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Take Alexa and Assistant anywhere you go with the Loft and Dox portable bases

This Valentine's Day, get a special deal on your portable smart speaker base


What good is a virtual assistant if it can’t go where you go? Such is the question raised by Ninety7, a lifestyle tech company that has just debuted the Loft and Dox, two portable battery bases that will allow you to take your Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot anywhere. Because if you don’t need an outlet to work, Google Assistant and Alexa shouldn’t either.

Now available for pre-order on the Ninety7 website, the Loft promises to be one of the first portable battery bases for the Google Home, providing smart-home enthusiasts unparalleled control over their smart home hubs. With an eight-hour battery life, the base connects to Google Home by way of magnets (much as the Home currently connects to its standard base). From an aesthetic standpoint, it complements the design of the Home as well. Available in Carbon Black, Snow White, and Copper, this portable base offers an edge to your Google Home, letting you make your smart home device just a little snazzier than anyone else’s.

Then there’s the Dox, which comes with a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery capable of giving users up to 10 hours of unplugged use. An Amazon Echo Dot can be snugly seated atop the Dox, allowing for wireless mobility. And thanks to the four LED lights on the face of the Dox, you’ll always be able to see how much power remains. When it comes time to re-juice, just put the Dox on the accompanying charging base. The second generation of this portable base will be made available in an anti-stain fabric from Austria, in hues named Carbon and Ash.

“We are always thinking of ways to elevate the consumer’s experience with tech products by taking them to the next level of enjoyment and functionality with accessories that enhance the core product,” said Kevin Brennan, co-founder & CEO of Ninety7. “Loft and Dox are examples of raising that experience, they both allow users to untether from the electrical outlet while enjoying portability in a premium, well-designed product.”

While the Loft normally retails for $50, Ninety7 is running a Valentine’s Day deal that will grant eager customers $10 off, which means that you’ll pay $40 for the portable base. The promotion will run throughout the week, so if you forgot to get your sweetie something today, you may be able to make up for it with a smart home purchase before the week is out. The Dox also looks to be on sale for $30 from the Ninety7 website, which is $10 less than its normal retail price of $40.

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