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Best Black Friday AirPods Deals

AirPods Black Friday deals: Save on AirPods Pro and Max

best wearables of ces 2022 circular ring

Circular confirms its $259 smart ring is coming to the U.S.

Someone checking their insulin levels.

FDA clears first-ever smartphone app for insulin delivery

Polar Grit X Pro Titan.

Newish Polar Grit X Pro outdoor smartwatch offers tough titanium option

pelton tread redesign with safety news specs price peloton lifestyle close

Peloton Tread reintroduced with safety precautions in mind following injuries

black decker health, seniors, wearable, goVia, fall detection

Black+Decker Health trackers are the reimagined life alert system for seniors

Vitapod drink system lifestyle press image against aqua background.

Vitapod drink system swirls water into a nutrient-rich beverage

pomabrush exposes silicone toothbrush head problem opinion 5 of 8

The PomaBrush exposes a problem I have with silicone toothbrush heads

Upright GO S wearable worn around the neck

Upright Go’s new budget wearable nags you when you slouch to improve posture

playpulse one has you play video games while workout youngprofessionals

Meet the exercise bike that wants you to play video games while working out

The Garmin Venu 2s smartwatch, placed on a ridged surface.

Fashionable Garmin Venu 2 offers up to 11 days of battery in smartwatch mode

fitbit luxe tracks stress other metrics lifestyle photo of

The Fitbit Luxe helps you manage your stress levels — and look good doing so

apple fitness plus adds workouts for pregnant women older adults

Workouts for pregnancy and older adults added to Apple Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness Plus adds new workouts for pregnancy and older adults to the lineup, broadening the ages of its demographic.
workout virutally with friends thanks to fitxr multiple virtual

Exercise with friends in FitXR’s virtual, multiplayer workout classes

The FitXR virtual workout studio now lets up to seven friends break a sweat together to new music and classes.
Larq Bottle PureVis in hand

The Larq reusable water bottle made me realize how much money I’ve wasted

You probably own a few reusable water bottles, but the Larq Bottle PureVis made me realize how much money I've wasted over the years.
tempo studio adds new home gym equipment accessories lifestyle images 3 of

Tempo Studio adds new equipment for more of that gym experience at home

Workouts at home are being made better with the addition of Tempo Studio's new equipment and accessories, giving you even more of the gym experience at home.
Fitbit Ace 3 lifestyle

Fitbit Ace 3 aims to engage kids by making a game out of staying fit

Fitbit hasunveiled the Ace 3, the third generation of its fitness tracker for kids to help them lead a healthier lifestyle through the use of games.
A woman ecercising in front of the Proform Vue, looking at an imbedded ddigital screen in the mirror's reflection.

ProForm Vue fitness mirror undercuts its competition on price, throws in weights

The fitness mirror market is heating up with the new ProFor Vue, an affordable mirror with iFit and accessories.
garmin enduro watch 65 day battery life img 5502

Garmin Enduro GPS Watch boasts an incredible 65 days of battery life

The Garmin Enduro tracks your vital stats and keeps you connected, even far off the grid.
Oculus Quest 2 with controls.

VR workouts won’t get you ripped, but they’re engaging and can keep you fit

Exercising at home can be a chore. That's where virtual reality comes to the rescue as a healthy distraction that'll keep you fit.
garmin lily smartwatch news specs price

Garmin Lily is a stylish smartwatch tailor made for women

The Garmin Lily is designed for women who want the power of a smartwatch in a package that is both fashionable and feminine.
apple fitness time to walk news release

Influencers will keep you company as part of Apple’s new Time to Walk program

Apple's new Time to Walk program invites you to walk alongside "influential and interesting people." Laugh, cry, and find inspiration as the miles fly by.
xenoma bodysuit provides full workout 20 minutes e skin emstyle body suit

This full-body muscle stimulation suit promises to supercharge short workouts

The Xenoma e-skin EMStyle bodysuit is a stylish, tight-fitting suit that utilizes built-in electrodes to stimulate your muscles and provide a full workout.
airpop active plus smart mask news  yellow training

Don’t let CES fool you. All these pandemic gadgets aren’t going to save us

CES 2021 was the perfect stage for pandemic-related innovations, but most companies seemed more interested in cashing in than making real advances.
maskfone bluetooth face mask ces 2021

This mask with a built-in phone and speakers is the most 2021 invention ever

The MaskFone -- a Bluetooth-enabled mask that allows you to take calls -- could be the most 2021 thing at CES. In fact, we're calling it now.
bodyfriend quantum massage chair bang and olufsen ces 2021

This outrageous massage chair has A.I voice control and blackout-proof power

Massage chairs aren't usually all that groundbreaking, but this one from Bodyfriend has an astounding array of features.
NordicTrack Active Pulse

New iFit ActivePulse feature uses heart rate to customize treadmill workouts

The newly announced iFit ActivePulse monitors your heart rate during a workout and adjusts the treadmill's speed and incline so athletes get the best workout.  
themis smart mirror analyzes skin stress ces 2021 careos  welcome

Themis Smart Mirror analyzes skin and stress levels to promote wellness

CareOS wants to disrupt the health and wellness market with the Themis Smart Mirror, a wellness companion for your bathroom or spa.
nordictrack vault smart fitness mirror news specs ces 2021 lifestyle

NordicTrack Vault fitness mirror conveniently stores weights for workouts

NordicTrack's new Vault smart mirror stores your weights until you are ready to workout alongside the outstanding iFit trainers.
how much you save by signing up for apple one fitness

With Fitness Plus, Apple could very well take the lead in on-demand exercise

Apple Fitness Plus just launched the company into the on-demand fitness space, paving the way to becoming a potential leader.
Boxing in front of the Mirror.

Are connected home gyms handcuffed by their tight control over data?

People who build a connected home gym often overlook a major detractor. Tight control over fitness data may force them to abandon Strava and similar services.
move it swift combines rhythm boxing into workout

Move It Swift is a rhythm boxing workout for the home

Working out can be boring, but the Move It Swift system combines rhythm and boxing into an at-home trainer that helps you have fun while burning calories.
fda gives special authorization to speedy covid 19 test abbott laboratories binaxnow

FDA gives special authorization to speedy COVID-19 test

The U.S. has received a boost in its efforts to do more COVID-19 tests after the FDA granted emergency use authorization for a kit made by Abbott Laboratories.
coronavirus render stylized image

FDA approves saliva coronavirus test: Here’s what you need to know

The FDA granted emergency authorization to SalivaDirect, a new COVID-19 testing method developed by Yale that does not require sticking swabs up people's noses.

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