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Watch the world’s largest plane barrel down a runway

The Stratolaunch reached a top taxi speed of 46 miles per hour in new tests conducted over the weekend and documented by Paul Allen.
apple store logo

AC Wellness is a new health clinic that exclusively serves Apple employees

Apple is launching AC Wellness, a group of health clinics aimed at Apple employees and their families. It may apply its learnings to consumer products.

Amazon Echo could inadvertently be teaching your kids bad words

Amazon Echo devices are "playing songs with explicit lyrics" at the behest of their little owners, which doesn't exactly make for family-friendly content.
detective pikachu movie director great

In honor of Pokémon Day, there are now apps for both Alexa and Assistant

Both Google and Amazon's smart assistants now have Pikachu-themed apps available in honor of this momentous occasion - Pokémon Day
Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display review lifestyle front

Apple will keep repairing your vintage iMacs in a new pilot program

Apple's new pilot program will allow Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers to keep repairing both 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models released in mid-2011.
air app camcorder

Turn your iPhone into a modern-day camcorder with the new Air app

Meet Air, a new family camcorder app that will help you capture unlimited HD video straight from your phone. 
rocean smart water system the one bottleiphone 1

Swear off plastic with the rOcean smart water ecosystem, now on Indiegogo

Meet rOcean, the firm behind the world's first personalized, all-in-one "smart water ecosystem." Its two flagship products are seeking backers on Indiegogo.

Airbnb for Everyone offers a whole slew of new tiers and perks for guests

Late last week, Airbnb debuted a series of new features on its website in a new initiative called "Airbnb for everyone."
mylifi smart lamp oledcomm feature

The MyLiFi smart lamp provides speed-of-light internet

MyLiFi offers wireless, radiowave-free internet at the speed of light, and all from an attractive LED lamp. It's now on Kickstarter.
google assistant ces 2018 weekly rewind 1 4 18

Google adds Actions for Assistant support in 16 new languages

On February 26, Google announced that Actions on Google (similar to skills on Alexa) now support 16 languages.
like app mimics snapchat

Think Snapchat is dead? Then check out the Like app and its AR effects

If Snapchat is over, what's new and happening? Hoping to fill the void is Like, a short video app with what is said to be some of the most advanced technology in its category.
BMW i3 logo closeup

BMW mistakenly installs the wrong emissions software on nearly 12,000 cars

BMW is recalling nearly 12,000 cars after the company "discovered that the wrong programming had been installed."
adizero sub2 sneaker adidas release date price 01

Adidas looks to break the 2-hour marathon barrier with the Adizero Sub2

Adidas believes that the secret to breaking the two hour barrier when it comes to the marathon is in a shoe. Specifically, the adizero Sub2.
siesta2 tent

The Siesta2 keeps it cool while you camp beneath the blazing sun

It may be possible to turn even the most persnickety of city folk into true outdoorsmen and women with the right tent, and the Siesta2 is hoping that it can do the trick.
SpaceX Falcon 9 with PAZ ready for launch

SpaceX has successfully launched its first broadband satellites

The first two satellites in Elon Musk's Starlink project for satellite-based Wi-Fi were successfully launched on a Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday.
Amazon Go

Amazon Go may soon be expanding to 6 new locations, report says

According to a new report, Amazon is hoping to plan up to six more Amazon Go locations by the end of 2018.
mercury heated jacket ministry of supply

The Mercury jacket from Ministry of Supply claims to heat up automatically

Mercury jackets claim to "automatically heat to your optimal temperature," which basically sounds like the jacket of your dreams. 
mi cam baby monitor hack micam

Mi-Cam baby monitors are easily hackable, so you may want to turn yours off

Mi-Cam baby monitors are susceptible to "multiple critical vulnerabilities which include unauthenticated access and hijacking of video baby monitors." 
gain orbea e bike

The coolest thing about the Gain is that it doesn’t look like an ebike

If there's one thing an ebike doesn't want, it's to look like an ebike. Needless to say, that is a pretty tough task to complete but the Gain flips the switch.
2018 tech trends beyond meat fake lifestyle

The beef industry doesn’t want Silicon Valley to call its lab-grown foods ‘meat’

The USCA has filed a lengthy petition to the (USDA) in hopes of establishing clearer rules around what constitutes "meat" and "beef." 

Once you put them on, you may never want to take Suavs shoes off

Kicking off your shoes is generally the first step in total relaxation, but that may not be the case when your shoes are from Suavs.
apple homepod

Tim Cook bristles at the idea that the Apple HomePod is following the Echo

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed claims that the HomePod is in any way a "me too" product. 

The crazy-expensive Ketra lightbulb now boasts smart home features, too

Ketra's light bulbs might cost $100 a piece, but they automatically monitor their color hue, to make sure they are on point. Plus, they're now smart home compatible.

Bring your car into the 21st century with Alpine’s hovering touchscreen display

Alpine's iLX-F309 in-car infotainment system, a touchscreen that "hovers" slightly in front of your dashboard, is now available for purchase.
smoove bike paris

Smoove and its hybrid ebikes may be taking over Paris soon

The French company Smoove has now launched a new project that will add 24,000 smart ebikes to the company's global fleet.
jeff bezos 10000 year clock lm 06

Jeff Bezos is building a giant mechanical clock that will run for 10,000 years

You may know Jeff Bezos best for Amazon, but in a few millennia, we may know Bezos for something else -- his role in building a 10,000-year clock.
adv3nture jackets

There’s no need for a carry-on with Adv3nture Jackets’ built-in pillow

The latest offering from Zane Lamprey, the Adv3nture Jackets have managed to raise well over $430,000 as of press time from nearly 2,000 backers.
all female team solar powered tent diy girls circuit

All-female engineering team builds a solar-powered tent for the homeless

Leave it to the ladies to solve one of the most pressing issues in our society today -- housing the homeless.
amazon warehouse deals on echo kindle and fire hd tablets 2017 review toplit 1200x630 c ar1

Get trash-talked by Amazon’s Alexa with the new game, ‘When in Rome’

Alexa is already an integral part of your family, so of course, she should be part of family game night. She can be thanks to the new game When in Rome.
Amazon Whole Foods

Prime members can get 5 percent off Whole Foods with the Amazon Rewards Visa

If you're looking to save an extra 5 percent on your Whole Foods groceries, you may want to pick up your Amazon credit card. 
movpak suit

Ride your backpack with the Movpak, an e-board that also stows your stuff

The Movpak is not just an electric skateboard -- it's also a backpack that has space enough for all your daily needs.
how to delete your voice history from alexa and google assistant enabled devices amazon ge appliances geneva skill

A new development in Florida is building Alexa right into its homes

What make these new homes in Florida special? The fact that all of them will come equipped with Amazon's Alexa.

Hyperloop One joins HTT with its own hyperloop project in India

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Hyperloop One both have deals with the Indian government to build a hyperloop.

It’s deja vu as Daimler is hit with claims of cheating emissions tests

It's deja vu all over again as new reports begin to surface that Daimler may have installed software in its cars to help pass diesel emissions tests.