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Stop fiddling with your faucet — Livin Shower sets the temperature for you

Livin Shower
Your kitchen and living room are smarter than ever thanks to connected ovens, refrigerators, and televisions. But now, the brains of your house are no longer relegated to these rooms — you can enjoy a smart bathroom, too. Meet Livin Shower, a novel digital shower solution that lets you start (or end) your day with nothing but a touch of a button or a voice command. Rather than fiddling with overly sensitive knobs or faucets, the Livin Shower promises a straightforward shower experience that requires just one touch.

By integrating new-age technology with classic design, this new bathroom solution just may be the redesign your bathroom needs. Compatible with both Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, this smart shower will turn on the water when you say, “Prepare my morning shower.” Then, once the water has reached its optimal temperature, the Livin Shower will pause the stream until you’re ready to begin your washing routine. Moreover, Livin Shower claims that its “unique temperature control algorithm finds the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature,” thereby further reducing water waste.

“Drawing from our team’s experience developing smart home technology, we’ve worked tirelessly for over a year to design a shower with the most intuitive design and pleasant user experience,” Livin CEO Jaejun Lee explained. “We are very excited to be able to offer our supporters the chance to pre-order the Livin Shower at a deep discount and help us bring the prototype to production.”

The Livin Shower also promises a number of additional features, like Shower Recipes that offer various temperature patterns to help you wake up or wind down. For example, the Wake-Up Recipe gradually cools down the water toward the end of your shower to help you feel more refreshed. There’s also Livin’s integration with Spotify and Apple Music, which means that once you sync the system with a speaker, you can play music in your bathroom as you wash up.

Finally, using the companion Livin Shower app, you can personalize your own shower settings with up to 10 profiles with individualized temperatures and times. There’s even a Baby Mode so you can bathe your little ones at an appropriate temperature. And while this all may sound like something that would require some serious plumbing expertise, Livin claims that installation is entirely DIY-possible, and requires just 15 minutes.

The Livin Shower has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, with kits starting at $349. Delivery is currently slated for fall 2018.

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