charge gives you roughly seven miles of riding, and it only takes an hour to fully recharge.

Though the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 may not have as many fancy features or extra bits like other options, it is the safest on the market. Kids can experience fun while remaining safe which puts parent’s fears to rest.

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