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smart putter

The Smart Putter wants to help improve your golf game

Meet the new Smart Putter from SmartGolf, heralded as the first sensor-equipped golf putter that allows budding golfers to practice putting.
t mobile samsung galaxy s9 lake elsinore shoot

T-Mobile shows off the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in record fashion

T-Mobile pulled off a couple of pretty serious stunts in order to show off the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.
ellumi bacteria light modern office interior

Ellumi will illuminate your life as it kills surface-living bacteria

Meet the Ellumi, a new LED under cabinet light that promises to kill bacteria safely, effectively, and perhaps most saliently, continuously.
picobrew z series zseries 1bin shaded2

Take your homebrewing to the next level with the new PicoBrew Z Series

PicoBrew's professional Z Series is heralded as the company's first professional-grade brewing appliance line for restaurants and serious homebrewers.
2018 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with Tech Connect

You could one day send money to a friend simply by asking Alexa

Amazon's Alexa may just be able to help you transfer money to a bank, your landlord, or your friends, with naught but a voice command.
walmart online grocery delivery

Walmart takes on Amazon by offering grocery delivery — for a fee

Walmart announced that it would be introducing online grocery delivery to more than 100 metro areas by the end of 2018
stov indoor fire pit firepit

Spark up the Stov faux fire pit and warm your home without burning it down

Sometimes, you don't want to brave the elements of the great outdoors just to sit next to a big fire. Luckily, you don't have to. Meet Stov, an indoor fire pit.
An Instant Pot on a kitchen counter.

The Instant Pot Max promises faster cooking and more features

The Instant Pot Max promises to be the best pressure cooker yet, and honestly, we're not even sure that we can handle it.
ikea, home

TaskRabbit will now assemble your Ikea furniture on your behalf

Teet the new IKEA Assembly and Mounting Services, powered by TaskRabbit. It helps you put your furniture together.
aquajet h2 scooter

Slice through the water like a dolphin with the AquaJet H2, now on Kickstarter

Meet the AquaJet H2, a motorized underwater scooter with wings aimed at improving the experience of divers and snorkelers the world over. 
amazon cloud cam lifestyle

Amazon Cloud Cam is the key to its unattended home delivery program

Amazon takes on Google, and enables unattended home deliveries with its Amazon Cloud Cam security camera.
fitbit ionic adidas

Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition will be available on March 19

Fitbit is back at it again with the release of its Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition to help athletes become the best runners they can be.
hurom citrus juicer

Hurom debuts a new citrus juicer that will help you get your vitamin C

With the new CJ Citrus Juicer from Hurom, you can easily make yourself a glass of Vitamin C at any point during the day. 
eureka vacuum 2018 vacuums

Eureka debuts three new vacuums to help you keep your home spotless

Keeping your home spotless isn't always an easy task, but here to make things just a little simpler for you is Eureka.
kitchenaid ihhs mixer ceramic bowl

KitchenAid dresses up your kitchen with new patterns and colors

If you don't have a KitchenAid stand mixer in your kitchen, is your house really a home? The company is here to help you fully equip your kitchen.
lightcam security camera light bulb lightcam1

LightCam is a smart light bulb that is also a security camera

Here to help you reduce clutter in perhaps a rather surprising way is the new LightCam, a smart light bulb that doubles as a home security camera.
issa 2 toothbrush 02 cobalt blue in bathroom foreo

The ISSA 2 toothbrush uses silicon bristles to give your mouth a deeper clean

The ISSA 2 by Foreo requires just a single one-hour charge in order to last 365 uses. Plus, it uses silicone bristles.
ecovacs ihhs robotics deebot ozmo 930

Ecovacs’ 3 new cleaning bots will help you keep your home neat and tidy

Keeping your home clean is getting a little bit easier today, now that Ecovacs Robotics has launched three new robot vacuums at IHHS.
airmega 400s smart air purifier 4

Reordering Coway air filters is as easy as not doing anything at all

Coway announced a new integration with Amazon Dash to make it even easier for you to bring clean air into your home.
philips hue outdoor range

With Lilly and Calla, Inara and Lucca, Philips Hue takes a step outside for its new outdoor range

The latest products from Philips Lighting are also the very first products introduced as part of the company's outdoor range.
LG V30 camera sample mansion courtyard

Wondering how far a million dollars goes in real estate? Here’s your answer has uncovered a series of the most common trends in luxury homes sales in 2017, with details about prices and features.
braun kitchen ihhs burr grinder  cg7

Braun unveils a series of new helpful kitchen tools at IHHS 2018

Few of us would be so hubristic as to say that we don't need a little help in the kitchen, and here to provide just that is Braun.
couple smiling at phone

Meet the 21st-century game show in the form of the Hangtime app

Meet Hangtime, a new mobile gaming platform that will allow its users to play live trivia games and quizzes while interacting with other human players

A new feature may now make it easier to ask Alexa follow-up questions

Alexa is making it easier for you to ask follow-up questions without saying her name again with a new feature.
kitchenaid recall kettles

KitchenAid recalls more than 40,000 electric kettles due to detached handles

Boiling water for a cup of tea shouldn't be a hazard to your health, which is why Whirlpool has decided to recall over 40,000 KitchenAid electric kettles.
delonghi ihhs

De’Longhi debuts a series of coffeemakers, appliances, and more at IHHS

At IHHS 2018, De'Longhi debuted a number of new tools and appliances designed to make the most out of your time in your favorite room of the house.
capital one eno virtual card number 11407082 831058713608273 9173522677461266495 n

Capital One’s virtual assistant Eno helps you shop online safely

Capital One is looking to make online shopping a bit safer, and it's leveraging its smart assistant Eno to do so.
kitchenaid ihhs

KitchenAid helps you kick-start your morning with new products at IHHS

From a toaster to a cold brew coffee maker, KitchenAid ensures that your kitchen is well-equipped to help you jumpstart the new season (and your day). 
cuisinart kitchen accessories sm50 ff bridal retail rgb 2 5b1 5d

Cuisinart debuts a kitchen sink’s worth of new accessories at IHHS

If you're looking to equip your kitchen a new espresso machine, a wine cellar, a bread maker, or anything in between, Cuisinart will take care of you.
waymo self driving trucks 1 uln03d1h6x0y8idgsxrq3q

Waymo is now working on self-driving trucks in Atlanta

Waymo is launching a pilot program in Atlanta where the company's autonomous trucks will begin carrying freight intended for Google's data centers. 
starcity dorm san francisco

Starcity is housing San Franciscans in dorms like they’re back in college

Communal living is coming back in vogue in San Francisco, where companies like Starcity are turning large buildings into dorm rooms. 
mercedes digital light weltpremiere in der maybach s klasse  das licht zukunft kommt auf die stra e

Mercedes debuts Digital Light, an advanced head lamp system

Meet Digital Light from Mercedes, which promises "virtually dazzle-free main beam in HD quality and a resolution of more than two million pixels."
Amazon Echo at night

Florida may make the police get a warrant before seizing smart-speaker data

It may be getting a bit harder for law enforcement agents in Florida to tap Alexa for help solving crimes thanks to a bill passed by state senate.
dolce and gabbana drone fly catwalk getty images  fashion show

Ford is lifting off from the roads and looking into drone technology

Ford recently published a blog post that revealed it is "looking to the skies" with drone research in Silicon Valley.