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Google Booth CES 2018

Google Assistant is going international with plans to expand across the globe

We ow know that Google will be expanding not only Assistant's capabilities, but its geographic reach as well.
Sonos One

Be careful about where you place your HomePod and other smart speakers

Once you set your HomePod or other smart speaker down, you're not really going to be able to move it. Unless you don't mind the rings it leaves behind.
suunto 3 fitness

Suunto 3 Fitness smartwatch is like having a personal trainer always with you

Your personal trainer can now live on your wrist, provided that your personal trainer takes the form of the new Suunto 3 Fitness.
Disney to launch new streaming service

Alibaba and Disney strike a deal to bring shows and movies to China

You may not be able to access Facebook in China, but really, who needs mass communication when you have mass entertainment, courtesy of Disney?
photograph the olympics winter 2018 oly 2014 nordic women

Downhill skiers test new wearable airbag at 2018 Olympics

Luckily, there's a new way to safeguard against tragedy in downhill skiing thanks to the new D-air Ski by Dainese.
LG V30 camera sample church

Can’t get service? Head to an English church, soon to become a Wi-Fi hot spot

Churches in internet "dead zones" are now going to help facilitate the spread of information by facilitating broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Microsoft Cortana gradually gains ground on Alexa with new integrations

Microsoft's Cortana recently announced its compatibility with more smart home providers as well as IFTTT.
radius backpack solar charging radus pauline van dongen panels design dezeen 2364 col 3

Charge your devices simply by plugging them into your Radius backpack

Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has conceptualized and created a new pack that incorporates minuscule solar power beads to charge your devices.
flippy burger robot screen shot 2017 03 08 at 1 50 13 pm

Cooking burgers may not be a human job for much longer if Flippy has its way

It's never been a particularly sought-after job, but now, flipping burgers may not be a job for humans at all. Flippy has just raised $10 million.
hyperloop plan for south korea esque transportation

Hyperloop transportation routes could soon be running from Cleveland to Chicago

One small step for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, one giant leap for travel in middle America. HTT could soon be in Cleveland.
dji phantom 4 advanced announced  b side

A drone and helicopter reportedly tangled in South Carolina. The helicopter lost.

A drone may be implicated as the cause of a recent helicopter crash in South Carolina, potentially marking the first drone-related crash of an aircraft in the U.S.
amazonfresh pickup groceries

Amazon Prime Now to merge with AmazonFresh, resulting in layoffs

Recent layoffs at Amazon were triggered by a decision to merge AmazonFresh and Amazon Prime Now, reports claim.
Furby Connect

Furby/Alexa hybrid makes the creepy toy at least a little bit useful

Back in 2016, we got to hear Alexa's voice emanating from the Big Mouth Billy Bass. Now, we'll get to hear her coming out of a Furby. 
idevices instant switch

Exercise greater control over your home with the iDevices Instant Switch

Meet the new iDevices Instant Switch, a remote wireless wall switch capable of being paired with any iDevices products using Bluetooth technology for seamless smart home control. 
lavie water purifier

Purify your water with a bamboo box and a UV-A light via LaVie

LaVie is a new Kickstarter project that promises to provide unlimited, pure mineral water with just a small wooden box and a UV-A light.
dt10 tinder will look quaint beside the future of digital dating relationships header v5

Looking for love? Check out Camp Meets Bagel, a sleepaway camp for adults

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Coffee Meets Bagel is launching CMB Experiences to help users connect in the real world, starting with Camp Meets Bagel.
plux wireless charging

As interesting as the Plux charging pad sounds, it hasn’t been Qi certified yet

Plux is heralded as the world’s first Qi compatible multi-device wireless charging pad for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.
Back to school deals

Want a free year of Netflix? You’ll need to sign up for 2 years of Verizon Fios

Verizon is finally offering a free year of Netflix for folks who sign up for a Fios "triple play" plan, which involves a bundled deal of internet, TV, and phone.
BauBax 2.0

If you need a jacket with 25 features, look no further than the BauBax 2.0

Meet the BauBax 2.0 Travel Jacket, created "by travelers for travelers" and meant to address "common travel problems and make every journey easier."
Campbell's Chef'd

Campbell’s and Chef’d team up to bring you easy slow-cooker meals

Campbell's is here to save the day. No, not with its canned soups, but rather with its partnership with meal kit marketplace Chef'd.

Take Alexa and Assistant anywhere you go with the Loft and Dox portable bases

Meet the Loft and Dox, two portable battery bases that will allow you to take your Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot anywhere.
volkswagen crozz

Volkswagen’s electric I.D. Crozz will go into production in 2019

The Volkswagen I.D. Crozz concept is the third in a series of VW I.D. electric-car concepts, previewing future production models.

Airbnb will now help you explore Philadelphia with new experiences

If you're looking to explore Philadelphia, Airbnb can help with its new selection of experiences made for the city.
Limebike Escooter

LimeBike wants to help you get around on its new escooters

Here to prove that there is indeed a renaissance of two-wheeled vehicles (and not of the bicycle or motorcycle variety) is LimeBike's escooter.

As the HomePod hits stores, Apple shares tips to get the most out of it

Apple's long-awaited HomePod smart speaker is finally here, and to ensure new owners get the most out of it, the tech giant has posted an official user guide.
uber request ride for loved one 1

To combat fatigue, Uber will force U.S. drivers to take a break after 12 hours

In an effort to combat driver fatigue, Uber will be forcing its drivers to take a break. It'll be six hours for every 12 hours driving.
T-Mobile storefront with corporate signage.

Watch ‘Red Sparrow’ for cheap with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app

T-Mobile customers will soon be able to score $4 tickets to 'Red Sparrow' thanks to a partnership with 20th Century Fox.
How to use Google Maps

Google Maps could soon let you share battery status along with location

A recent APK teardown of the Google Maps 9.71 beta suggests that the app may soon show your smartphone's battery stats when you share your location
five reasons tmobile sprint merger fails softbank

Uber’s competition in Japan heats up thanks to Didi, Softbank, and Toyota

Didi and SoftBank are working together to bring ridesharing services to Japan. Plus, JapanTaxi and Toyota are collaborating, too.
Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush Thumb

Floss the new age way with Waterpik and its new offerings

Waterpik's series of water flossers can help you maintain your oral health even if you're not on a first-name basis with your dental hygienist.
alibaba offices

Chinese tech giant Alibaba joins Coke, Visa as a major Olympic sponsor

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Alibaba Group announced the formation of a long-term partnership.
pennsylvania paper trail voting machine people in booth

Pennsylvania wants a paper trail on all voting machines, but money is an issue

The term "voter fraud" seemed to be as ubiquitous as the candidates' names in the 2016 presidential race, and now, Pennsylvania is hoping to do something about it.
intel drone light show olympics 1

2018 Winter Olympic Games have been hacked, organizers confirm

It has now been confirmed that the 2018 Winter Olympics was the subject of a cyberattack. It's unclear who the attacker was.
puls in home smart device repair 108a0982

Puls is an on-demand repair service for your smartphone and smart home

A cracked device doesn't have to be cause for panic -- not with Puls. The company will come to your home to take care of your broken electronics.