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Logitech Circle View on ledge

Logitech Circle View review: All about privacy

It's perfectly clear that the Logitech Circle View was built from the ground up to respect your privacy in the home. Never worry about someone snooping on you.
Google Nest Hub

Google gifts free Nest Hub to some Nest Aware subscribers

Are you a subscriber to Google's Nest Aware service? If so, you want to check your email because the company is giving aware free Nest Hubs to its subscribers.
Roborock S6 MaxV front view

Should you be worried about cameras in robot vacuums?

Robot vacuums can now map your rooms, and some even have cameras. Is this a privacy problem? We break down what to look for and the safeguards robot vacs take.
blink mini review 3 of 6

Blink Mini Review: Light on features, low on price

The Blink Mini is a small and affordable indoor security camera that doesn't stray too far from the competition offers. It's light on features and costs $35.
logitech circle view news specs price release security camera

Logitech Circle View snips Android support to focus on HomeKit and privacy

Logitech is ditching Android with its latest smart security camera, the Circle View. It offers exclusive support to Apple's HomeKit smart home ecosystem.
Roborock S6 MaxV lifestlye

Roborock S6 MaxV Review: It can find and avoid your socks

Worry less about leaving your robot vacuum to clean on its own. The Roborock S6 MaxV packs a pair of cameras to let it see its surroundings for better cleaning.
DJI Mavic Air 2 front view in the air

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review: Smarter, faster, stronger

DJI continues to rule the consumer drone market with the release of the Mavic Air 2. Improvements in all areas make it a great drone for casual and pro flyers.
smart home defense against hackers photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

Without a firewall, the door to your smart home is left wide open

Your smart home could be hacked, but you wouldn't even know it. Protect your all your devices against them with a hardware firewall.
The Roborock S6 MaxV robot vacuum on the floor.

Roborock’s new robot vacuum packs a pair of cameras to avoid obstacles

Robot vacuum maker Roborock debuts its new S6 MaxV vacuum with a Qualcomm processor on board and stereo cameras for optimal obstacle avoidance while cleaning.
dji mavic air 2 news specs release press lifestyle images of 4

DJi’s Mavic Air 2 packs 4K 60FPS video and obstacle avoidance for $800

Without skipping a beat, consumer drone maker DJI adds marked improvements to its latest drone, the Mavic Air 2, setting new benchmarks for the consumer series.
Luxe bidet neo 120

Want a remote-controlled toilet? Here’s why you should buy a bidet

I don’t think I’ve ever giggled this much in my life. I was feeling a mix of emotions checking out a new bidet -- not just any ordinary one, but a smart bidet!
samsung galaxy s20 ultra review ry 15

Has the pandemic recession canceled ultra-premium smartphones?

We saw a meteoric rise for the ultra premium smartphone segment, but priorities are shifting for those adversely affected, and budget phones are back in style.
apple ipad mini 2019 review 15b

The iPad was released 10 years ago. It’s still the only tablet worth buying

The iPad was released 10 years ago. It's still the only tablet worth buying. Competitors from Samsung and Microsoft haven't threatened the iPad's dominance.
home workout

Your home gym could threaten your life, but you can fix it

Many of us have been forced to exercise from home. However, you may be doing more harm to your health than good. Indoor air quality sensors can be crucial.
Laptop Working from Home

From grocery delivery to gaming, here’s how to stay safe and sane at home

The coronavirus COVID-19 is changing our lifestyles, as people adopt new changes found with being quarantined. To get through this, you'll need these services.
Bowflex C6 Exercise Bike

In the time of the coronavirus, a home gym offers the safest workout

Gyms are prime candidates for strict closures. Considering how people use machines, showers, and other public spaces, it's worth looking into a home gym.
Ring Indoor Cam Cover on table

Ring’s new Indoor Cam Cover doesn’t fix the real problem

Hackers won't be able to see into homes with this new add-on, but it's not the perfect solution to address all of the problems around privacy and security.
Hasbro Baby Yoda Mandalorian closeup of eyes

Hasbro’s animatronic Baby Yoda is every ounce as cute as I hoped

Hasbro's The Child Animatronic Toy will let you bring The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda home, complete with the adorable animations and noises you love. Sign us up.

This creepy Arnold Schwarzenegger robot wants to be your companion

If you thought Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting was terrifying, just wait until you get a load of Promobot's humanoid robot that bears the actor's likeness.
trinamix live skin demo

This smartphone sensor can detect live skin to halt facial login spoofing

Tricking facial recognition can be as easy a putting on a latex mask, but Trinamix's 'live 'skin' sensing technology will make it harder to fool your phone.
SimpliSafe SimpliCam on wall

Every smart home security camera should have a shutter. Here’s why.

All smart home security cameras should have a mechanical privacy shutter to protect your privacy even if the camera is compromised.
Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition Hands-on: Surprisingly Tepid

If the $1,380 price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip wasn’t enough to make a dent on your pockets, Samsung also has the fashion focused Thom Browne Edition of the clamshell up for grabs soon. The cost alone will make anyone shudder, but is there really a point to buying one?
google maps changed history 15th anniversary 3 of 6

How Google Maps put turn-by-turn navigation in your pocket

In the history of Google Maps, one moment changed history in a dramatic way, causing established entities to rethink and adapt to new changes brought forth by one specific feature.
Ring Stick Up Camera

Why are hackers snooping on smart home security cameras? I asked an ex-hacker

Ring's security cameras have made news due to a series of hacks. What do hackers gain by hacking such cameras? We spoke with a security expert to find out.
samsung galaxy home speaker news design

Samsung Galaxy Home is a no-show in 2019, but that may be a good thing

Initially pegged for a spring 2019 release, the Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker ended up being a no-show in 2019. Samsung's experience signals what we already knew about the premium segment of the smart speaker market -- it’s tough to crack, even if you're an established company.
Facebook Portal 2019

Facebook Portal (10-inch, 2019) review: For Facebook fans only

Facebook's new 10-inch Portal smart display emphasizes staying in touch with friends and family through video calls. There’s a crop of smart displays that offer incredible functionality, but Facebook’s interpretation may have people being more cautious about what they share publicly.

CES 2020: This could be the year your robot vacuum gets a security camera

There will be a time when we can expect robot vacuums to become the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the home. CES will unveil some cool models with new features, but we have a feeling that we'll see more models with security cameras as part of their arsenal.
Lenovo Smart Display 7 on top of table

Lenovo Smart Display 7 Review: Video calls for less

New to the smart display fold is the Lenovo Smart Display 7, which is now the smallest and most compact smart display in Lenovo’s portfolio. What’s sweet about it is the $100 price tag, though, there's more to Lenovo's budget-based offering than you might expect, despite the price.
google pixel 3a review xl both hands on 2

The Google Pixel 4 is still on sale for Best Buy’s Cyber Week sale today

Now's probably a good time to buy Google's latest Pixel smartphones thanks to a couple of amazing deals for the Pixel 4 series. You've probably seen commercials of them by now, showing off how they're excellent at taking photographs — especially when it comes to capturing the stars in the night sky.
emerson sensi honeywell home smart thermostats amazon deal color thermostat press 768x479 c

The best smart thermostat deals for Cyber Monday

Cyber Week is here. If you didn't find what you were looking for in a smart thermostat during Black Friday, the deals for Cyber Monday have substantial discounts that will make you smile and keep your home comfy all year long. We rounded up some of the best deals, on Nest, Ecobee, and more.
Side profile view of August smart lock on a door.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals for August Home smart locks are tough to pass up

For Cyber Monday, Amazon has several deals going on for various smart home gadgets, but the deals for a couple of August Home smart locks are outstanding when you consider they're discounted by over 50%. That's a steal if you're in the market to upgrade your old lock.
ring video doorbell and echo show 5 amazon prime deals 2 with 02  1

Ring Video Doorbell vs. Nest Hello: Which Cyber Monday deal is better?

Cyber Monday deals are available for the both the Ring Video Doorbell and Google Nest Hello. Even though they're fundamentally similar when it comes to safeguarding your home and packages, there are distinct differences between them. Bundle deals make them even more attractive, but find out which one's better.
nest 3 pack security camera system amazon deal indoor

Google’s plan for the helpful home all goes back to privacy

The smart home landscape continues to evolve, and one of its biggest proponents is Google. We sat down with Google's Michele Turner, who talks about the company's vision for the smart home, what it's doing to get there, and what we can expect surrounding the helpful home.
The Motorola Razr being held up near a wall.

The new RAZR is cool, but we can’t forget about Motorola’s biggest design flops

While there’s already an overwhelming rush of optimism for the new Razr, not all of Motorola's ambitious efforts yielded success for the company in the past. While Moto's shown us again that it dares to innovate with bold designs, being first isn't always best, and experiments sometimes fail.