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John Velasco

John Velasco

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Digital Trends

John is the Smart Home editor at Digital Trends covering all of the latest tech in this emerging market. From uncovering some of the reasons why hackers like to hack security cameras, to testing the effectiveness of connected home gym equipment, and even find out if Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can save your life during an emergency, he's seeking out how to find how smart home is making an impact on our lives.

Prior to Digital Trends, John worked for various publications like PhoneArena, Android Authority, and VR Source. He's been covering mobile tech for the better part of the last decade, but is also passionate about how VR/AR/XR are reshaping our world. Outside of tech, John is a big foodie and loves sharing about some of the unique bites he comes across.

And way before diving into tech journalism, he was driving around in a Volkswagon Beetle working with the Geek Squad.