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beak universal remote

Control your whole house with one remote using the Beak by ControlAny

If your home were Middle Earth, then the Beak would be the One Ring. Of the many smart home innovations now on the market, this may be one of the more useful.
Flyte Arc

Decorate your home with the Arc, an LED bulb tested in near space

If a light bulb could ever be the light of your life, the Arc by Swedish design brand Flyte might be it. It's heralded as the ultimate minimal, dimmable LED bulb.

Everything But The House estate sales are now taking bids on Apple TV

Browsing through the Everything But The House treasure trove is getting easier still thanks to its new app for Apple TV. Now, you can browse without straining your eyes.

Coway’s Aquamega water-filtration tech gives you an alternative to bottled water

Thanks to a new suite of water-purification solutions from Korean company Coway, you can treat yourself to the crisp, fresh elixir of life without sacrificing the planet.
cyber monday mattress deals 2018 version 1573088107 tulo  lifestyle firm 2

Tulo is a bed in a box that you can really try before you buy

Tulo is a new bed-in-a-box brand from Mattress Firm that touts the convenience of choice as its major selling point. And now, it's offering steep discounts.
Mercedes-Benz S 500

Apple grows its California self-driving fleet with 24 more autonomous Lexus SUVs

California's DMV granted Apple an autonomous vehicle testing permit last year, and now, it's expanding its fleet.

T-Mobile, AT&T will help customers stay connected throughout the Olympics

With T-Mobile or AT&T, you can share what's happening at the Olympics by taking advantage of free unlimited calls to the U.S., free texting, and your data plan.
coolhead KB

The CoolHead helmet aims to keep cyclists comfy and protected in the heat

Meet the CoolHead cycling helmet, designed to reduce your body temperature in your most crucial body part -- your brain.
lg voice command ac designers interior  living room

You can now ask your LG AC unit to cool your home

LG is showing off a whole host of voice-activated solutions that could make controlling the temperature of your house that much easier. 
google ads cryptocurrency malware hong kong lifestyle bitcoin

Stripe bids farewell to bitcoin, says it will stop supporting the currency

his week, Stripe announced that it would no longer process bitcoin transactions. The change will take effect in its entirety on April 23, 2018.
Pebble Time Smartwatch

Fitbit extends support for Pebble devices through June 2018

As the Fitbit team told Digital Trends, "Today, Fitbit has announced it is extending its support of the Pebble smartwatch ecosystem for six more months, to June 30, 2018."

Nike debuts the Epic React Flyknit sneaker with an all-foam bottom

The latest improved sneaker comes from Nike, who has just debuted the Nike Epic React Flyknit, a running shoe with an all-foam sole that leverages a new technology known as React.
swann smart video doorbell camera

Swann helps keep your home safe with a video doorbell and security camera

Swann recently debuted a series of smart security innovations, including a Smart Video Doorbell, Smart Security Camera, and a companion app to control all components from afar.

Spy’s Ace EC goggles will change the tint so you don’t have to stop shredding

Meet the Ace EC from Spy, a new snow goggle that leverages electrochromic technology to allow skiers, snowboarders, and anyone else to quickly change the tint of their goggles.
Caveasy One

Keep tabs on all your pinots and merlots with the Caveasy One, a smart wine rack

The Caveasy One is a connected wine rack that comes with a companion app to enhance your drinking experience.
illy y5 espresso coffee

The Illy Y5 with Amazon Dash will make sure you never run out of coffee again

With the new espresso and coffee system from illy, you won't have to brave a day without your daily cup of Joe.
scotts gro line

Grow a garden no matter the color of your thumb with the Scotts Gro line

At CES 2018, outdoor company Scotts debuted its new and rather all-encompassing Gro line, which helps all the components of your garden work together.
signal snowboards led base

This has to be the coolest snowboard you’ll ever see

Signal Snowboards founder Dave Lee was inspired by the bright lights and enormous screens of Times Square in New York City, and took it upon himself to create a snowboard that would rival one of the biggest LED shows in the world. 
Livin Shower

Stop fiddling with your faucet — Livin Shower sets the temperature for you

Meet Livin Shower, a novel digital shower solution that lets you start (or end) your day with naught but a touch of a button.
Muzen OTR Wood

The retro Muzen OTR Wood speaker may be tiny, but it packs a big punch

Those nostalgic for simpler times when the music was sweet and the technology was simple(r) can check out the Muzen OTR Wood.
garmin approach x10

Ditch the cart and look at the Garmin Approach X10 to see the whole golf course

The latest wearable to join the Garmin family is the Approach X10, a band that comes loaded with data for more than 41,000 courses.
uber eats ando

David Chang’s food-delivery concept Ando is now in the hands of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has just acquired Ando, a concept from Momofuku chef and culinary superstar David Chang, to help make it a heavyweight in the food delivery business.
amazon earnings report q2 2016 jeff bezos feat

Amazon’s HQ2 has 20 potential new homes, but Atlanta may be the frontrunner

Amazon has unveiled the 20 finalists still in consideration to become the online retailer's new home. Atlanta is currently predicted as the frontrunner.
grindr acquisition privacy

What does Grindr’s acquisition by a Chinese company mean for users?

Grindr's recent acquisition has a few intelligence officials and China experts rather concerned about what this could mean for users and their privacy.
Google Home Max Review

YouTube creates one-of-a-kind Grammys invitations with Google Home Maxes

YouTube's calling card for an upcoming Grammys party is a custom Google Home Max made even more unique by the work of New York graffiti artist CYCLE.

Improve circulation in your lower body with Footbeat, the wearable in your shoe

Footbeat is a new wearable that features a "small yet powerful engine" to provide "precise, cyclic compression to the arch of the foot."
vicis zero1 lab nfl hq 14416

The safest football helmet on the market, the ZERO1, just got cheaper

In an attempt to ensure that socioeconomics is not a determining factor when it comes to football players' safety, VICIS has announced the price reduction of its ZERO1 Helmet.
audi smart energy network pilot project  eco electricity intelli

Audi has a new Smart Energy Network that uses EVs to help the power grid

If you're worried about your electric vehicle overloading the electric grid, don't. At least, not if your electric vehicle comes from Audi.

You can now work out on your Xbox thanks to Fitbit Coach for Xbox and PC

This week, Fitbit Coach became available in the Microsoft Store, and users can download the app for Windows 10 and Xbox.

Tabs and its suite of sensors will help you keep track of loved ones

You may not want to keep a leash on your children, but you'll certainly want to keep Tabs on them -- literally.
Amazon packages outside a property.

Your monthly Amazon Prime service is going to cost you more than before

Rather than paying $11 a month for an Amazon Prime membership, you'll now have to fork over $13, an increase of 20 percent.

Airbnb purges half of its San Francisco listings overnight

In one fell swoop, Airbnb made it a lot harder for folks to find vacation rentals in San Francisco. It's all due to a new law.

TaylorMade and Blast Motion team up for the Spider Interactive Putter

Playing mini-golf likely won't improve your putting game by much, but the TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter might do the trick.
2017 Peugeot 5008

Peugeot is looking to come back to the U.S. with electrified vehicles by 2025

It's been more than two decades since Peugeot left the U.S. market, but now, the French carmaker is planning its grand return.